Top courses for learning and exploring English

In this post find our best courses starting soon for discovering and learning the English language.

In this post, find our best courses for discovering and learning the English language.

It’s estimated that almost 1.3 billion people worldwide speak English.

It’s a language that travels across borders, used in business and education across the world. However English can be tricky to master (as captured perfectly in the famous poem The Chaos). Luckily, we have lots of English courses to suit all abilities.

For people who know some English (IELTS band 4 – 4.5)

Inside IELTS – Cambridge English Language Assessment
IELTS is the English language test required for international study, migration and work. This course will help you develop the skills you need for the IELTS Academic test and has been created by the people who actually produce the IELTS test.

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English for the Workplace – British Council
This course will help you improve your language skills for the workplace. You’ll learn common language used in the workplace, and develop the language abilities you need for interviews, job applications and starting a new job.

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For people who know English fairly well (IELTS band 4.5 – 5.5)

Learning English for Academic Purposes: First Steps – The Open University
Academic English can be quite different to standard English. This course from The Open University will introduce you to the fundamentals of English listening, speaking, reading and writing for studying in English.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Writing in English for University Study – The University of Reading
This course from the University of Reading will grow your skills at writing academic English. You’ll explore organising essays and academic grammar, and practice evaluating your own work as well as your peers’.

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For people who speak English very well

How to Read a Novel – The University of Edinburgh
Get more from your reading with this course from The University of Edinburgh that explores the building blocks of modern fiction. Plus you’ll get to read samples of four novels shortlisted for the prestigious James Tait Black fiction prize.

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Explore the World of English Language Teaching – Cambridge English Language Assessment
Have you always wanted to explore new parts of the world? Always wanted to make a difference to people? Combine the two by teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL). This course will tell you about the basics of English language teaching, to get you started on the road to becoming an English teacher abroad or at home.

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Not found a course for you? Browse all of our Language & Culture courses.

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    I have just completed a course – Exploring the World of English Language Teaching, during the course I realized that it would be beneficial for me to take a course in Grammar. Though a native speaker I would find it difficult to explain to someone the grammatical context. My aim is to teach English to foreign learners and grammar is such an important part. Are there any courses available at Future Learn?

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