FutureLearn updates: Assignments and Course Descriptions

At FutureLearn we are always looking for ways to give you a better learning experience. In this blog post we’ll run through some of the latest developments we’ve been working on.

FutureLearn Tutor marked assignments

Submit an assignment and get feedback from your tutor

You can now submit assignments for tutor feedback and grading. Tutor marked assignments are a step in a course which will allow you to submit a written response to a question set by the course provider. One of the educators can then give you feedback either in the form of written feedback, annotations or a percentage mark, much like you’d expect in a classroom.

Pay in your local currency

From this week if you live in the United States, Australia or Europe you will be able to pay for FutureLearn products in your local currency. We hope that this will make it easier for you to upgrade courses, or buy certificates. We’re also working on introducing additional payment methods, to help those who don’t have the ability to pay using a debit or credit card.

Get all the information about a course with new course description pages

Our course description pages now have a shiny new look, designed to highlight each course’s benefits and to help you find the information you are looking for quickly. The new layout is also more mobile friendly so browsing courses on the go will be easier and more enjoyable.


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Comments (8)


  • Marina

    I am not quite sure if this is the right place for the comment. But I have to say that at the moment I am not that satisfied with Future Learn. I really loved it because it had the opportunity for open access even when the course finished. There are some great courses out there that I want to do, but due to my university studies I just don’t have time at the moment and so I cannot do the courses the way I wanted to do them, at my own speed and when I have time. Currently I just rush through the courses and therefore I don’t take a lot out of them. I can understand that one would have to pay for certificates or exams and of course for the degrees you can do. But I just don’t accept the fact that I would have to pay for the course just to keep it accessible for me. Hope this is going to change in the future again…

  • Moira

    Thank you to Futurelearn for the wonderful courses you offer.
    I have enjoyed a few and hope to do more in the future. It is wonderful to have access to such wonderful teachers online and FREE!

  • antonella

    i am disappointed to discover that now you must join an upgraded course and paying it in advance to ensure to have the course material to finish after the regular dates- the site was meant to increase the knowledge of people and it is, honestly, a good promotional tool for universities joining it, so i do not get why we must decide in advance whether to pay the certificate of not, or we will risk to loose the chance to complete the course if anything happens to us and we cannot complete it on the due time lenght. i think this goes beyond the original spirit of the website.

  • Muhawenimana angelique

    My suggestions if possible every one can have the certificate in her email that will be good

  • Eileen Cobbledick

    How long do it take for a Certificate,how will I receive it

    • Helen

      Hi Eileen,

      Your digital certificate will be available as soon as you checkout. You’ll receive your printed certificate within six weeks of ordering it or becoming eligible (if you have paid to ‘upgrade’). If it hasn’t arrived after 6 weeks, please get in touch at orders@futurelearn.com.

      Best wishes,


  • Richard Fiifi Otoo

    I think the certificate should be forwarded or send to the various persons who have attained it either free or by purchase in the form of PDF to the individual email address.
    As for the printing, we don’t have problem with it at all.
    This’s my humbly suggestion. Thank you!!!

  • Bisimwa

    I need to learn now and to have more knowledge ,juste for Having competencies ,i am a Medical doctor and i need now to improuve That i can succed In all courses,i think it Will be good for me to have many courses on others domains and be abble to do well my job Activity
    To plan,implement ,supervise and evaluate Health projects anywhere In the WORLD ,know with my PhD In public Health ,i can do Health consultancy and work with Health ministry to streength Health System and be sure That many Strategies and Activity are implement to help People on need anywhere In our country,In africa and In the WORLD ,i want to help with my experiences to diagnos ,treat,soutain and help People are living with HIV and stds ,use antiretroviral and others medicines and DRUGS ,make That Laboratory and chemestry are In good Quality of services offered to population and others sectors contribute to attain aim and objectives to Safety Health CARE and primary CARE for development of our area,commun,Town,provinces ,country,africa and In the WORLD ,i am sure That muselé and all who want to contribute to millenium aims and success to be sure That all are did and WelBisimwaNsibula Zahinda jean paul,MD,MPH,PHD,