Kate Sandars speaks at Advocacy Assembly’s Partners Summit

Kate Sandars, Senior Partnership Manager at FutureLearn, will be talking at Advocacy Assembly’s inaugural partners summit on Friday 8th of September which brings together Advocacy Assembly’s international partners with the goal to strengthen working relationships and collaboration.

Kate will speak about the evolution of the MOOC since FutureLearn’s inception and share her insights about how FutureLearn has grown its partner base as well as interesting anecdotes around the challenges and successes that come with the journey to 6.5 million learners and over 150 partners.

Advocacy Assembly, which launched in October 2015, is a multi-lingual online learning platform which partners with leading advocacy organisations to produce free courses in topics related to data, digital security, journalism, design and advocacy.  So far, it has launched courses with APC, CUNY Brooklyn College, Greenpeace’s Mobilisation Lab, Infotimes, The School of Data, Nabz Iran, Privacy International, Security First, SMEX, and WITNESS. New courses are in production with regional and global organisations.

Prior to joining FutureLearn, Kate spent 10 years as a journalist and editor for the BBC News website covering major international news stories so is delighted to lend her insights to this summit.