Is your teaching career future-proof?

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What makes a great teacher? Part 2

Teaching is a difficult job which requires a range of skills and extensive knowledge. In the second post about what makes a great teacher, we look at some of the characteristics which make teachers successful in classrooms today.

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What makes a great teacher? Part 1

In the first part of a bumper two-part post we look at some of the things that a great teacher does, and courses you can take to develop your teaching skills.

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The Importance of the Right Questions in Teaching

In this post Dylan Wiliam, lead educator on Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching, discusses how the right questions at the right time make a big difference in the classroom.

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Teaching goals for 2017

In this post find great courses to help you achieve your teaching goals this year.

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#TeacherTalks – a round up from our twitter chat

Last week we had a twitter chat to discuss preparing students for university. Here’s what happened.

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Why FutureLearn loves teachers

In this post we explain why teachers are so important to FutureLearn and why we’re committed to helping them in their professional development.

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An invitation: find out how FutureLearn can help schools prepare students for university

In this post, Neil Harvey, Head of Marketing at FutureLearn, looks at how online courses can help students at critical phases in their lives, and previews our series of free events to support teachers.

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Why should students take charge of higher education?

The University of Groningen currently employs over 700 student assistants and has opened up all of its governing bodies to student participation. Some of these students recently visited FutureLearn and in this post, they discuss what they learnt and why more students should take charge of higher education.