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How to get a degree without going to university – and other life routes

12 Aug 2018
Not interested in traditional campus life? Apprenticeships, colleges and private institutions provide alternatives read article

Can technology change teaching?

07 Aug 2018
Nicola Yeeles explores the effects of technology use across universities and asks whether they are driving true change read article

How technology is helping to educate Syrian refugees

03 Aug 2018
Fiona Reay, head of Client Services at FutureLearn, recently travelled to Lebanon to see the impact of technology at schools educating Syrian refugees as part of the Partnership for Digital Learning and Increased Access project, which has five years’ funding through the Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform initiative. Here, Reay discusses what she learned during... read article

Would you go to a fully-online grad school?

01 Aug 2018
Grad school is a commitment. You’ll need to set aside a huge chunk of time that could be spent with your spouse, children and friends. Loans would probably be necessary as a postgraduate education doesn’t come cheap. And you’ll most likely have to quit your job and say goodbye to the accompanying financial security that... read article

How to futureproof your kids – the teenage years

28 Jul 2018
When you were younger, university was either free or cheap, and the wisdom of accepting an offer was largely beyond doubt. Today, the equation facing our teenagers is more complicated – and the last thing they want to hear is how it was different in your day. It’s time to swot up on the futureproof... read article

EdTechXGlobal All Stars start-up award winners announced

10 Jul 2018
The winners of the sixth annual competition were announced at EdTechXEurope in June. FutureLearn, the social learning platform, was among the 20 fastest-growing, most innovative start-ups transforming the future of learning and work, to receive an award on the night. read article

UK film distribution sector to create 200 new training places for women

04 Jul 2018
The UK’s Film Distributors Association (FDA) is providing 200 new courses and seminars for women working in the film distribution sector over the next 18 months. read article

Interview with Dr Rachid Hourizi, Director of the Institute of Coding

03 Jul 2018
Dr Rachid Hourizi, Director of the Institute of Coding, speaks with Information Age about why diversity matters and how CTOs and business leaders can find the skilled workers they need. read article

New online cancer survivorship course offers GPs a different way of learning

28 Jun 2018
Professor Jon Emery talks to newsGP about an upcoming MOOC, Cancer Survivorship for Primary Care Practitioners. read article

How Online Can Learn From the Airline Industry

27 Jun 2018
Global and regional alliances of colleges offering online programs can help higher education institutions navigate the future, Mark Lester writes. read article