Press Coverage

We’re all signing up for this amazing free course on women’s history

26 Jan 2018
Brush up on your feminist knowledge ahead of the centenary of women winning the right to vote. read article

Prime Minister announces £20 million Institute of Coding

25 Jan 2018
IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and others join forces with universities and industry bodies to boost future digital skills read article

How to get ahead as a…project manager

20 Dec 2017
Depending on how you view it, transitioning from your current role into a project manager can either be a small step or a giant leap. For some, the move can be daunting despite its rewards, for others it’s a significant but achievable goal that affords numerous opportunities to further your career. read article

Griffith & Deakin research MOOC to boost exposure

12 Dec 2017
Australia’s Griffith and Deakin universities have co-created a research MOOC to increase efficiencies across both institutions and increase exposure to international students as the learning landscape begins to change. read article

An Army Of Cyber Kids Is What We Need Now

29 Nov 2017
The Cyber Discovery initiative aims to identify and train the next generation of cyber security experts, the very people who will be able to ward future attacks. read article

‘LinkedIn degrees’ from global providers ‘could leave UK behind’

22 Nov 2017
Open University vice-chancellor claims that courses curated by technology giants might be more attractive than Russell Group’s offerings read article

Fake news: Universities offer tips on how to spot it

09 Nov 2017
A year on from his election victory, President Trump’s frequently used phrase “fake news” is now common currency read article

Re-thinking the student of today

22 Oct 2017
FutureLearn’s Simon Nelson addresses the need for higher ed institutions to consider who their learners are today in order to tailor their offering read article

Free courses to help students with future plans

18 Oct 2017
UCAS has launched two useful new courses to help students, and the people who advise them, when it comes to making decisions on life after high school. read article

Learners from developing nations given access to UK education through the Study UK campaign

17 Oct 2017
Learners in developing nations will receive free digital upgrades and certificates to online courses read article