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Educator Spotlight: Preparing for Teaching with Manchester Metropolitan University  

11 Feb 2019
Preparing for Teaching began its first run in mid-January. The course is aimed at people considering a career in teaching, and covers many aspects of what to expect before commencing teacher training by first encouraging learners to reflect on their own experiences of learning. Ellie Overland, Senior Lecturer in Education at Manchester Metropolitan University, explains... more

Food for thought: The role of educators and employers in getting people ready for the world of work

07 Feb 2019
Author: Stephen Somerville, MD, Government & Employers at FutureLearn This month, FutureLearn hosted its inaugural Employment Breakfast Briefing with a focus on how we — collectively — can bridge the skills gap. Last year, a Bloomberg Next and Workday survey asked if business and academia were meeting the skills gap challenge, and what areas they... more

Experiences of Timorese language teachers in a blended MOOC for CPD

10 Jan 2019
Monty King, Partnership Manager at FutureLearn has had a paper published detailing the experiences of a group of Timorese English language teachers from Lorosa’e English Language Institute (LELI) in Dili, Timor-Leste, who participated in a professional development MOOC entitled Teaching for Success: Lessons and Teaching between March and April 2017. Drawing on the pedagogical principles... more

Implications of the ONS accounting change and looking ahead to the Post-18 review

10 Jan 2019
Author: Lucy Stanfield, Strategy and External Affairs Lead at FutureLearn 2018 was a turbulent year in UK higher education policy and 2019 looks set to be the same. As we await the much anticipated Post-18 Review, leaks of which have implied that a reduction in student fees may be coming, every day seems to bring fresh... more

Educator spotlight: Challenging borders of entrepreneurship and collaboration

10 Jan 2019
From the start of the Demystifying Entrepreneurship course — part of an appropriately innovative degree venture — the cross-national team of educators from Deakin and Coventry Universities challenge learners, encouraging them to reconsider their assumptions about entrepreneurship and what it means to be an entrepreneur. With the city of Coventry in the background of the... more

Course Spotlights: examples of best practice

10 Jan 2019
February spotlight – King’s College London – Integrating Care: Depression, Anxiety and Physical Illness This course, currently in its second run, is a strong all-rounder. In its first run it performed considerably above average on enrolments, conversion, and revenue. It appeals to two main groups of learners: healthcare professionals, and people struggling with their own mental... more

We need a change in attitude to achieve the national skills strategy

27 Nov 2018
Author: Lucy Stanfield, Strategy and External Affairs Lead at FutureLearn The fourth industrial revolution will drive significant change to the way we live and work, thus fundamentally impacting not only what we need to learn but the ways in which we learn. This requires a fundamental attitude shift in how we perceive the value of different... more

Partner spotlight: The impact of Sponsored courses model and accreditation

27 Nov 2018
Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences launched its first biomedicine courses on FutureLearn earlier this year. Working with internationally-renowned scientists and healthcare professionals, the team’s expert courses are aimed at research scientists, clinicians and healthcare professionals, as well as students and the wider public who are interested in learning more about genomics, biomedical... more

Educator spotlight: A MOOC with no gobbledegook

27 Nov 2018
Professor Andy Parsons is one of the most enthusiastic educators on FutureLearn. His course, Exploring Everyday Chemistry, or in his own words “A MOOC with no gobbledegook“, has proved hugely successful not just on the platform but in terms of admissions for the University of York.  Andy, who is also Head of Admissions for the... more

Open, online CPD: supporting different modes of study

19 Jul 2018
Matt Cornock, Online CPD Coordinator at the National STEM Learning Centre writes about supporting different modes of study and designing online courses with extended availability in mind. Online CPD courses from the National STEM Learning Centre encourage learners to actively participate, explore ideas together and take the time to reflect on their practice. An increasing number of... more