Dr Katherine Weber speaks at MOVE-ME project’s conference

Dr Katherine Weber, Partnership Manager at FutureLearn, will be talking at the MOVE-ME project’s final conference in Siena, Italy on Friday 19th of January.

Katherine will speak about innovations in language learning on the FutureLearn platform, understanding learner motivations, and she will also share her insights about the MOVE-ME project’s targeted courses for learners.

The MOVE-ME project – or MOOCs for University Students on the Move in Europe – addressed student mobility in Europe, particularly those studying in Italian and English, via a pathway of online courses hosted on FutureLearn. MOVE-ME partners include Università per Stranieri di Siena, Federazione Nazionale Insegnanti, NUI Galway, The Open University, Computer Technology Institute, and Institutul de Științe ale Educației.

Languages & Cultures is one of the most popular portfolio areas on FutureLearn. In addition to English and Italian, learners can register for courses in Korean, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Irish, Frisian, and Catalan Sign Language.

Prior to joining FutureLearn, Katherine worked as a university researcher and instructor in the United States and in online course publishing in the United Kingdom.