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We need a change in attitude to achieve the national skills strategy

27 Nov 2018
Author: Lucy Stanfield, Strategy and External Affairs Lead at FutureLearn The fourth industrial revolution will drive significant change to the way we live and work, thus fundamentally impacting not only what we need to learn but the ways in which we learn. This requires a fundamental attitude shift in how we perceive the value of different... more

Partner spotlight: The impact of Sponsored courses model and accreditation

27 Nov 2018
Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences launched its first biomedicine courses on FutureLearn earlier this year. Working with internationally-renowned scientists and healthcare professionals, the team’s expert courses are aimed at research scientists, clinicians and healthcare professionals, as well as students and the wider public who are interested in learning more about genomics, biomedical... more

Educator spotlight: A MOOC with no gobbledegook

27 Nov 2018
Professor Andy Parsons is one of the most enthusiastic educators on FutureLearn. His course, Exploring Everyday Chemistry, or in his own words “A MOOC with no gobbledegook“, has proved hugely successful not just on the platform but in terms of admissions for the University of York.  Andy, who is also Head of Admissions for the... more

Course Spotlights: examples of best practice

27 Nov 2018
Course spotlight: Trinity College Dublin – Book of Kells This month, the best performing course in terms of enrolments, satisfaction and even upgrades has been the Book of Kells from Trinity College Dublin. While this might seem surprising for a ‘niche’ topic, high quality and a targeted marketing campaign contributed to its success.  What led... more

Open, online CPD: supporting different modes of study

19 Jul 2018
Matt Cornock, Online CPD Coordinator at the National STEM Learning Centre writes about supporting different modes of study and designing online courses with extended availability in mind. Online CPD courses from the National STEM Learning Centre encourage learners to actively participate, explore ideas together and take the time to reflect on their practice. An increasing number of... more

What happens when you put African philosophies at the centre of learning

25 May 2018
The team at Stellenbosch University looks at African philosophies and practices that are placed at the centre of learning and how teachers and students on the continent can use the concepts of ubuntu (human interdependence) and ukama (relationality) to come up with homegrown solutions for societal and educational concerns. Originally appeared in The Conversation.  These were two of the questions we sought... more

Yes! Digital Learners are Emotional – Insights from the Irish 101 MOOC

04 May 2018
Elaine Beirne, a researcher in The Ideas Lab at the National Institute of Digital Learning (NIDL) in DCU, and inaugural OLC Emerging Scholar, is researching the emotions of beginner language learners in Irish language MOOCs. Originally appeared on NIDL’s blog.  Many people believe that online learning can be a lonely journey for a learner and... more

Do Moocs generate return on investment?

12 Apr 2018
Ang Davies, senior lecturer in clinical bioinformatics and genomics at the University of Manchester looks at the pros and cons of the University of Manchester’s recent clinical bioinformatics MOOC. Originally appeared in Times Higher Education.  Genomics, the study of people’s genetic make-up, is revolutionising healthcare. Expanding far beyond the field of clinical genetics, it is now being... more

What do MOOC learners like and dislike?

12 Mar 2018
A short blogpost on the subject of what MOOC learners like and dislike, originally published on Evalu-ate Written by Kerrie Douglas, Assistant Professor and Gaurav Nanda, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Purdue University  Massive open online course (MOOC) learners vary widely in background and learning objectives. MOOCs are still trying to understand their learners better and provide... more

What are the expectations of disabled learners when participating in a MOOC?

06 Mar 2018
A short summary of the work in progress paper ‘What are the expectations of disabled learners when participating in a MOOC?’ which was presented at L@S: Fourth Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale By Francisco Iniesto, PhD research student, Open World Learning, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University MOOCs are making low cost learning opportunities... more