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There are plenty of quotes about leadership, we've gathered some of the best from a range of interesting people.

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  • Philip Frampton

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  • Mpho Kebitsang

    Very fruitful quotes from experienced and learned people

  • Ayesha

    If the highest aim of a captain were to preserve his ship, he would keep it in port forever. -Thomas Aquinas

  • David Waterfield

    A leader listens loudly to understand, speaks carefully and considerately, is generous with praise and encouragement and is humble as a teacher, bold and decisive when needed but above all is respectful of all around him and sees a clear difference between the role of leader and a power-holder who only looks out for number one.

  • Zarni

    Best followers could not be without good leader. In my opinion; leadership appears on understanding; mindfullness; coaching and maintaining good relationships between leader and follwers.

  • Maurice Duffill

    If you tackle your current task to the best of your ability, leadership will follow – assuming you have some ability.

    • Victoria Cunha

      I agree with you, Maurice. I was astonished at the discrepancy between some quotes, like the one of ‘Albus Dumbledore’ in J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series and Tiny Fey’s, the comedian. Both of them are true, since we can still find different types of learders who will follow each of these perspectives. However, we can clearly see that some of them are old-fashioned nowadays and might disappear in a near the future.


    Leadership entails humbleness. Humbleness is the key to welding support needed for the man in authority to succeed. We have seen many fall because of high handedness and lack of tolerance.

  • hamit genç

    To be a leadership depends how much you are identically possessed of different specialities than your followers. A leader is the man who succeeds to have the deep respect of others in all of his behaviors. The leader never gives up of his beliefs and aims. His followers must have a deep trust of his leader’s strong charecter and high loyalty. Sociaty does not find his leader in one day. He checks his leader a long period and decicdes after his leader’s performance.

  • Adv. Barzan

    leader is the one who understands the need of his people , and do the best for them before of his own needs

  • Matthew.

    Whilst it is true that “There is no i in Team” there are five i’s in individual brilliance.

  • Tatjana Janciv

    True leaders are inconspicuous. They know the true power lies not in how loud you can yell but how long you can persevere and anticipate when to change tack. They are not nevessarily good people but are resourceful.

  • Joan Houston

    Some leaders are born women…… My favourite quote on leadership.

  • Andy Stelman

    ” fish rots from the head” is one I have always borne in mind as a senior manager in public service

  • J.B. Shaw

    Building self-confidence is the key to Leadership. When in sixth grade, my shy, soft-spoken, niece Katie approached me and asked me the best way how to learn to speak and write Japanese to add captions to her Japanese action cartoon characters that she liked to draw. I told her to take and learn martial arts. Taking martial arts over the next six years, Katie built her martial arts proficiency and self-confidence to do anything that she decided to do and it helped her excel in both her school studies and other outside extracurricular activities. As a result, she has become a super-achiever leader… way, way beyond most women her own age.

  • Collins Cobbinah

    leadership is all about boldness, proficient exbition and other unique qualities.
    leaders are good teachers and good readers
    love to be a leader.

  • Ravindra

    The Leaderless Revolution

    Carne Ross is the author of “The Leaderless Revolution: How ordinary people will take power and change politics in the 21st century”

  • Tembisa

    These quotes are very true. These are wise words from a person who is experienced. They are very good