Courses to help you transform your career in 2017

In this post we share some great courses to help you get started on boosting or changing your career.

In this post we share some great courses to help you get started on boosting or changing your career.

Monday blues lasting all the way to Friday? It might be a sign your working life could do with a little help. Whether you’re after a new career or new skills to help with a promotion, we’ve got courses to help.

explore new careers

If you’re feeling bored or unfulfilled by your current role, maybe it’s time to get a taste of a different field entirely.

Try dentistry

Try art crime

Try social enterprise

Try meteorology

work in a new country

Fed up with the weather, the politics or the opportunities in your home country? Working abroad can be great for your CV and your happiness.

Try teaching English abroad 

Improve your English skills with IELTS

develop new skills

Add another string to your bow and impress your boss with a new skill.

Learn how to get more from data

Learn how to use design thinking

Learn how to create exciting new technology 

feel less stressed

Working life can get on top of everyone, so learn how to focus on what’s important.

Get calmer with mindfulness

These are just a small selection of courses to help you transform your career – discover even more.

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    nothing better than. thank you very much

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    very interesting

  • Bisimwa

    I apply fo all MBA courses,my name is Bisimwa Nsibula zahinda Jeanpaul ,md,mph,phD I want to develop new skills

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    good idea

  • john lealea

    I really want to transform my carrier as well to improve my english

  • Rani dwi sulistianti

    I really want to transform my carrier into art and design carrier. Also I want to improve my english as well.

  • mawin

    I want to improve four skills and l interest management and leadership.

  • ma win

    I want to improve four skills and more interesting writing skills.

  • Sana aljabr

    I hope to speak English as easliy way and well
    Also I want to improve my grammer of english .

  • Myint Lin

    I would like to improve my English skill.

  • Pua Naidu

    I really want to study English on university level, writing, reading & speaking as well.

  • Maktar hafed

    I want to delve in marine sciences that refreshingly aware of and how to develop my skills.

  • Durumi Rita

    I want a course on women and children health

  • Aye Su Mon

    I want to get a good level in 4 skills of English.

  • Bushra Jamil

    I want to have a degree or course in speech language pathology as i have lot of interest in special education specially for dumb and deaf and learning sign language and other skills related to that. Do you provide a free couse or degree related to speech language pathology or special education for deaf and dumb? Kindly inform me about it as i really want to start my career in these fields.

  • Jo- Ann

    A course on autoimmune diseases would be great particularly from one of the Australian Universities

  • Gina

    I would like to adopt those street children to begging food on the roads, I’m not rich but not impossible if I can food ony hand,to introduced the to study for their future life grow, we never know if someone of them to be answers to our climate change. Even I can volunteers ,learning, is our future life, I want to improve my self to understand people. And to share thanks!

  • Janet Hudgins

    I’m looking for something that would help to control trafficking, human or any other. I’m retired and could be doing something at home with a computer to stop the huge industry that police world wide either ignore or can’t control its incredible growth. I have a degree each in Creative Writing and Political Science.

  • Sarah Kelley

    I would love to take an introduction to Ukrainian language course. A culture course would be great too!

    • Matthew Onyeka

      Leave a comment…Hi Sarah . please I really wanna study in Ukraine as an international student, but I don’t know how to go about it. please I need some guidelines.

      • Yana

        Hi Matthew,
        I’m a Ukrainian living in Ukraine. I can help you to find the information you need. Feel free to ask me.

    • Hi Sarah
      I’ll let the team know! As for culture courses you could try this one which starts in March –

      Jess @ FutureLearn

    • Yana

      Hi, Sarah,
      I’m a Ukrainian living in Ukraine. I can help you 🙂

  • kare michelle rigby

    I am interested in studying NVQ in health and social care.Can you arrange any free courses

  • Andrés Chang

    Is there any upcoming course in human-animal public health?

  • seyfuden Ibrahim

    I want to develop language skills but I have
    bachelor’s degree I want to study master as soon as possible and work with you please contact me as soon as possible i thanks you for giving this chance

  • Kevin

    Are there going to be any courses on learning Japanese?

  • Gayle Fone

    Are there any courses relating to setting up working from home in some context?

    • Hi Gayle

      None at the moment but I can pass this on to the team!

      Jess @ FutureLearn