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Educator Spotlight: Inspiring health and care staff to make a difference

19 Aug 2019
The Horizons team, part of the Improvement Directorate of NHS England, recently ran its first course on our platform! The School for Change Agents attracted more than 4,500 learners from 105 countries and received excellent feedback. We asked the educators, Olly Benson, Kathryn Perera and Helen Bevan, for the secret ingredient to success and here’s... more

EduTech Sydney 2019: A summary of FutureLearn’s learnings

11 Jul 2019
Author: Fiona Reay, Development Partnership Lead at FutureLearn Highlights of the EduTech conference included Sir Ken Robinson advocating for a further shift of the education system to no longer teach purely knowledge and subjects in schools, rather disciplines and competencies like team work, communication, resilience, creativity, etc.  Josh Nester (Education Director at SEEK and board... more

What are the drivers and innovations shaping tomorrow’s higher education landscape?

10 Jul 2019
Author: Maria Spies, Managing Director at HolonIQ. Global Education Market Intelligence for decisions that matter What are the drivers and innovations shaping tomorrow’s higher education landscape? Higher education is a global story and, like many other sectors, being impacted by global trends that are re-shaping whole industries. These trends present critical challenges for the sector... more

Educator spotlight: Can mathematics be fun?

09 Jul 2019
Yossi Elran from the Davidson Institute, the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science, certainly thinks so! He first ran his popular Maths Puzzles: Cryptarithms, Symbologies and Secret Codes course in May 2016. The course is now in its 12th run and it has since had a couple of siblings, An Introduction to Recreational... more

Educator spotlight: Great South Land: Introducing Australian History with University of Newcastle Australia

17 Apr 2019
Great South Land: Introducing Australian History ran on FutureLearn for the first time in late February 2019. It is among the first courses to be offered as part of the University of Newcastle’s Bachelor of Arts Online. The University of Newcastle is the first partner to offer an undergraduate degree on FutureLearn. Kate Ariotti, Lecturer... more

What’s going on with degree apprenticeships?

08 Mar 2019
Author: Lucy Stanfield, Strategy and External Affairs Lead at FutureLearn “…It is an intrinsically sound policy, but… the implementation will not deliver the Government’s ambitious policy objectives unless urgent improvement measures are set in place.” This was the conclusion of a report released by Policy Connect in January. The authors included five recommendations for immediate and... more

Educator Spotlight: Preparing for Teaching with Manchester Metropolitan University  

11 Feb 2019
Preparing for Teaching began its first run in mid-January. The course is aimed at people considering a career in teaching, and covers many aspects of what to expect before commencing teacher training by first encouraging learners to reflect on their own experiences of learning. Ellie Overland, Senior Lecturer in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, explains... more

Food for thought: The role of educators and employers in getting people ready for the world of work

07 Feb 2019
Author: Stephen Somerville, MD, Government & Employers at FutureLearn This month, FutureLearn hosted its inaugural Employment Breakfast Briefing with a focus on how we — collectively — can bridge the skills gap. Last year, a Bloomberg Next and Workday survey asked if business and academia were meeting the skills gap challenge, and what areas they... more

Experiences of Timorese language teachers in a blended MOOC for CPD

10 Jan 2019
Monty King, Partnership Manager at FutureLearn has had a paper published detailing the experiences of a group of Timorese English language teachers from Lorosa’e English Language Institute (LELI) in Dili, Timor-Leste, who participated in a professional development MOOC entitled Teaching for Success: Lessons and Teaching between March and April 2017. Drawing on the pedagogical principles... more

Implications of the ONS accounting change and looking ahead to the Post-18 review

10 Jan 2019
Author: Lucy Stanfield, Strategy and External Affairs Lead at FutureLearn 2018 was a turbulent year in UK higher education policy and 2019 looks set to be the same. As we await the much anticipated Post-18 Review, leaks of which have implied that a reduction in student fees may be coming, every day seems to bring fresh... more