What makes a great teacher? Part 1

In the first part of a bumper two-part post we look at some of the things that a great teacher does, and courses you can take to develop your teaching skills.

In the first part of a bumper two-part post, we look at some of the things that a great teacher does, and courses you can take to develop your teaching skills.

A great teacher…makes every subject interesting

What makes a great teacher futurelearn 1

Keeping students involved and excited in what they’re learning can be difficult if the subject is complex or takes a student out of their comfort zone. Great teachers can turn even the most tricky subjects into engaging lessons that keep students motivated.

Transform PE lessons
Join the course Outstanding Physical Education Lessons

Help students fall in love with languages
 Join the course Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching

Make learning English easy
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A great teacher…uses creativity

What makes a great teacher futurelearn 2

The same old routines day in and day out can make school stale quickly. A great teacher can get creative with lessons to capture attention and help students rekindle their interest.

Learn how transform lessons
Join the course Filmmaking and Animation in the Classroom

Or you could try blended learning or explore topics like royal food, Hong Kong, Richard III or robots with your students.

A great teacher…gives everyone the chance to learn

What makes a great teacher futurelearn 3

Ensuring all young people have the chance to get an education is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for 2017. A great teacher works to ensure every person in their class has the chance to learn and creates an inclusive environment so no one misses out.

Learn how to help students with disabilities
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Learn how to help students with dyslexia
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Learn how to help students with autism
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A great teacher…knows how to manage behaviour

What makes a great teacher futurelearn 4

One disruptive student can stop a whole class learning. Great teachers know how to effectively use discipline to keep the classroom under control while still giving students freedom to learn.

Master classroom discipline
Join the course Managing Behaviour for Learning

A great teacher…is also a student

What makes a great teacher futurelearn 5

Keeping up your own learning whilst teaching is a challenge. That’s why FutureLearn courses are made up of bite-sized chunks of learning, so you can fit them around your timetable. Whether you want to develop a new skill or brush up on an old one, we might have something to help.

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Learn about developing rigorous assessments
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Learn more about pursuing professional development
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Not found a course for you? See all our teaching courses.

What do you think makes a good teacher? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Monica

    I want to do a course on day care or full time school schedule.

  • pallavi singh

    its great instruction for becoming a teacher

  • Kehinde

    A good teacher gives all students thesame opportunity to express themselves as long as they don’t deviate from the topic and should be a friend to the students so that they will be free to express themselves Kehinde

  • Shimaa

    It’s a great reference for all teachers ,thanks a lot

  • Wisarut​Supannafai

    Thank you for making Stem Courses.
    After I keep browsing through course contents in education. This fascinates me a lot. You are awesome.

  • Toyin Fape

    A good teacher must be satisfied with his teaching methods anytime a new topic is taught.

  • Soledad

    You are great!

  • Lahbib djilLli

    A good teacher teaches the way the students need in order to learn ,not the the way he was taught to teach

    • Ahmed Elhefnawy

      I completely agree with you , brother.

  • Rathin Bhattacharjee

    I feel so indebted to Future Learn. How I wish I could have completed all the courses I had applied for! I would have been a better teacher. But what is more important is that I could have been a more fulfilled man.
    Kudos to FutureLearn for all its great initiatives and endeavours.

  • nsiah Ernest

    Leave a comment…i think is when a teacher create an Atmosphere of funny to makes his children keep focusing

  • nsiah Ernest

    Leave a comment…I think is when a teacher create an Atmosphere of funny to makes his students keep focusing

  • Emily

    A great teacher portrays the purpose of creation in all he teaches

  • Christianah

    A great teacher is a great student of the GREATEST TEACHER. He learns daily from the Infinite One who owns all treasures of wisdom and knowledge; so as to get new and fresh ideas.

  • Noran

    A good teacher teaches the way the students need in order to learn ,not the the way he was taught to teach.

  • I don’t agree
    Sincerely, Faith

  • Naomi

    A good teacher is also a student.

    • Carmo D'Souza

      i believed a great teacher is a perpetual learner and i continued pursuing degrees. and teaching for last forty years With P.D. disability I am facing new chalenges . gettiing new visions / halucinations.. I have found future learn as helful
      Periodicaly get new visionss. Diificult to communicate.Physical and ental disabilities.

  • Junggee-Rummun Nazmah Bibi

    A great teacher is an inquirer

  • saima


  • Sameh algazzer

    Great to be with you.
    It’s a great way of teaching.

  • Victoria

    Hello everyone? Good to be here.

  • Tem Thim

    It is a good way how to become a great teaching . I do like it .

  • Admir KURTULAJ

    Teaching a foreign language is really nice, especially to young children who are curious to know everything.This course seems to be very helpful and understanding.

  • Barbara

    I look at a teacher as a unique individual with multitasking ability and talent to accommodate all kinds of behaviour issues from his/her students.
    Teacher’s work is reflected in our Heads of States, doctors and nurses in operating theaters to save our lives, the military to safeguards our world, Policemen and Women that patrols our streets so to keeps us safe…also i hear God was a teacher or carpenter- obviously was taught too !
    I argue governments to invest highly in Teachers since this field is constantly changing; Teacher’s value is immeasurable in most cases they take on the role of parenting their students who may be struggling with family breakdown, loss of a parent, financial difficulties or mental health.


    A great teacher sacrifices time, energy and sometimes resources for his learners

  • Faith

    A great teacher is one who really LISTENS to children and really understands what children can do, not what they can’t do. A great teacher supports all children to be confident, resilient, creative learners by learning alongside them and really tuning into the children’s intrinsic interests and wondering together.


    A great teacher must have passion for teaching and research in other to eliminate outdated ideas, thinking and methodologies in the process of imparting knowledge.

  • David Fernando

    A great teacher is the one that knows he doesn’t know everything and can learn with his/her learners or students.

  • huda

    agood teacher who is creative n inspire the students .make his/her students loves learning

    • Teresa Wang

      Yes. Love learning is the beginning of learning how to learn.

  • Juani García Bonillo

    A god teacher is some one who cares for their students. ..a good teacher is some one who can reach a student’s soul.

    • Juani García Bonillo

      Someone. ..corrector has it’s own mind!

    • Teresa Wang

      I am so lucky that I met several great teachers in my life, they really reached my soul and always live in my heart. They were/are using their life teaching me.
      Teaching is not limilited in schools or universities/insititutes. As well as learning.

  • Emily

    For me, a good teacher is a person can make students feel that everyday they go to school is a happiness

    • Teresa Wang

      I used to have the same thought as you.
      I used to think that peope who can go to the top universities are so lucky, I use to think the best thing of the world is to travel around the world and learning in one or several favourite univerties as long as you like. But learning is not always happy, sometimes it is suffering, or, torture.

  • Arowoile Olufunlola

    Leave a comment…A good teacher should have a passion for teaching. A good teacher should be able to manage behavior, be a learner and make sure that no child is left behind, because every child is unique and important.

    • Teresa Wang

      To manage behavour is very important. the circumstance of the classroom might be easily destroied by bad or unproper behavour. Sometimes teaching is tough.

  • henrietta

    A good teacher should encourage and boost the morals of students. Making every subject interesting and enjoying one.

    • Teresa Wang

      Good teachers have high moral standards in their heart and mind. They influence students instead of teaching.

  • Mathipurani

    A good teacher should inspire the students to learn and teach with more interactive pedagogy.
    Should be positive and enthusiastic, but at the same time ensure greater discipline for their personal and career progress

    • Teresa Wang

      Self-discipline is important for all jobs and careers. So it is definitely an important request for teachers themselves, for their students might work for different fields after they leave school.

  • tehsin

    live in the subject you teach.b humorous.change the method of teaching according to your class students.go with the flow.

  • tella musa Owolabi

    Leave a comment…a great teacher must be inclusive, all encompassing, allowed learner
    participation, ie learner centerd ‘”. a great must when and how
    to execute reinforcement both negative and positive

  • Patrick N.morris

    Leave a comment…a good teacher is one that has the passion to learn and teach.

  • Patrick N.morris

    Leave a comment…a good teacher reads all the time

  • Isaac Wajntraub

    A good teacher must enjoy teaching. Teaching should be a kind of a hobby. Teachers’ satisfaction should result in students’ satisfaction. A good teacher must prepare lessons very carefully and foresee students’ doubts or questions. A good teacher must be a good listener, not only to pay attention to students’ doubts or difficulties, but also to pay attention to their personal problems, which, certainly, affect their studies. A good teacher must be patient and punctual. Students’ are influenced by their teachers’ behaviour. Last, but not least, a good teacher must be updated on new trends and theories and be open to suggestions.

    • Teresa Wang

      ‘Teachers’ satisfaction should result in students’ satisfaction.’
      Can’t agree more. The work is meaningless if students couldn’t get progress in the class.

      • joseph sandamira

        Indeed each learner has to be given an opportunity to learn regardless to what they have….

        • joseph sandamira

          regardless of what they have

  • Grace

    A great teacher listens, observed and gives attention to the needs of the students as well as having fair treatment for all in every circumstances

  • Angelo

    A great teacher knows: observe, listen and the verbale and non-verbal communication.

  • Lhei

    A great teacher is flexible, open-minded and see great possibilities in her/his students to success.

  • Geraldine

    A great teacher teaches not only through the intellect but also through the heart. I think this should not be forgotten by teachers because values should always be inculcated in every learning aspect/s.

    • Teresa Wang

      That’s very true.

    • Teresa Wang

      Values can affect a student a lifetime.

    • Nguyễn Thị Phương Lan

      Can’t agree more. Teachers not only convey the knowledge of the subject but also educate the learners with the deep morals inside the lesson. Therefore, when teaching someone, we teach them how to grow up as well x

      • Teresa Wang

        Teachers grow up with students at the same time, more or less.

  • mgm

    A great teacher is also academic father, by counseling and giving his students fatherly advise.

  • MGM

    A great teacher always gives support (eg financially) to his students and never taking anything from them (Money).

    • Teresa Wang

      It is not very common that a teacher offer financial support to students, but it exists. My high school mandarin teacher send money to one of my classmate monthly when she went to university. She has talent in Chinese but her family was very poor at that time. Anyway, she refused to accept the financial support many times. Finally my teacher understood what she need more is independence and dignity. My teacher cares everyone in our class, no matter he or she is from a rich or poor background, like or dislike the course, has or has not talent in the course.
      He is a great person and a great teacher.

      • MGM

        Exactly this is not common, but to maintain the dignity don’t take anything them, that’s will make you a great teacher. Thanks Teresa Wang

        • Teresa Wang

          I totally can’t agree with you, MGM.
          Maybe my above comments are not very clear. What I want to say is that my teacher is a great teacher, because he knew my classmate had no income and the expenses was unaffordable for her family at that time. She respect the teacher very much, that might be one of the reason she didn’t want to accept any financial aid from people she knews.
          I myself has financial problems too. I have the same feeling with her. I understood her feeling. I never thought money is not important, but money has not, is not, will not be that important.
          A great teacher can always motivate you to go further.

          • MGM

            I’m not opposing you, what i tried to say is that, only few teachers can help you financially, but even if you can’t help financially, dont collect/or take anything from your students, because doing so will turnish the image of teacher. A great teacher always help his students, never expect something in return. Then about the story of your teacher he is great and amazing teacher. thanks

          • Teresa Wang

            I think the best rewards to a teacher is the job itself. Some people have ability and willing, they do not have opportunity; some people want to be a teacher, they do not have certificate or enough qualification.
            Sharing is a great experience. Some people enjoy sharing, some people enjoy learning, some people enjoy both while some people enjoy neither.
            For the things about my teacher I mentioned in above comments, it is not a story, it is truth.

          • Teresa Wang

            I agree on this: Great teachers always help their students, never expect anything in return. If they have some expects, they hope their students be a better he or she.

  • Bijaya

    A great teacher always think positive towards students. He tries to know the names of all his students.

    • Teresa Wang

      One of my teacher remember most of his students’ name after we have graduated from high school for more than 20 years.
      But my teacher does not just keeps our name in mind, he knows every student well, knows what we like and dislike, our merits and shortages, he cares about our progress on almost all aspects of our life.

      • Teresa Wang

        I once saw a post on Quora, a professor in the US reply almost all his students’ mails/questions, he has more than 500(maybe it’s not a very accurate figure but I remember it’s a large amount) students at that time. He answers a lot of questions in various field almost everyday. Most his answer are clear and inspiring. Even though I have never been to the US, but I think he has a wider class in the internet.
        I didn’t saw his post for a long time. I have no idea what happened to my phone and the world.

        • Teresa Wang

          The professor I mentioned above reply all his students’ mail and questions when he was teaching in the university. (I got above info from the professor’s previous post.)

          I don’t think it’s necessary to remember the readers’ name on a social media or platforms like Quora. People communicate by sharing knowledge and ideals, not name.

  • Chidinma

    A great teacher is sociable and one who makes the students feel relevant.

  • Samiullah

    A great teacher is fully attached with what he/she teaches to others

    • Teresa Wang

      Yes. A good teacher should be a real expert on and really involved in what he or she teaches.

      • Teresa Wang

        And a great teacher must have deep confidence on what he or she teaches. What he or she is teaching is/will make the world better.

  • Samiullah

    A great teacher is always a good listener, good learner and always open for comments and ideas

    • Teresa Wang

      That’s very true!
      A great teacher is always curious about learning new things and sharing with students and others.
      A great teacher is always humble and welcoming critical opinions.

    • Teresa Wang

      Your comments is really brief and clear.

  • Marisol Bojórquez

    A great teacher is the one who learns from his or her students.

  • Marisol Bojórquez

    A great teacher inspires their students to better than he or she is.

    • Teresa Wang

      Good education/training, organizations and relationships…, etc help people to be/ try to be a better he or she.

  • rajeswari

    a great teacher looks for the sparkle in the eyes of the learner who is thriving in the learning and strives for such returns.

    • Teresa Wang

      That’s ture.

  • Jasmine Patra

    A great teacher is one who has passion for his/her subject. He/she is deeply involved while teaching, but with an eye observing the students’ attitudes inside the classroom with the lesson going on. A great teacher inspires and motivates the students to learn by trying and trying again non- stop. He/ she is forever a student with an unquenchable inquisitiveness for knowledge. A great teacher is adept in his/ her subject matter but tries to pose ignorant sometimes with the students in order to elicit answers from them. A great teacher does not hesitate to say ‘I don’t know’ and ‘Sorry’ if necessary to the students as he/she knows that Nobody is perfect and he/ she tries to learn from the students too with a genuine interest. A great teacher makes the students ready to face the journey of life and accept its challenges and problems with a positive attitude! A great teacher, above all these, installs humanity with all the humane qualities in the students, especially the art of being humble and becoming humbler with the increase in his/ her intellect and knowledge.
    A great teacher makes wise human beings.
    A great teacher is able to change lives to the positive by being a role model!

  • Noe

    A great teacher prepares his students to a LIFE journey.

    • Teresa Wang

      Like a gardener, a light.
      The word ‘great’ put in front of a job title makes the work a holy work. I think every position has its meaning when it was created, but a great teacher can affect a student’s whole life. A great teacher is always like a bright and warm light.

  • Sylvester soopu

    Definitely right. These attributes make one a great teacher. We can only add to them. In my opinion he must be well informed for the level s/he is facilitating learning at( content mastery). This in turn gives him confidence and wins the same from his/her learners. Above all s/he must be approachable to the learners. The later makes learners ready and eager to learn even outside the classroom setup.

  • Tanmay Awasthi

    A great teacher loves her students and accepts them as they are.

  • Rose

    I do believe that making any subject interesting and motivating his students is part of a good teacher.

  • purna roy bhowmik

    Leave a comment…teacher have to build up firstly students curiosity,helping students as their needs,a great teacher wll be good motivator too.

  • Blanca

    A great teacher shows passion, dedication, is sensitive and makes the connection with her students She is the best listener of the students’ needs.

  • Elizabeth Akinyi Onyango

    A great teacher listens ,is fair and a friend

  • Maria Concetta Randazzo

    Do you kown the song Life is Beautiful? A great teacher does and his/her students too.

  • Maria Concetta Randazzo

    A great teacher is always willing to involve his/her students in communicating any kind of emotions through language, also using digital tools. Is it possible to be achieved by a foreign language teacher?

  • Gill

    I think a great teacher is a happy teacher

    • Teresa Wang

      At least when teaching. 🙂

      • Teresa Wang

        I have different opinion now.

  • Rowson Akter Bina

    Leave a comment…I think,a great teacher is a person,who likes his/ her profession and his / her students.He always like to make his cls innovative and make his students curious and creative.He makes his lessons intesesting to his students.Honesty is also necessary for being a great teacher.

    • Teresa Wang

      A great teacher might be an artificial intelligence… I don’t know. Since machine learning is so fast and efficient (like AlphaGo) I guess machine teaching may also work well.

    • Teresa Wang

      Yes. Honesty is very very important to a person, a company/organization, an industry, and communities and societies.
      There is no such a thing calls ‘nice’ lies.

      • Teresa Wang

        It is incredible that one year ago I had different opinion on this point. I believed sometimes it’s necessary to tell a ‘minor’ lie to avoid any unpleasant environment. but now I think people should not tell lies at any occasion with any reason.

  • Victoria Cunha

    To me the trickiest part of any teacher’s role is to manage behaviour. This is where they need to understand – and put into practice – a thousand managerial skills which are not directly related to their chosen area of study; hence this might be considered the ‘dark side’ of the profession. Since most teachers I know have chosen this occupation either for their love of the subject or their love of teaching somebody else and acknowledging their progress, it sometimes may be hard to deal with a student that seems to want to stop your most dignified intents.

  • kamble varada

    great teacher always thought about his students understanding level .he dont compare every student in same manner .every individual take his own time to learn.ogreat teacher use different activities for every student.

    • Teresa Wang

      That’s true.
      It’s difficult for a person to make special learning programs for every individuals in his/her class, especially when he or she has a large number of students.
      I respect them.

  • kamble varada

    great means someone who is different from others who thinks better than others , who also tackle problems easily , smoothely and at the same time gives respect to his students emotions,
    gives live examples from his students day today life that makes easy to face problems.

  • Farid Ahmad Nazari

    There are many qualities to mention about being a great teacher. And the most important qualities of a great teacher are : First of all he/she loves his/her teaching profession and is aware about his/her reasons of being a teacher , he/she should be aware about the effect of education on the human’s mind .Also, he/she should be aware that the seeds of the thoughts that we plant in the minds of the children today will be the big trees of thoughts in the future. A great teacher tries to insert the sound seeds of thoughts in her/his students minds .He /She thinks not only about 5 or 10 yeas of the students future, but about a sound world in the next 50 or 100 yeas. He/ she does not teach only to serve her/his nation or country ,but he/she serves to create a sound and nice world .

  • Rima karna

    A great teacher is a researcher who shares new ideas and findings to the learners being updated .

  • Asmau Aminu

    hello lilly, in my own opinion a great teacher should be able to have all this characteristics and more in other to be able to achieve the desired outcome expected at the end of a lesson. being a teacher does not mean u know it all, a great teacher should be able to inspire his learners with creativity and passion to learn

  • Ohanna Avetisyan

    Hello everybody. It’s amazing to share ideas on this topic. They say… ” An average teacher teaches, a good teacher explains, a Great teacher INSPIRES! ” I believe the ability to inspire the kids is one of the key factors which makes the teacher a great one. And this process is everything but easy. It takes time, effort, devotion, tolerence, creativity, belief, love . It takes all of you because this kind of teachers put too much of themselves in this process, they put their soul in it and are never sorry for that. As the seeds of mutual love, respect and success are the desired outcomes of this magic process. I am blessed to be in this process.Thanks to my great teachers , my great students, colleagues
    and everybody who inspired and keeps inspiring me.

    • Teresa Wang

      Thanks to people who inspired and inspiring me.
      Thanks to people who motivated and motivating me.
      Thanks to every comments here.

  • Sandugash

    A good teacher needs to know everything. They should just be knowledgeable enough to be creditable and for the most part accurate.
    A good teacher should be honest. Honest enough to admit if they don’t know the answer to a specific question and honest enough to look into it and get back to the student in a timely fashion.
    A good teacher should be humble and should be able to learn something from his/her students. There is always something more you can learn. Even a different perspective can be a learning experience. You don’t have to agree with another’s opinion or belief to learn from it either. To be a great teacher involves many other characteristics .

    • María

      I agree Sandugash,
      A good teacher doesn’t need to know all, but be aware of the need to learn, and show the path to reach that learning: a teacher must inspire, as someone said in another comment. And especially I like your statement that a teacher should be humble and able to learn form his/her students. Teaching is a way of learning.

      • Teresa Wang

        Teaching is a way of learning. Can’t agree more!

    • Teresa Wang

      I think we missed a very important characteristic Sandugash mentioned above. Honest and other universal values are always the most important for a great teacher.

  • Siriporn Khayin

    Being a great teacher. Teachers need to know the needs of the child and encourage,guide, support, help learners to succeed.

  • Zakaria Al Ali

    Hi Lily and the future learn team:
    I am so much thankful for your interest and for the courses you present.I am interested in the course I have chosen. Unfortunately, I miss estimated the date to start the course for the time being,being busy in April and May.
    Actually,to be a great teacher involves many other characteristics rather than creativity,fairness,discipline,motivation,experience,confidence…………etc.In my view point,the great teacher is the one who can combine all these characteristics and embodies them in his or his class-room to produce or harvest the successful student. That is why it is not an easy task.Anyway,the great teacher should have his own love to the teaching career and inspire his students with passion and education and create a sense of community and belonging in the class-room to make the students know that they can depend on not only on the teacher but also on the entire class.Briefly,these are just invisible spots in the ocean of teaching.

  • precy

    A great teacher is emphatic has great love for children and is passionate about teaching.

  • Purnima Vohra

    A good teacher is one who is passionate about teaching ,sharing thoughts with students ,listens to them ,develops a connect or bonds with so that they love her and in turn love the subject , is firm at times ,plans her lessons well , teaches though activities done in class-the students will never forget what is taught


    To understand what you learn, To behavior good to the nation of your country, To teach the truth but not lie.

  • Ghania Merzouki

    A great teacher loves his job and knows that he/she’s much offering than receiving. The wealth he/she’s making is building nations of great hearts fond of learning and knowledge. A great teacher never considers him/herself the detonator of knowledge since he/she’s still learning. A great teacher’s a facilitator, helper, advisor, guide and a good listener.
    A great teacher is careful, understanding and psychologist knowing his/her learners’s worries and problems.
    A great teacher is respectfull to young learners and their way of thinking as he’s respected.
    A great teacher is ready to all tricky situations and knows how to handle them while uniterested ones want to bother him/her.
    A great teacher is a father, a mother who’s tender and shows much love to make learners loving him/her, thus loving the learning of the subjet he/she’s teaching.
    A great teacher involes all his/her learner without distinction and make them all wortk.
    A great teacher plans lessons which fit the learners’ needs and level
    A great teachcher isthe one who knows how important is the wish” HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to thelearners.
    A great teacher is the one who follows the weak learners and enhance their assimilation.

  • Malti Lanjewar

    1 . He gives his best 2. Behave like friends . 3. Understand their problems . 4 .open all opportunity of learning. 5. Focus on student centered learning . 6 . Take interesting activity and game . 7 . Motivate for success.

  • mariama

    a great teacher should be a good listener, punctual, mastery of the subject matter.

  • Sintayehu Leshe

    Great teachers
    1) Know and love their subject
    2) Focus on student learning – always
    3) Do less telling and engage students in student-centered active learning
    4) Assess the learning outcomes
    5) Give effective feedback that stimulates deeper learning
    6) Interact positively
    7) Are well organized
    8) Communicate their passion for their subject and are inspirators!
    9) Evaluate their teaching and act on student feedback
    10) Get a peer mentor and keep a professional portfolio

  • primus Francis

    A teacher must have a genuine and profound attitude towards the learning journey, subjects presented should be interesting ,interactive generating participation and most of all the teacher must serve as a catalyst to empower students to take control of their education, setting goals and building capacity for the future.

  • Sintayehu

    A great teacher understands that every child is unique and important.

    • Teresa Wang

      Everyone is unique and important.

  • Vanitha Muthukumar

    India is ancient and old and rich with heritage and culture. A land which followed the “Guru shishya parampara” meaning the “Teacher and desciple” relationship. Kids as young as 5 were left in Ashrams to stay with the teacher and his spouse and take them as parents, serve them and learn living with them.

    The respect given to the teacher is above God also. We have a saying “Mother, Father, GURU and God”. Where in Mother comes first and God is last. A teacher is one who shapes CHARACTER, CONDUCT, and PERSONALITY. has to be firm without being strict, be impartial and support and understand and be gentle and kind so the child comes to the teacher and guide along without pushing too much. Must earn the respect and which is see lacking in other parts of the world. In India teacher is highly respected and regarded. One who should do teaching as a passion and not as a profession alone can be a good teacher. Right teacher creates a genius. And a wrong one can make him a criminal.


    • Tess

      Thank you Vanitha.
      Great teachers shape great personalities.
      I respect Mother Teresa from my heart.

      • Tess

        Mother Teresa put her whole life to help others. I don’t have religion, having a strong faith to help others might gave her courage to face a life which is totally different with most people of the world. No family, no friends, having nothing what we called material comforts. I don’t think family is that important, any other kind of relationships are that important, I always don’t think material comforts is important. But if a person’s whole life is to serve others, what’s wrong with the world?

    • Tess

      I like India very much. Thank you for sharing.

    • Tess

      That’s true. A teacher might be dangerous if he or she has evil values.

  • Iqbal

    Being a teacher is more of a mental state than a construct; either by birth or consciously acquired and developed. The features of a teacher are so relative and varying across individuals and contexts that No One defintion or black and white – interpretation or limiting is actually possible. However, a teacher must have some common aspects for sincere and complete performance in the pedagogical context.

  • Iqbal

    It is one of the most difficult responses to provide in a comprehensive sense; I don’t believe a commonly granted comprehensive answer to this question is even possible. However, a good teacher is an even combination of all the basic aspects as follows:
    Zeal of learning
    Interest and insight into learner psychology and personal aspects
    Passion for teaching and development
    Continuous self development
    Love towards own work
    Love for challenges
    Belief in learner capacity and potential
    Knowledge of the subjects
    Understanding of the process
    Understanding that teaching is learning
    Belief in learner individualism
    Unerstanding the importance of planninng and adaptation in implementation
    Having an open perception towards teaching-learning
    Having a sense of how teaching is a fluid phenomenon
    Understanding the flux of minute deveopments in both teaching and learning patterns
    Having self reflective active practice
    Having the mindset to unlear, re-learn and remain open to constant changes
    Having a sense of voluntary servitude and commitment to-
    -self learning
    -individualist learner development

    The above are just a few to name among numerous ones

  • Sujatha.j

    A person with cheerful smile soft yet firm with lots of creativity to capture and reach all students and give them a chance to express themselves with out any inhibitions.

  • Izeldin Ibrahim

    actually this way it is very important we can share our ideas to become great teacher

  • Preeti Thomas

    A great teacher must have a bottomless well of patience and endurance to convey concepts from different angles to reach different learners.

  • Rose

    A great teacher is never stuck with the methods he has already used. He always tries using the new ones. He or she is eager to promote the skills of teaching.

  • Hafswa M'maka

    A great teacher is the one who accepts his learner’s challenge,embrace it positively and try to always be alert not to be caught unaware.

  • Julia

    A great teacher cares about and connects with their learners.

  • Atiya Altaf

    A great teacher knows her students and their interest .She is involved with her students and brings out their strengths and works on their weaknesses. She is ready to accept challenges and makes her classroom a place where her learners have the freedom to make choices and decide how they want to learn. A great teacher should just be a facilitator not a dictator.

  • Angela Luchini

    A great teacher never stop Learning

  • maria indelicato

    teaching is a wonderful thing.
    you must love it,must be prepared, you must be always ready to change your beliefs and never be tired to find new approaches
    don’t give recipes but paths.

    • Teresa Wang

      Your comments makes me recalled a note I took from a book several days ago. Great teachers always inspire students to think about and try more possibilities, ask questions to both others and themselves from ‘What’ to ‘Why’ to ‘Why not’ to ‘What if’.
      And they will let students know that no one knows everything.

  • Iman Jandali

    Infront of all people, at the happiest time of his life, the time when he received his certificate,he said ; I grant this success to the greatest teacher I have ever met , to the person who has opened the doors widely infront of me to know where is my destination, to the leader who has guided my steps to the first ladder of success, without her I was not be able to write a well organized plan of my life, without her I will not learn how to be a human being . Every lesson was a an experiment of how to conduct in my life in a stormy night or in a nice day. She was like a star which lights my road to be the change she wanted to see in the world. I will immortalize her noble message through my conducts,where acts speak louder than speech.I will do my best to be like her a successful man in every field of his life. Reading this Text in the newspaper let me understand the role of great teacher ,when we pick up the fruit of the seeds she has planted.

  • Divya

    A teacher who keeps her door open to her quest of learning

  • Salma Begum

    A great teacher make him/her available to his/her students and s/he motivates them to have high expectations and teaches them as their learning demand !

  • Cinta Perdigones Tornero

    I think a great Teacher means lots of things : enthusiasm for teaching , confidence,
    commitment , to be fascinated by what you do . I think being a Teacher , is one of
    the most rewarding options in the world . As Education is the basis of everything else,, a great Teacher may contribute to society in many aspects . I have the extraordinary example of my father , who has been a Mathematics Teacher for more
    than thirty years . For me , he represents what makes a geat Teacher . He has always been a responsible person . He has spent half of his life studying at home,
    when he finished his classes . He also studied Physics , and he is in love with stars
    the moon . He has inculcated me the enthusiasm for learning . Apart from being an
    astrophysicist , he likes classical music , such as Verdi . On the whole , he represents
    what makes a great Teacher for me .

  • Abhishek shah

    I think creativity make a great teacher.bacause a creative teacher engage the whole class with their subject of knowledge .so class automatically discipline and teacher do his work with all learner’s fairly.class never be fed up while teaching.

  • Samir Khalil

    Great teachers must be creative & able to make his students love learning a new language by using his marvelous teaching methods.

  • Ilaha Guliyeva

    A great teacher is a kind teacher who helps students feel welcomed, cared for and loved.Teaching is a very humanistic profession, and compassion is the utmost feeling of understanding, and showing others you are concerned about them.
    I always say that,”The man without teacher is the bird without wings…”

  • Jeff Beck

    A great teacher has to have enthusiasm for the subject and be able to convey that excitement and interest.

  • Shaikh Naheed

    “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

    • mgm

      Yes indeed, that’s truth about teaching.

  • Chinogwenya Gift

    A great teacher turns a classroom into a learning theatre

  • Phaye Darboe

    A great teacher has many attributes: A teacher should be knowledgeable, professional, caring, innovative, initiative, interested in learning, ready to make learning interesting, enjoyable and educative, ready to share with others, inquiring,methodological, inspiring,firm and flexible.

  • Fatbardha

    In my opinion, a great teacher encourages the students and helps them understand that they all have unique skills. Moreover, a great teacher should be imaginative and creative to make students love school and enjoy it.

  • Ms Anita Mistry

    A great teacher is one who is passionate about her work and compassionate towards her learners. Understanding each child and his needs. A great teacher is one who is calm, patient and a good listener. Half our battles are won when we listen more and speak less.

  • sandip jadhav

    A great teacher is who kindles the aptitude.he draws out which is great existing in a child…

  • Natalia

    Being a great teacher is an art in itself which requires a lot of commitment and artistic talent.

    • Samir Khalil

      Hi dear
      I agree with you but do you think that he must be creative?

      • Teresa Wang

        It depends on how you define ‘creative’. I suppose it related to the ways how a teacher inspires students.

  • usha ramesh

    Talents, creativity, knowledge, values and concern for learning make a person ,a great teacher

    • Samir Khalil

      Hi I totally agree with you.

    • Teresa Wang

      Hi I totally agree with you. +1

      • Teresa Wang

        I have different idea now.
        Values is the most important thing to a teacher, then knowledge and talent(including creative).

  • usha ramesh

    A good teacher becomes part and parcel of education, and nurtures individual talents in every student. She enlivens the seed of creativity.

  • Katia

    Optimism above all, that is a positive attitude towards job and life in general, then an excellent knowledge of your subject, creativity of course and a deep empathy to put oneself in other S shoes

  • usha ramesh

    A good teacher instructs , a better teacher teaches and a great teacher inspires…..

  • usha ramesh

    According to me, a great teacher becomes a student again.

  • Graciela

    Ror me, knowledge goes first, to be able to be inspire students to know more and more, tons of patience, a lot of creativity and a good perception to feel when students are bored to be able to change your activities right away, and of course, be well organized with classes carefully planned. There’s not onlu ONE aspect to make a good teacher!

  • Heba Youssef

    I think Positive attitude to education , knowledge, culture, research, creativity and a sense of the value of the profession that makes a great teacher .

  • Ohnmar Swe

    A great teacher is a continuous learner who also try to be a friend, parent, clown, actor, manager, singer, etc…..

  • Uyen