Quiz: How much do you know about soil?

Soils are really important – in fact, 2015 is the International Year of Soils – but how much do you know about the world beneath our feet? Take this just-for-fun quiz and find out…

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  • Dr. Tun Tun Win

    I am studying about soil chemistry and fertility for teaching. Therefore I’d like to join this course to support my knowledge of soil related fields.

  • Lire

    Thanks a lot, since the course is vital and important for soil and agriculture based professions.

  • Tony

    I would really like to understand, “more life in one teaspoon full amount of soil than population of humans on earth.” I cannot reconcile this with the fact that most of the soil is not conducive to microorganism growth due to lack of organic matter. Most soil heterotrophs live under a starvation regime and in a “dormant” phase most of the time?

  • Aubrey

    I am working as a biology and chemistry teacher in Dubai and am interested in learning more about soil chemistry before beginning a community garden on campus (with compost bins)

  • Jan

    I am not working in a professional capacity in soils or environmental science. preparing to though. Loads too learn…looking forward to it.

  • Elena

    I’m enjoyed doing this test,there is productive soil in the contryside were I have lived, still now, El Bierzo Spain

  • Ms.Vaishalee J.Khadilkar

    Presently working as Watershed practitioner and want to know more about to improve the productivity in the field and to know soil carbon in detail and its field level techniques.

  • Alimamy Edison Komeh

    Presently working as a Water Chemist, I find it much interesting that, a greater part of water purification is on the removal of deposits from Water-Soil contact. Information on the composition of Soil will greatly enlighten our understanding on which method is most accurate and precise.

  • tony dunstan

    I have worked in the turf grass industry for more than 30 years. The soil structure plays a very important part of my maintenance procedures and being involved with this online course would be very beneficial to me. Looking forward to the course starting ☺

  • Annie shi

    It is my great pleasure to know the international year of soil in 2015.
    Soil is the most important thing in the world, i can’t imagine what our life would be like withou the benefit from the soil, especiallly the soil for our organic food and fruits!
    which offer us healthy and nutritious food to survive in the world!
    what really matters is to protect the pecious soil and make a good reservation of them,
    as we all know, soil is unable to regenate itself, it is limited resouce!

  • Marco

    I practice regularly gardening and agriculture where I live for more then 5 months (and at my place) It’s important to keep taking care and having fun taking care of each other ourselves but first of all Nature, spreading this sensibility and knowledge. Looks like a good course.

    There was one that was also very interesting called “What a plants knows” I knew about this course on Coursera. Soil anyway is very interesting and can teach very underevaluated stories we must know.

  • jihadahmed

    soil is very important for all (animal,people,and plant) and we must all work hard to saved it beautifull..it’s protect us from erosion and stork

  • Denise Ead

    So pleased I got all the questions correct. I would like to know more. Caring for our environment is a priority.

  • Mahmuda Rahman Khan

    Really enjoyed taking the survey. Soils are naturally reach in minarels.

  • Ijalana Ayokunle

    On the basis of organic matter content, soils are characterized as mineral or organic. Mineral soils form most of the world’s cultivated land and may contain from a trace to 30 percent organic matter. Organic soils are naturally rich in organic matter principally for climatic reasons. Although they contain more than 30 percent organic matter, it is precisely for this reason that they are not vital cropping soils.

  • Chao Zhao

    Soil is what we depend on, live on, and benefit on. Currently, we do not understand and protect soil to a degree that wo should have to obviously, as we can see in the world. But i believe we will live a better life if we take care of soil, understand and use it properly.

  • Ian

    soil being so rich gives us such an abundance of wildlife.

  • Jessica Allen

    As I understand it soil is another non renewable resource that we fail to care for enough. I hope I am wrong.

  • onyango alloysius otieno

    so much goes on undernearth that we do not realize.Assuming that the world was devoid of soil…………could we have survived? just wondering…may be food for thought for the sciencetists.

  • Christine

    so much we take for granted,,,,,,