Welcoming ten million learners to FutureLearn

We've officially hit ten million learners using the FutureLearn platform! Find out what this means for us in numbers.

When FutureLearn launched in December 2012, this post outlined the aims of the company as follows:

  • To bring together a range of free, open, online courses from leading UK universities, that will be clear, simple to use and accessible.
  • To draw on the Open University’s expertise in delivering distance learning and pioneering open education resources to underpin a unified, coherent offer from all of its partners.
  • To increase accessibility to higher education for students across the UK and in the rest of the world.

Seven years later, we’ve just welcomed our ten millionth learner to the FutureLearn fold and have active learners in every single country of the world. 

From a stellar group of 21 UK and two international university partners in 2012, we’ve grown to work with 175+ industry-leading institutions around the globe. 

From Russell Group universities to national museums, we’ve worked with partners to bring you thousands of online courses and materials so that anyone, anywhere has the opportunity to learn.  

In honour of the occasion, and to put ten million people into perspective, we’ve taken a deep-dive into what ten million looks like for our platform, university partners, courses and learners.

Last year in the UK, there were 2.3 million students in higher education.

With ten million learners on the books, FutureLearn has seen quadruple the student population of the UK last year sign up to our courses.

In terms of university student populations around the world, ten million learners are equal to:

       ➞416 times the student population of Oxford University.

       ➞67 times the student population of the University of London.

       ➞436 times the student population of Harvard University.

       ➞212 times the student population of Melbourne University.

Sitting slightly above the UK average for female students in higher education, 60% of our learners are female. 


10 flags of the countries with the most FutureLearners

Infographic of our 3 top performing courses, Understanding IELTS, Mindfulness for Peak Performance and Start Writing Fiction.

Infographic about our most active FutureLearner. They enrolled in 1,500 courses, completed over 40,000 course steps and left 240 comments.

And fuelling the tireless efforts of the team behind the platform?

Infographic showing the FutureLearn team has consumer 3,100 kg of coffee and 102,800 tea bags

Infographic that states we have 10 million learners, 25 million enrolments and 35 million comments.

With ten million learners on the books, over 25 million enrolments across our courses, and over 35 million comments made on course steps, we’ve made exciting progress towards our mission of transforming access to education. 

But the work is only just beginning. 

We’ll continue to invest in our platform, making sure it’s enjoyable to use and easy to connect with and learn from those who share your passions. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, questions, ideas, and experience with us and your fellow learners, whether it’s through leaving a comment on a course step or chatting with us on social media

Every single one of the ten million (!) of you has brought us closer to our mission of creating enjoyable, social and credible learning experiences where anyone, anywhere can enjoy the transformative power of education.

Please do share your experiences of learning on FutureLearn below.

Now, to the next ten million 🥂.


Comments (206)


  • Daniel Mekonnen

    I’m Daniel Mekonnen, a water resources engineer working in water resources & infrastructure construction projects in a social construction enterprise established by a local NGO in Ethiopia.
    With Future Learn I’ve taken three courses and now taking another one. I believe and proudly witness all courses have created incredible differences on my professional engagements.
    Specially, the course “Introduction to Building Information Modelling (BIM)”, which Future Learn has organized with Coventry University, has made me a pioneer to introduce BIM in my Country. More, I was able to try a software based Project Management system in my work using a trial program I’ve accessed while I was learning the course with Future Learn.
    Because many EU, the US and some Asian Countries are using BIM progressively, no doubt the world will use it as mandatory in recent future. I’m convicted to contribute on modernization of the awkward construction project management and the competitiveness of the construction industry of my country. If conditions will be convenient, beyond upgrading and certified with this course, I’m very enthusiastic to specialize it through the graduate study program of Future Learn

  • Abdullah BA SHARAHULL

    I am really very happy to join Future learn courses It is imy dream to find knowledge and experienced people .Now my dream becomes a truth. I can communicate easliy by modern ways to find my right way to knowledge.

  • Zhang Xiang

    Congratulations on Futute Learn group! You’ve done a great job, so big achievement, so many learners all over the globe.
    you deserve it, appreciation and respect.

  • Carla K White

    A friend shared this with me, and I am eager to see what courses are offered, so that I, too, may use some of my retirement “free time” to continue challenging myself, and become a more knowledgeable person. How can I access the available courses? Thank you very much.

  • Lucinda Harris

    Each course I take makes me want to branch out and learn more. I have learnt about the brain, nuclear power, the RAF in nuclear times, fairy tales, health issues, environmental issues, forensics and crime, emergency planning, animal viruses, copyright, people in history …. the list goes on and I know that the list will continue to grow and I will learn from the top universities around the world who have the most up to date knowledge. Futurelearn feeds my thirst for knowledge.

  • Suad salih

    I’m so glad to be here in future learn. I thank all the team work in future learn. I again more than one courses. I raise my knowledge through it . I’m improve my self confidence in it .

  • Achoubiadah Victor

    Once introduced a troubled friend to FutureLearn ( Persuasive Communication) , but that friend failed to share the source of his knowledge with his team members because he loved to be their only ‘Knight in shining armour’.

    Considering an example like this, It’s easy to figure out why the 10 million learners mark took too long to come by.

    Congratulations Futurelearn anyway.

    Personally, It has been an exciting and a human-capital-enriching learning experience since 2016 that I joined this community.
    • Sharpened my writing skill. ( How to Succeed: at Writing Applications)
    • Learnt to appreciate music better. ( How to Write Your First Song)
    • Learnt to argue peacefully. ( Developing Your Research Project)
    • Began to stand out. ( The Power of Colour )

    Most importantly, I understood what a learning network is and how being aware of its components can support lifelong learning.

    Generally, FL has a user-friendly platform and a nonmechanistic teaching approach.

    Thanks to all the tutors and learners that have made my FL journey worthwhile.

  • Anastasia Amvrosiadou

    The most engaging and thought-provoking process not only to enhance but to boost and raise my students’ awareness.In addition,this educational tool has helped me to delve into my own well-being and strengthen my personality.FutureLearn!Icouldn’t thank you enough!

  • Odeth

    I really thank the team which planned this program, Future learn helped me to become a better teacher and my English skills improved as well as my methods of teaching.

  • Sandra Spruce

    Congratulations Future Learn. You have inspired me in the good days and the bad. You have given me such a wide range of courses to study across such a wide spectrum. Boredom no longer exists. I am my husband’s main carer and life is difficult. FL courses help me to stay grounded. They give me an interest which I can follow in the home as my husband cannot be left. Thank you Monash, I am one of your many returning students. You help me to stay focussed. Apart from studying Mindfulness I have enjoyed so many courses. It is impossible to say which I have enjoyed most of all, but Archaeology of Portus, the European Discovery of China, Shakespeare and his World and England in the Time of King Richard III can fight it out.

    I have noticed the increased number of courses which have appeared during the last twelve months. I would love to beg for more. French history, Spanish history, French literature, I could go on …. and on … and on.

    I recommend FL to all my friends and people I meet along the way. Well done. You have an excellent product and have certainly fulfilled the aims set in the early days.

  • Deissy Alejandra Ardila Páez

    Hola, mi nombre es Deissy Alejandra, colombiana nacida en el año 1997, vivo desde que nací en el campo colombianos, para ser exactos en los Llanos Orientales, en un municipio llamado Mesetas (Meta), descubrí a FutureLearn en el año 2016 en mi afán por educarme a través de una pantalla vi por primera vez esta plataforma en Facebook, al no poder yo pagar mis estudios en una universidad presencial hice lo imposible por comenzar con un curso aquí, mi primer curso fue de idioma holandés y un amigo me ayudo a pagar el curso porque yo no tengo tarjeta de crédito, y el me ayudo para obtener esta primer victoria, los siguientes cursos los logre atrapar en una gran oportunidad que ustedes nos dieron para hacer otros cursos de manera gratuita, amo mucho la tecnología, todo lo que tenga que ver con el medio ambiente y la cultura, por eso estoy infinitamente agradecida con ustedes por esta oportunidad que me dieron de aprender y no quedarme en el anonimato, he tomado mas cursos de los temas anteriormente mencionados, pero me ha sido imposible pagarlos, pero el aprendizaje esta a salvo aquí conmigo, pero me encantaría poder tener un titulo, alguna carrera, seria mi sueño hecho realidad. Gracias

  • Uyebi Eno Sandra

    Words are not just enough to describe my experiences with future learn. I was searching for knowledge online by looking for free online courses when I came across future learn. I had never at anytime regreted coming to be one of the learners on this platform. The first course I took was on disability and well being. This course became an eye opener for me on disability and development as a career. I started building my career on that. Today I can proudly say that, it had yielded positive change in my life as a whole. Presently I work with a Disabled People Organisation as the program officer. I discuss disability issues from an informed perspective as a result from this first course I took on disability, that led me to other related courses on development and I try to mainstream disability issue into each one of it. I thank the initiators of this great educational initiatives and wish them to sit back and count the next 10 million learners in the next few years to come. A very big congratulations to all the team members and learners on this platform.

  • Fred

    What a fantastic product FutureLearn has produced! Enabling students of all ages from all over the world the opportunity to add/enhance their knowledge base on all manner of subjects/topics, which are continually being added to. The ability to study from home, in one’s own way and convenience without time constraints, only adds to the attraction of this method of learning, together with the opportunity to interact with fellow students producing interesting and erudite comment .
    Congratulations to all at FL for a wonderful acheivement.
    On a personal level, courses I have done have brought me much satisfaction in my retirement years. Thanks again FL!

  • June

    FutureLearn, it has been a pleasure sitting at home and connecting with students all over the world while engaging in enjoyable coursework and discourses. Thank you for the great educational experiences. This is indeed a wonderful learning platform. Congratulations on our latest student achievement and may even greater numbers access these courses and benefit in the way that I did.

  • Pamela Humphreys

    Well Done Futurelearn! I have enjoyed all my courses and talking to students all over the world.
    Think you should cut down on the coffee and tea though.

  • Jacob

    Congratulations Futurelearn, and here’s to many more years and hopefully many more students. I’ve been unable to complete a lot of things on here due to my financial situation, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the coursework which I was able to complete. Thanks also for making your platform as universally accessible as possible. It means a lot.


    since joining this platform, i have grown proffessionally. i am a visually impaired from Rwanda, a country located at the hert of Africa. learning have been much easier than before. whenever i want to learn, i turn to Future learn.

  • Joanna Stroud

    Congrats all and really glad to be part of it!

  • Adebayo taiwo

    have learned new things and believe as time goes by l will know more about language learning. thanks for futurelear

  • ACHU Jean Patrice

    I am very happy to hear that FutureLearn is now having ten million Learners, I am hoping to seen more Learns to add to the ten million so that in 2020 the number of Learners will increase by two million. I have a very very good experience studying with FutureLearn. I have grade knowledge for the course I took and form exchanging with they others Learners across the world, I not of financial difficulties like I have end some Awards in some domains by now. But why thanking FutureLearn for all what the are doing for education around the world, they is one very important thing I will like to understand for them, and the thing is: why is it written in my certificate of achievement, that this certificate and transcript do not imply the award of credit or the conferment of a qualification from The Open University. My question here is why writ this in the certificate of achievement of someone?, I have done online study with others Learning University, and I have never seems in any of my certificate this that of thing, I study with the Energy University by Schneider electric, and on nor of my certificate you will find this that of sentence. A course prepared by The Open University for FL.

  • Chahida Nhari

    Hi . I am chahida Nhari from Morocco .
    First of all I would like to express my deep indebtedness to you and to all the team of future learn as well as the educators of the courses I have taken up with future learn . Thanks for your commitment to life long learning . You have given us an opportunity to benefit from Your free service and to understand and value the importance of technology through online learning . So for this reason I would like to invite all my colleague learners especially those who are teachers to share your site address with their students and children to guide them to the best use of the internet . My experience of your courses helped me to make great headways in my teaching . Your courses contributed a lot to my professional development. Your courses which tied us together with learners from around the globe , gave us insight into global citizenship .
    So a great deal of thanks for such a great chance of equity in education .

  • Julie-Anne Kenworthy

    I discovered Future Learn in its early days and have been an avide futurelearner and advocate ever since. From my experience, personally and professionally, it is a remarkable resourse, high quality, accessible, and most of all affordable for those who do not have access to education because of the prohibitive cost of alternative education providers. I recommend Future Learn to friends and clients in my clinical psychology practice. Sir Francis Bacon’s quote “ipsa scientia potestas est” (knowledge itself is power) comes to mind. Future Learn is truly empowering.
    Thank you sincerely for your innovation and inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  • Stella Cherop

    Hi guys, I’m Stella from Kenya and I am extremely proud and equally humbled to be part of this great team of 10 million future learners. Personaly, I have gained alot from this platform and has helped me get a better understanding on the world as well as complemented what I study in college. I would like to pass my sincere heartfelt appreciation to all who make this program run and sacrifices they make to make the world more informed. Thank you

  • Sebit Michael peter

    I thank you futurelearn, for your support of giving know.

  • Chijioke Otikpa

    I am proudly a futurelearner.
    I love everything about futurelearn.
    That though of bringing every knowledge that you need to your doorsteps (screen step now).
    I have taken a few courses and I won’t stop because I am addicted to learning.
    Word for anyone out there..give it a try..sometimes the local classroom can be boring,but with futurelearn, learning is an ever rewarding adventure.
    Love from Nigeria

  • Manisha Suryavanshi

    I am Manisha from India. The course is an treasure of knowledge to me. It opens the new door of e-sources which can be used in teaching language. This is my first online course and it gives me immense pleasure and creat an interest in on line course……..
    Of couse the credit goes to the futurelearn team.
    What a great co ordination….great presentation…..great educators…….congratulations for this great great success and making me the part of it
    Thanks a lot.

  • Mario Massanga

    My name is Mario .
    Iam from Angola, so i am very happy .. because here i wait and i see that i will be improving or developing my Ingles . To know other people , culture.

  • Милена

    I love FL, thank you for existing, keep up the great work, thank you so much – everybody, congrats on 10M learners!


    I am so happy to hear about your acheivement, and I am truly proud of Futurelearn and the Open University because they have done a great lot to me by way of their courses. I have not taken a degree course with the Open University because of the big difference in the money Exchange between the colombian peso and the pound – $4,ooo to 1. But, I have really enjoyed the courses that I have done with them . excellent lecturers and super methodologies. You all are always in my prayers.

  • Haroon Oktan

    I am newly joined the course to improve my English language then I hope to receive helpful advice from you.

  • nicoleta trofin

    my name is Nicoleta Trofin
    i was involeved in germany in one of your IELTS PROJECTS:::i would like to do more,,,
    is very interesting and i have learned many new things about the hole Globe…we re coping with a new problem …Globalisation,,and all young people has a problem,,,the old generations with new one,,the digital world,,and the jobs,,..
    i like your site and i congratulate you….u have manny manny projects and ways for learning,,keep it like that…..

  • Sarah Siteman

    Since I’ve retired, I’ve been taking many online courses from FutureLearn and other providers. Some I’ve finished, others I’m still working on. I’ve studied courses that are within the subject areas that I understand quite well, and quite a few where I had very little knowledge at all. So thank you for the opportunity to keep on learning.

  • Udechi Anthonia

    I feel so happy to be here, I have really learn alot from FUTURELEARN, I appreciate all the Teams that construct and put in different courses to be run. Thanks so much.

  • Lynn Andrew

    As a working parent, sometimes life is too busy and I can’t fit in the learning I love. Knowing Future Learn always has exciting learning, organised in manageable chunks, means I can link into learning at times that suit me. Really appreciated it FL Team.

  • carole barfoot

    Love it…….what a great organisation, great courses and keeps the little grey cells ticking over, especially now as we approach winter in the UK. Wish I had more time to fit more courses in at one time. Congratulations on reaching the 10 millionth learner…..Thank you to all the teams that construct and run the courses.

  • Sue Belgrave

    I feel so lucky to be alive in the world at a time which has seen the creation of the amazingness that is FutureLearn .I love being part of a global community ; on my last course, Climate Change – the Solutions it was so powerful to be learning and sharing with others around the world . Our experiences were different but our concerns were shared. Suddenly the world did not seem such a lonely place .
    You are onto something Future Learn…here’s to the next 10 million learners .
    Thank you . Thank you .

  • Paula

    I have enjoyed all my courses, although I haven’t finished all of them, I find doing too many at the same time doesn’t give me enough time to finish one if I’m lucky. I have learned allsorts from these various interesting topics. Sometimes the course I’m after has already started or maybe half way through, so then I just wait for it to come up again next time. I feel proud to be a part of the ten million learners on Future learn thanks to all course educators and fellow learners.

  • Lee Withers

    What an amazing initiative. Doing my first course now and it is excellent. Well done and Thankyou so much

  • Clema

    Every course I had taken made me a better person.

  • A.Garthik

    Congratulations future learn…. I learnt from you a lot… it helps me to develop my knowledge and career

  • A.Garthik

    Congratulations…. I,am so happy to learn through future learn…. it helps me to develop my knowledge and career

  • Zsuzsanna Bese

    Congratulations! I extremely enjoy your courses and thanks for the opportunity to learn about different and interesting topics. I hope to start another one course again and again on your platform.

  • Mario Pelletier

    Congratulations Futurelearn! Being retired and having lots of time on hand,I am very glad to have you in my life so I can keep my curious nature busy at learning everyday!

  • Thaung Shwe

    Now, I have been learning three courses from Futurelearning. 1. Early childhood education
    2. Multilangualism
    3. English for workplace.
    I am an active learner and I keep on learning for my the whole life. I hope you’ll accept me to keep on.

  • noelyne levin

    I have done many future learn courses. I am retired but am a perennial student and hope to continue learning for as long as I am able. It is disappointing to see that there are fewer students from South Africa, but you have a confirmed fan in me.

    • Joan

      Noelyne, I am also a South African older perennial student and thoroughly enjoy the courses. I started a study group here in my village and my friends think I am terribly clever when it is my turn to speak, because I discuss subjects that I did on Future Learn.

  • Felix Makolija

    Thanks very much I really enjoyed your courses more especially on the use of ICT in teaching and learning which has assisted me to simplify my teaching. Am able to use and apply my smart phone effectively during my teaching and I hope to continue learning with Futurelearn

  • Henintsoa Daniel Rakotoarison

    Congratulation. I loved your courses. Thank you for giving me the oppourtunity to learn about disability and inclusion, two topics that are close to my heart. Not only I enjoyed the classes but they helped me do better at work to improve the quality of lives of many people. XXX

  • Nabiha Jabnoun

    The number is just an indicator of how incredible this platform is. Hats off to the professional team for providing such golden opportunities for all people to learn, develop and succeed.

  • Ksenia

    Congratulations! I have enjoyed all the courses and I hope to continue learning with Futurelearn.

  • Cerys Turner

    Congratulations! I am yet to finish a course but I am sure with your support I will. Thank you.

  • MM Thomas

    Congratulations! Thank you for creating a space with opportunities for continuing education. I have completed a couple of courses. The material, tutor input, and peer interaction have been excellent. I have enjoyed being part of this learning community. Keep up the good work.

  • John Sanford

    Have completed many courses over the last three and a bit years,. Have really enjoyed them learnt a lot and had countless interesting, informative, challenging and entertaining conversations through the the comments pages with other learners and course leaders. The fact that along with many others I have taken the How To Read a novel course for the last three years following its annual revamp says it all.
    Keep up the good work.



  • Mark Swindale

    I’ve been doing FutureLearn courses since 2014 and although I’ve tried other MOOC providers like Coursera, FutureLearn is easily the most user-friendly. You always know exactly where you are and what you’ve done and the comments facility is right there. I regretted the imposition of course time limits and it’s sometimes tricky when the course you want has already been running but the variety of courses and the fact that they are not all located in the UK means that normally one is spoiled for choice. I am enormously grateful, but this should only be the start. The Open University and free further education needs to be expanded. The imposition of tuition fees and the era of student loans has only made this sector more vitally important.

  • Alma Xhafa

    Hello !
    Thanks for the invitation but I’m not good at English

  • Andre

    Congratulations and I feel good to be part of your initiatives. Thank you for your course offerings most of which I have completed They come highly recommended. Alas I have also not completed some which I hope to revisit in ensuing months!

  • Iulia Kelemen

    FutureLearn proved to be not only an endless fountain of information and knowledge but also an extraordinary community of wonderful people – educators and participants – exchanging meaningful ideas and inspiring experiences. From good quality content to stimulating interactions, the online courses had a great impact on my personal and profesional development – and this while having a lot of fun and building true friendships in the process. Thank you, FutureLearn!

  • Vera Nesterova

    Congratulations and thank you, the Open University, for the FutureLearn platform, for giving a real opportunity to continue studies and stay connected to the whole world of education, art and science! Thank you, dear educators and course designers for you wonderful job!

  • Liliana Mateiu

    I have done a number of courses on Future Learn platform and I must say I have enjoyed them tremendously, not so speak about all the things that I have learnt and that made me evolve and become a better version of myself. Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude for the learning opportunities that have enriched my life immeasurably these last years, as part of Future Learn courses. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  • Vera Nesterova


  • Ana Torrecilla

    Congratulations for your success and I hope that you continue to grow. The idea of Future Learn is marvelous, because we can enroll in so may different courses offered by the best universities and scholars in the world, and follow them in a very comfortable way. If I only could follow more courses, because sometimes I enroll in 3 different courses at the same time and then I don’t have time to complete them, what a pity. They are presented in a very amusing way and they are also useful to learn and practice English. Thank you for this idea again.

  • MinervaDG

    Kudos! Soo happy for Futurelearn and proud to be a part of the ten million learners! I really appreciate FL for its benevolence, coming up with many great courses, partnering with experts to back up their worthwhile courses, and making knowledge accessible to the whole world. More power Futurelearn!

  • Colin Munro

    The Norwegian Courses you run are the best I have ever come across and I am comparing Rosetta, Linguaphone, Readers Digest Language Tapes, and many other systems. It keeps you engaged from the very start and the standard is high which really pushes you. Well done.

  • Ntungwe Terence

    The first course I enrolled in on this platform was excellent. I enjoyed it. I have recommended this website to many of my friends.

  • Morris tanus

    Congratulations,I hope you establish a free Hyde park platform for the learners to say and write what are carefully hidden.

  • Adam Williams

    My wife and I have followed half a dozen courses and found them excellent. The European Discovery of China was fantastic and is our favourite. We are both retired and, as you have concentrated recently on business and employment courses, we have not done much for a while but we keep watch on what is coming up. History, culture, art and current affairs of the Far East is a particular interest.

  • Patricia Moloney

    Having just completed 3 very
    Interesting courses ! It has given me the confidence to seriously consider a degree in some sort of cultural studies! Thank you !

  • Deborah Trombin

    Wow!! What a goal you have achieved!! Congratulations to you all and keep up your excellent work!

  • Czirle Klára

    Congratulations and thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn with and from you.

  • Paul

    Thank you for providing the wonderful learning opportunities. The system which you have set up works very well. The fact that you have attained 10 million subscribers reinforces the efficacy and opportunities which you have provided. I value the opportunities which you have provided to me and others.


    I am really enjoying this course because I am learning from the experiences of different countries. These help create new intervention strategies. Thank you Future learn, for your dedication and especially for the proper use of techniques and to provide us with tools and readings.

  • Meline

    You’re my own discovery. Only a talented person can recognize real talent. The FutureLearn Team -Congratulations!

  • Stanley Mercado

    Mabuhay! congratulation! thanks for the effort to share and learn online… I greatly use what I learn as a INGO and Rescuer and most of all able to share it also to others… more power

  • Cesar Ruacho Loera

    Great acomplishment Future learn, congratulations, keep it up the finest courses for personal development, and even when i am not as connected and constant, as i wish i could be, you have always considered me into your group of learners!
    Way to go!..

  • Maria Celeste C. Raposo

    I’ve experienced several times your courses and they very good. A little bit too quick but it opens new and recent windows about a lot of subjects. I really enjoyed them very much.

  • Peggy

    Brilliant achievement! Such a great idea initially, so look at you now – 10 million learners.
    I personally would like to say thank you for the opportunity to participate in so many courses. The first one led to more than I could ever have imagined – Museum Studies – all the courses have added to my knowledge in such a variety of topics.

  • Lydia Ashedzi Aluma

    Future learn is a platform I recommend to friends and colleagues. Learning here is fun Thank you for the great job you are doing. Congratulations!

  • Deborah

    I am really happy for Future learn to have reached such an epic milestone. I enjoy taking part in the courses online much of which i have always had an intrest in so its a good use of time and energy. Brilliant stuff!…wish you continued success. 🙂


    I am immensely grateful for the fate of virtual browsing introduced me the Future Learn. The University of BATH, with this study platform, is changing my life, improving my knowledge, today I can say that I am more confident in my learning because I can be part of serious and meaningful studies that I will take for all my life. Many thanks to all Future Learn team.

  • Margaret Costello

    I did one course with Future Learn i.e. The Science of Nutrition. I really enjoyed this course and particularly interacting with people from all over the world. I heard about Fururelearn from a Librarian who worked in the same organisation as myself. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to do a course at the moment, due to being very busy, but hopefully I’ll be back in the future..Congratulations on your fantastic work and best of luck in the future.

    • Paula Morton

      Hello Margaret, it’s Paula from Merseyside. Say hello to Michael for me. I’m doing some of the same courses as you including The Science of Nutrition.

  • Tounkara

    Congratulations for your success!
    Thanks indeed for all you are doing for us, you are delivering important and interesting courses.
    It’s an honor for us to be members.
    The best is coming!

  • Asiimwe Monica

    Thank you for appreciating us. I particularly feel honoured to be part of your journey.
    Congratulations on that milestone of the 10 million learners.Can the next 10 million begin?!

  • Bozznet Shumba

    Let me greatly give thanks to God for knowing Futurelearn. And l pray that the Heavens be kept open for it’s successful n prosperity. I am very happy for the help l got from Futurelearn. Distant education you’re providing to the whole world is greatest value.
    Thank you very very much Futurelearn team and be blessed always.

  • Teresa Delgado Oviedo

    Congratulations! A great honor to share with you this great celebration. I have enjoyed very much all the interesting courses you offer and I have learned a lot.
    Studying on line is an easy way to learn and to know people different opinions. I’ll continue with you. Thank you very much

  • hashim nigy


  • Angela Kings

    I had just completed my OU degree when Future Learn started. How fortunate for me! I have loved every minute of the very varied courses I’ve taken. I’m retired and disabled so for me to be able to continue study is a lifeline. As a child I went to a ‘good’ grammar school and hated it. Clearly some of us need time and perhaps other methods to get into learning and it helps when it’s so accessible and encouraging, which the OU and Future Learn are..! I cannot thank Future Learn enough for enabling me to continue expanding my knowledge and enjoying hearing from others learners from all corners of the globe. My favourite course? Monash’s Mindfulness (number 2 in the top 3) It changed my life and at exactly the right time of my life too. Again, thank you.

  • Maureen Pulfrey

    Congratulations on this memorable milestone. I love future learn and hope to partake for many years to come.

  • Nourddine Bousellam

    First of all, I would like to extend my sincere conratulations on this occasion ( ten million users) to the whole staff of FutureLearn. It is a successful platform par excellence. As a teacher , I usually have recourse to this platform to furthet my knowledge and savvy indifferent subjects. I find it very interesting for my CPD.
    Thank you a million and I wish you all the best. Keep up the good work.

  • Pamela Cepeda

    This plattform has been a very powerful tool for learning. My major is in education, and throughout these courses, I have learnt how to understand better my purpose as a professional. Thank you so much Future Learn!!! Go for another 10 million learners!!!

  • Ruth Smith

    I signed on as soon as FutureLearn was launched and have completed quite a few courses over the years and there are still so many I would like to do. Congratulations on bringing such a superb vision alive and to seeing it grow to a worldwide phenomenon.

  • Dorothy Appie

    Well done!! This is the best study program

  • mehreen kanwal

    Thanks for sharing this important event with the learners.That’s also a testimony of the good management of the product’s quality..Congratulations for achieving your massive education goals.I have done many courses through u. I am proud for having taken most popular courses like (IELTS) , core skills for leaders/teachers both among various others..Good luck for reaching successfully the next development ‘s objective

  • Virupaksha Yellappah

    Congrats, hitting a ten million learners, incredible journey, kudos, keep it GOING AND GROWING ,even though I did not take up any courses you were offering, I did Propagand the same to my Students and to the needy community in India and the USA, hope and Wish that many more be Benifitted through your Future Learn offerings, Wish you the very best, Thank you.

  • BRiKI

    Thanks for sharing this important event with the learners.That’s also a testimony of the good management of the product’s quality..Congratulations for achieving your massive education goals.I am now getting close finishing a course and I engaged in the second one that started out yesterday.I am proud for having taken one of the top 3 most popular courses (IELTS) among various others..Good luck for reaching successfully the next development ‘s objectives..

  • Daniel Mekonnen

    It is really a great honor to reach 10 million people within a few years. I’m also proud of being one among the community of Future Learn.
    I’ve taken three courses and now taking another one. I believe the courses have made a big difference on my professional engagement. To mention one, ‘Introduction to Building Information Modeling’, a course which FL organized with Coventry University has made me a pioneer to introduce BIM in my Country-Ethiopia. (BIM is a contemporary construction management technology unknown & nothing is heard about it in Ethiopia).
    Future Learn, its team and partners are illuminating torch of knowledge to the world. FL is a forerunner to reach unimaginable number of the globe with free, easily accessible & diversified knowledge.
    Including to learners, I’m very grateful to FL, its team & partners. Congratulations.

  • Marie-Dominique

    I’m a “seventy plus” french woman, and I have a wonderful time taking courses with you. I spent much time in UK and I’m always happy to improve my english knowledge, language, litterature…
    For the last 4 years, I’ve followed many on-line courses, french, american… and I’ve some preference with UK courses (because of the tutors’ british accent).
    Congratulations and long live to you

  • John George Graham

    I have benefitted enormously from engaging with Future Learn beginning with the Course delivered by Kings College London on addiction which I have valued for its vindication on my own approach in addiction treatment.
    The numerous further Courses I have done subsequently have all been excellent learning experiences and I value the free access while appreciating the effort by the behind-the-scene staff and the various presenters of all the Courses. I think the format is excellent as an extension of open learning.
    Well done.

  • Barbara Craig.

    Congratulations to you all at Future Learn. As a ‘young’ retiree I have found this service a fabulous platform for ‘Life long learning’.
    I have completed many of the free courses online. I am currently completing Writing Fiction and hope to participate in many more.. A big Thank you to all those who work at Futurelearn. 😁

  • Hina Memon

    It was awesome experience with future learn web. I have learned many courses from this web .these courses helps me to achieve my goals .thanks for providing us such courses from different universities.
    Courses were very informative and helpful.

  • Bernard Kennedy

    What surprises me is that in a world of 7.7 billion people only 10 million have discovered how brilliant Futurelearn is. I can honestly say that Futurelearn has changed my appreciation of, and access to, lifelong learning.
    The courses are excellent, the site is easy to navigate, the learning community is active and inclusive, the support from both course leaders and Futurelearn staff is first class. Thank you for providing this resource to all.
    I will continue doing my bit to help you reach the next 10 million by singing your praises every chance I get.

    Best wishes now and for the future

    • angela kings

      And I’ll be right there singing with you Bernard. I’m always urging people to give FL a go. Here’s to the next 10 million eh 😉

  • Lisa Sharman

    I discovered FutureLearn this summer and have been waxing lyrical about you to everyone I know ever since. I’ll be starting my second course soon, and already have an eye on my third. This is inclusive, fascinating, fun, interactive, quality education for all – thank you!

  • Mary Maxfield

    Congratulations to Futurelearn . I have enjoyed my many futurelearn courses . I just love learning and keeping my brain up to speed. I have visited so many places connected with your courses. It has opened new horizons for me. Thank you.

  • Edith Milne

    Congratulations to you, and to all of us. FutureLearn is a fabulous and very user friendly way to gain knowledge on a range of subjects, whether work/education related or just to gain an insight into something new, in a way that suits so many learning styles.
    Again, congratulations, and long may you be there and expanding.

  • Cliff Hope

    I have done a number of courses from Creative Writing to Forensics. the work put into the courses by the tutors is outstanding. they are easy to follow informative and helpful. i have been luck to have found about the courses and found them great, you learn at your pace and they are satisfying to complete. try one now.

  • Sharufe Chinonyerem

    Wow a big congratulations. it had been an amazing experience with the Future learning Educational courses. with all the knowledge acquired it is has make a better teacher because i was able to integrate the knowledge in my practice as a teacher. Thank you and keep on flying.

  • Gwen James

    As a pensioner it is wonderful to be able to keep the mind active without having to pay high prices for other courses. I have enjoyed a variety of courses and look forward to many more. Thank you.

  • May Myat Moe Hlaing

    Congratulations FutureLearn for achieving ten million learners and I am pleased as a part of the learners’ group. I’ve learned and shared the information others to learn FutureLearn courses.
    I could learn the courses that related with my professional career and I’ve found the courses are very interesting and helpful to apply in my work place.
    Thanks for the courses and FutureLearn team and hoping to learn more in future to improve my career.
    Wishing all the best!

  • tim wilson

    I love future learn training courses and have undertaken about 300 in the last five years mainly in medicine , human biology mental health and public health – thanks

  • Zaklina F. Svekjarovska

    Congratulations for achieving the ten million student mark! I am happy to be one of that ten million, and most important, I am happy knowing that I have chance to learn even more with you at the future 🙂

  • Luis

    Due to my age and retirement, which is ongoing for 10 years now, I might be amongst some of your most senior students. A PhD was not enough, though, and I am I happy to have met you in a number of subjects very far from my specialisation, but which always attracted me, in younger versions of myself. Many compliments to all your exceptionally good teachers and supporting staff. And a big, very big THANK YOU.


    Dear All, I do trust that this message finds you doing well. Receive warm greetings from Moshi, Tanzania. Futurelearn has really made very exciting progress towards its mission of transforming access to education in an affordable manner. It really warms my heart to see the futurelearn succeeding like this. Congratulations. Thank you a bunch.

  • Michele

    Thank you for all practise. I learn subjects with your website and this is very interesting. Thank you

  • Terry W

    Excellent news. FutureLearn is a great platform for learning, sharing ideas and reflection. The courses are stretching and enlightening with the capacity to give and receive feedback with people from different backgrounds, experience and perspective. Well done to all the professional and academic staff for the course content and to all those who use FL to develop and grow and help others on their journey of lifelong learning.


    i want to improve more and more

  • Carole Farrand

    Well done FutureLearn on achieving this significant milestone! I enjoy the variety and accessibility of the courses you make available. Your courses have benefited me professionally, but some courses I have pursued purely for the enjoyment of learning. Please keep up the good work and thank you very much.

  • pamelawatters

    Am not surprised at the number of users, Future learn is a fantastic source of learning, in many ways it has transformed my retirement years with so many helpful courses and the opportunity to commune with so many like minded people across the World.
    In addition to being educating it has been very inspirational , I think that this facility can give more to benefit the World at large by communicating for a common cause than many other organisations.
    Well done, Long may you thrive.

  • Sampath Kumar

    This is wonderful. CONGRATULATIONS FUTURE LEARN. I started learning on MOOC sometime in 2012. I am still at it and FUTURE LEARN has been my constant and regular companion in this pursuit. I am privileged to be a part of this awesome learning community. I hope to “To strive, to seek, to find…” and keep learning.

  • Abigail Osei-Bonsu

    Future Learn has been a great help to me especially since i haven’t started with my higher education but want to update my skills

  • Peter Kreet

    Your figures for the variety of courses and the resulting enrolments say it all, well done.
    Pete Kreet

  • Ademola Bukola

    Lily future learning is a great innovative empowered site. There is always something to learn from all works of life that can brighten your part and equip you with the needed knowledge.
    Thanks Beautiful Lily learning team

  • Iliana Georgieva

    I couldn’t be more grateful to FutureLearn for the countless opportunities and the fantastic courses they provide ! I am currently on a maternity leave but I strive to keep learning and improve my skills and qualifications. I remember back in 2014 I started with an English course and from then on I was obsessed by doing more and more . I extremely enjoyed the courses for Primary school teachers and especially the ones working with young children! I’m sure you’ll have a bright Future , FutureLearn ! xx

  • Gil Auth

    10,000,000 What to say?¿
    Thanks for your presence.Where with your convivial platform and possibly by inadvertence you enable some of us “seventy and plus” to stay healthy mind and body .
    Where learning /knowledge become loyal companions not to say unique.
    Thanks & Long Live FutureLearn
    Gil Auth.


    It has been a wonderful and educative moment taking a course with you FutureLearn. I am a Meteorologist and i have undertaken courses pertaining to my field and have found them very educative and interesting. I have applied some of the information from these courses to my work. I say congratulations FutureLearn and continue giving out such courses.

  • Butholezwe Bhebhe

    Congratulations Future Learn, for achieving the ten million student mark and most importantly a big thank you for helping me get the feel or experience the modern university education life.

    Congratulations once more and look forward to seeing you reach the twenty million mark..

  • ibrahim


  • Khushpinder vasudeva

    Congratulations FutureLearn, I’m so happy as I’m part of this 10 million learners group. I’ve shared lots of courses with my family and friends who found them very interesting and useful. Thank you for all your courses that taught me so much and fulfilling my dream of learning through such prestigious universities which I thought was never possible. Thanks again and best of luck for another 10 million learners.

  • Liudmila

    Thanks and regards to future learn courses for helping me in preparing for my IELTS exam this year. I’ve got lots of useful tasks and comments that really gave me confidence and brushed up my English skills. Thanks a lot to tutors for clear explanations, friendly attitude and real support. I’ve also tried the course on CV writing and the handy tasks given on the course helped me to write a high quality CV for my studying needs. I really appreciate the efforts done by future learn team and wish them further success and inspiration to create new diversified courses! Thank you and good luck!

  • Sidra

    Hi Future Learn, congratulations on your success.

  • DaeHwan Kim

    Hey FutureLearn. Congratulations on 10 million learners, you guys made amazing job.
    FutureLearn has transformed educational system and gave values to people all around world.
    I look forward to see 100 million learners someday.

  • Amit Kumar

    Thanks. For 10 million learners.

  • Elizabeth Bulman

    Thank-you FutureLearn. Your free online courses have let me access a variety subjects where I just think – “that is interesting” and your systems are so easy to use. Keep up the good work.

  • Maureen Calder

    To all of the angels at Future Learn,
    Having recently declined any future paid work, I have been so grateful for your wonderful online courses. The proverbial Pandora’s Box has been opened and I cant wait to sample all of the various delights. The interaction with fellow learners is brilliant. ‘Long May You Live’

  • Sara

    Congratulations on the success!
    It has been wonderful learning from your courses!

  • John Walton

    Brilliant! So much good stuff! Good luck with the next 10M.

  • J.R. Pearce

    Hi FutureLearn I just wanted to say congratulations on 10 million learners and a special thank you from me for helping me. I was in my late 60’s and moved to another city in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. I am an Artist and Interior Designer and retired and have always been interested in nutrition and taken courses involving Nutrition and Addiction looking for answers. 4 years ago I finished converting to 100% organic food and started to study. I was terrified being older and studying with younger and smarter people. It was amazing though. My mind seemed a lot clearer and I got a chance to exchange ideas with other learners and felt accepted and respected. It was amazing. I took a year from painting pictures and researched nutrition and took some courses as well as independent research. I learned a lot from both the FutureLearn courses and general research on the internet and books I came across and lost 75 lbs. in a year and am keeping the weight off for almost a year now. I have great energy and sleep well naturally. I often get mistaken for being 20 years younger and my mind is clear. So thank you for providing these wonderful courses for us to challenge our minds. Thanks so much

  • Denise

    I did a couple of Futurelearn courses out of personal interest and to keep my mind active. I signed up for unlimited access prior to major surgery, thinking it would occupy me while I recuperated. There were some setbacks and medications confused my thinking for months. It’s taken a while to get myself together. I’m looking forward to jumping back in any day. I just need to choose which course to start on, they are all so enticing! It is great work that you do, especially with so many free courses.

  • Graciela Gonzalez Sorrondegui

    To the Future Learn Team,
    It has been my utmost greatest pleasure to follow your courses, I have learned a lot since the moment when I started, I wish I could continue , thank you, thank you for being so professionally

  • Joackim Mulenga

    From the time i started learning with F/learner i have learnt a lot of things ranging from courses of investigations, health ,and money other courses.I have learnt a lot about investigations,how to handle victims of crime and suspects and many more.

  • Chistopher Yardley

    You seem to have forgotten the first of your December 2012 ambitions : To bring together a range of free, open, online courses from leading UK universities, that will be clear, simple to use and accessible.
    I have initially really enjoyed and benefited from this ideal but I now believe that a commercial imperative has become the prime consideration and that FutureLearn is suffering from the change..

  • Amira Aminu

    I was a medical student back when i first found future learn. I was interested in the internet of things and to my surprise they have just the course i needed! I was amazed at how fast i was able to catch on seeing as i had no computer science or networking background. But within a few days i was planning by very own device!
    Thank you future Learn for giving me a confidence to study outside my comfort zone!

  • Emmanuel Christopher

    Futurelearn has been an exciting place for me to be,it is very educative and expository, the depth of knowledge I gained from futurelearn can not be overemphasized.
    Thank you futurelearn for your immense contribution to my life.

  • Andrew Matthew

    During the early days of my IT career I completed an Honours degree and Post Graduate Diploma with the Open Univeristy. Those achievements aided my career, gave me new insights in to life long learning, and despite the pressures of studying whilst working full time I loved the experience. On retirement, I wanted to keep up with developments in my profession and learn more about the creative arts. I tried many courses with many MOOCs but quickly learnt that for a strategic overview of even complex subjects Futurelearn was the best. I have studied almost 40 courses and with only one of those did I lose interest and fail to complete the majority of steps. I have had some fascinating debates within the course fora and learnt a great deal from the courses and other students. My studies have included two of the three most popular courses mentioned above and they deserve their places. It is a particular strength and recent additions such as Haskell, Quantum Computing and SuperComputing have been excellent. As I do not need certificates such learning has been free and we should certainly be proud of such an amazing resource that builds on the brilliance of the OU. More applied arts please.

  • Emma Scopsi

    A colleague put me onto Future learn, but I was too busy. Then I took a break from work, and it’s been a fascinating and empowering experience, so much expertise in one place, it is a real privilege to be able to join and follow these courses. Thank you Futurelearn.

  • Bernadette

    Thank you FutureLearn for giving me access to taster University courses. Ordinarily I did not think I had enough functioning ‘grey cells’ to even begin to access these courses. Let alone the finances. However the wealth of information you, as the Umbrella of the member Universities, are providing is astounding. At times there are so many great courses I’m interested in, that I cannot tick them all ! A round of applause to you and your associates. Please carry on. Once again Thank you.

  • Margaret

    My daughter introduced me to online learning w Futurelearn…have tried to keep one course active for past three years for my own enjoyment, stimulation and learning. I really enjoy interacting w people from around the globe…my choices are limitless! Thank you!!!

  • Lesley Braysher

    I have been really grateful to future learn, it has enabled me to study things I am interested in and discover other things I didn’t know I was interested in. Many thanks for hours of pleasure.

  • Helen Gallie

    Future learn courses have helped towards my cpd in my work with young people and strengthend my knowledge in dementia which is an area I work in and have personal experience of. Also have l enjoyed the history courses which I have joined just for pleasure. I have already joined a course for 2020. Thank you Future Learn.

  • Tariq Mahmood

    About a year ago when I was anxiously looking for an online platform to quench my thirst for learning, I came across the Future Learn and since then it is my top favourite platform for online learning. I’ve completed several courses here and doing some fresh courses right now. Accessibility, integration, authentication and tendency to bring the latest information into the courses are some salient feature of FL.

  • Ena O'Hare

    A note in a bulletin from Age Action organisation for retired people led me to Futurelearn two years ago while recovering from surgery. I was thrilled to be able to go back to learning from my own home. I find the range of courses wide and interesting and so easy to follow and enjoy reading comments and adding my own. I hope to continue being a participant into my imminent
    eighties. Thank you to all involved in providing and delivering Futurelearn.

  • Helen Sotiriadou

    It has been a great experience to learn fundamental principles concerning scientific issues in such an interesting and succinct way. Congratulations to all contributors of the courses offered! Thank you for the opportunity you gave me to get to know people from other countries as well as test my knowledge in topics that interest me! It is amazing how much I have learnt through your courses!

  • Peter Bradshaw

    I have been retired since 2006 so my reasons for undertaking Futurelearn courses are never going to be to further or even arrange a career. However they will inspire a younger generation to follow or change direction in their education and aspirations. The courses I have done were chosen so that I could expand lifelong interests in astronomy, history and the world around me. Recent interest in a mindfulness course reflects a need for some assistance in dealing with the much changed circumstances of getting older. Contact and discussion much improve the whole experience and I have learned a lot many thanks to all those responsible for providing the courses and mentoring.

  • Helen

    I’m relatively new to futurelearn and had no idea how humungous it is. Congratulations! You are indeed providing a superb service to so many, and changing lives for the better. May you continue to expand and develop.

    I love the coffee/tea bag use estimate. If you included the students in this figure…?

  • mohammed alanazi

    I think the website increasing the visitors and students after IELTS course because it’s a fantastic course

  • Marianne Rose

    Four years ago, I had three surgeries together that went bad. I went into cardiac arrest twice and was on a ventilator. It left me physically disabled and affected my short-term memory. Not wanting to lose anymore of my brain function I began looking at free online courses. The first two groups I went to were boring and difficult to access. A friend in the UK turned me on to FutureLearn. With so many topics available, I have no problem finding courses of interest and am taking courses on topics I had been interested in as a school child. Though I still have trouble with names and faces, I would say I have improved my cognitive function by 75-80% since the surgeries. I credit this to keeping my mind active and learning so many new things on FutureLearn. Thank you so much! You have wonderful instructors and mentors who are very helpful answering my and others’ questions. I also appreciate being able to communicate with people from other countries. I have already signed up for courses into February 2020. Again, thank you!

  • Manuel Mena

    I really like taking courses with you guys because everything is convenient and easy to do as well as a variety of different courses and for this and a million of reasons more thank you so much for all the knowledge gained with you. I just want to say on behalf of many students and myself thank you for everything that we have learned so far.
    Best wishes.

  • Valerie Shields

    I have followed several courses now. Each quite different from the other. They have provided very valuable, interesting and stress free learning in a way that is flexible and easy to fit in to everyday life. I would not have the confidence to study formally, but the courses have enriched my retirement and filled woeful gaps in my knowledge. Brilliant.

  • Elizabeta

    I just cannot find enough appropriate words to express how much I admire Future Learn and alll the opportunities provided to its learners. Perfect.

  • Frances Madsen

    I love to learn and as I am a perpetual student at age 87 I hope to continue to do so. I was so thrilled when a friend of mine mentioned he was taking courses through Futurelearn; Well as you can guess – I became one of your 10 million learners. I enjoy the diversity of the courses available and as Betty mentioned to be able to study in your own home and time what else could you ask for. I enjoy the comments from other learners. I am an addict when it comes to the History and cultural courses – please keep them coming!! Thanks so much to the Universities and staff for providing such an opportunity.

  • Mustapha Anka

    The futurelearn with its incredible platform integrates and cuts through diverse traditions and cultures. By bringing these reputable institutions of learning together who are known for their impeccable pedagogy and effective Alumni, you created opportunities to both privileged and underprivileged to access numerous courses and materials which before now are inaccessible to them at their respective localities.
    It is really a great honor being part of this 3million achievement.
    Thank you.

  • Stephen ochieng

    Let me start by congratulating the future learn team and associates University for making this possible. It was such an amazing experience being able to study at home and at your own pace.
    Actually have learnt a lot through the courses and I look forward to more new courses

  • Abdul barri

    Its the first time I have share with Future Learn. I hope I will be able to change my level and be able to study more.

  • Terry Turner

    I have been an avid user of Futurelearn since it first started. I have enhanced my learning and knowledge with courses on the environment, international and national politics. literature, geography, history, psychology, religion and mindfulness. All have been a joy for me. A big plus form me has been the opportunity to interact with fellow learners across the world as we have expressed our beliefs and thoughts on the courses’ comments pages. All in all it has been a wonderful experience and I thank everybody I have been in touch with via this first class way of learning.

  • Amy

    I have learned a lot with you, dear friends, and hope to keep on learning. Thank you, XXXO Amy

  • Maureen

    I think it is so wonderful that these courses are available for us to do for free. I am retired and it is motivating and stimulating keeping my brain active. Thank you ever so much Future Learn team.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I have been able to follow courses on such
    different topics that wouldn’t be available
    elsewhere. Thank you for making that possible.

  • Richard Northcote

    FutureLearn started just as I retired in 2012. Since then I have completed over 30 courses covering everything from Songwriting to Shakespeare and Mindfulness to Food as Medicine. There are so many advantages to learning this way: working at one’s own pace, professional educators, liaison with others and a huge range of subjects … oh, and cost free if desired.
    I have improved my knowledge of music in many forms – opera, jazz and even written some pieces of my own. I have improved my health and halted my potential to be diabetic. I have learned to be a calmer person and hopefully helped the mental health of others. So many advantages to these courses. Please keep adding more.


    I have been doing courses on Future Learn for almost three years. These courses have brushed up my teaching skills. As a teacher I learned about the AFL and differentiation in learning. when I became the school Head, these courses helped me to train my teachers for effective teaching. I have learned a lot from the Future Learn. Hats off to Future Learn team!

  • Robert Martinez

    I simply love FutureLearn because of what it means – free access to education to anyone who is curious and wants to learn more. It is accessible and the courses are great and doable. I’ve completed quite 20 so far and currently doing 4 more. I wish I had more time to do more! It’s great to be able to learn with and from others both mentors and participants. Thank you FutureLearn!

  • Bridget Walsh

    Thank you Futurelearn. I too am retired and enjoy learning interesting new things such as all about copyright, lots about The Book of Kells and enjoy working through Italian for beginners.

  • Lorraine Holmes

    Discovered Futurelearn by chance a few months ago. Enjoyed immensely the First course I chose & the discussions, so decided to continue. Have completed another 3 since then, all based on Dementia. Every course is well structured and the Futurelearn & university staff make learning interesting. A big thank you to all involved.Hsve recommended Futurelearn to my friends too. A great way to keep the brain active & to learn something new.

  • Anastasiia Nesterenko

    I cannot believe it was only 2012! Was it so long ago? Or was it only recently? I cannot tell, though I can be assured that it was fun. I value future learn for its variety of Biology and Humanities courses and the opportunity to connect with people over the globe and join heated discussions. I am deaf, so having the opportunity to discuss and share opinions was invaluable for me. I wish there would be some new functions, though. It would great to be able to form teams on courses and do projects. And also to have something like a penpal exchange, too. Isn’t it the best place to find your true mates in terms of interests and inspirations, with whom one would hold lively debates? I cannot say I have achieved something astounding with futurelearn. It did help me with my loneliness and allowed me to learn and move forward despite being deaf.

  • Diane Ayres

    I first discovered FL I 2014. I was about to visit war graves and memorials in France and Belgium when I saw a course “Trauma and Memory,” a WW1 course. I did worry that I would be too old ( 68) to learn, old dog new tricks…… But after completion I was completely hooked. History is my passion, but I have completed health and wellbeing courses. I have completely enjoyed and learnt so much in the last six years. I am retired so have the time to study at my own pace. I believe as we age it is important not only to be physically active, but mentally active also. The older I get the more I want to learn. I enjoy communicating with other learners, I find their comments helpful , and sometimes amusing. I believe I have completed around twenty eight courses. Many thanks to all concerned, Future learn is a wonderful institution, it’s stopped my brain turning to mush, and I think my family are quite impressed with my achievements.

    • angela kings

      I’m pretty sure we’ve ‘met’ on a course at some point Diane..! I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said here. Future Learn is brilliant isn’t it ?!

  • EJ Simpson

    I wanted to see what was new and what was still accepted in Tudor History and was really happy with the course. It was a great opportunity to just see what was going on in the area. Some time will check in for other courses. Was an interesting experience. Thanks!

  • Lorraine Holmes

    I discovered Futurelearn by chance a few months ago. Really enjoyed the 1st course so decided to continue. Have done as many of the courses on Dementia i can find c& enjoyed learning more about the disease. Love the discussions & comments we all make, have also recommended Future learn to my friend’s. Its s great way to keep your mind active while learning new things. a big thank you to all the staff on Future learn & to the universities involved.

  • Oksana Patsula

    I am amazed by FutureLearn !!!
    It’s the best education in my life.I have already taken four courses and this knowledge is very useful for every at the present time.
    I am looking forward to doing more courses.
    Thank you everyone who helps me to be a part of this global university.

  • Jorge Avendaño-Inestrillas

    My command of English language is to short to express the wonderful experiences I have had following your courses on The Book of Kells. Life and death in the Roman frontier and Frontier communities. Please take in consideration that I’m 91 years old, probabley the oldest of your ten millions learners around the world. Congratulations for all of you who has made possible this fantastic achievement. Jorge Avendaño-Inestrillas. Mexico City.

    • angela kings

      Congratulations to you too Jorge. I’m 70 and I hope I’m still around and still taking FL courses when I’m 91. I can’t speak any language properly other than my own…let alone as well as you speak English. When I did my degree with Open University (I graduated at 63) the eldest person I learned with was 93years and the youngest 19years. How wonderful was that? Future Learn does the same.

  • Eve Morris

    I agree with Betty. Being able to study in my own home and at my own pace has been so helpful. I need a minimum of 30 hours CPD each year for my work and Future Learn has helped me achieve this. I am very grateful to all concerned.

  • Manil Katugampola

    Iam a retired paediatrician. But I love learning. So after I retired I joined Birkbeck university and did a degree in English. . But before that I did a foundation course in English through open university . Now I have 3 grandchildren so can not afford the time and the money to joins university. But since coming across Future Learn I have done several courses. Ranging from cyber security. Mindfulness and others. At present Iam doing how children lean English Language. I loved every minute of every course . And also learnt a lot from peers . Future learn should be blest for opening doors to so many. Thank you all so much for your generous work.

  • Vigy

    Thank you somuch , you the tram is really doing well.Yes l too have benefited a lot from this.Keep going.

  • Hilary Campbell

    I’m not sure I am a “good” learner for your statistics, as I do enrol on courses and not complete them. But my caring responsibilities mean I cannot commit to regular classes, don’t have much disposable income and sometimes cannot even keep up with the online course. However, just getting regular emails to remind me that the course is there, knowing that it will come back again for free in a few months, and getting the lovely ticks when I do manage to complete something, are all very good for my morale, for the feeling that I do still have a life beyond caring.
    Congratulations Futurelearn, on a user-friendly interface, a wide choice of excellent courses, and on reaching such a milestone figure.

  • Margarita Alvarez

    Congratulations!!!!I have already done three courses through Futurelearn.It was my best dicision..I will continue to doing courses.I like to have the posibility of share knowledge,thoughts and ideas with learners all around the world.Thank you very much!all the best for your team

  • Alison Wren

    A friend told me about Future Learn as I was coming to terms with the loss of a loved one. Taking that first course (the wonderful Hadrian’s Wall course by Newcastle Uni) really made a difference to me. Five years on I am still hooked. Thank you for all the great courses I have taken and for all those I hope to take.

  • David Turner

    Some courses have been very interesting and informative, others have been rather disappointing. It must be difficult to guage the level at which to set the course, and it may be that I already knew too much to benefit from a course. Generally, I feel I have used some of my retirement leisure time enjoyably, and it has been good to be able to share with other learners. One or two quibbles – learners who do not give their country of habitation can be irritating – and there has recently been a tendance to ask for learners opinions without giving enough information for these to have any value.

  • Anne Gilroy

    I have enjoyed my Future Learn Courses. Some challenge the mind, while others were easy. I always comment and enjoy the replies I get from others on the course.
    Thank you for all your courses and looking forward to the next one.

  • Animesh

    Really good to hear about having 9.999 million fellow students just like myself. I first saw Futurelearn while I was preparing for my IELTS examination and since then, have been actively involved with Futurlearn.
    I wanted to interact with people from all over the world and it was made easier by this website. I could talk to people from Italy or GB or the USA or even India and fo this I would like to thank you, guys.
    Moreover, Congratulations to the Futurelearn team and also all of us for increasing to such a huge family. Hoping to learn much more as well!

  • Mary Mayer

    Congratulations to all who have made Future Learn a success! Ten million learners is an awesome achievement however, the future is exciting as more people become aware of this wonderful learning environment.
    Personally, future learn has given me the opportunity to learn something out with my area of academic knowledge. It has given me a boost in self worth as I approach the end of my working career. Engagement with young and old from a variety of cultures, traditions and capabilities enhances the learning experience . I find the learning experience fascinating, enjoyable and addictive. Thank you!

  • Maggie McCallum

    Working through FL courses had a great impact on me. I re-discovered my strong inclination to learn in semi-retirement following many years of immersive professional work. The interaction on the MOOCs gave me some confidence in my ability to go back to Higher Ed after many many years! I undertook an MSc by distance learning with the wonderful SRUC (https://www.sruc.ac.uk/courses/51/countryside_management_msc) which I completed last year. In particular, I can’t praise enough two courses (one in 2014, one current) run through University of Exeter on Climate Change, inspiring and important. The variety available on FL is amazing! Thank you

  • Amir Hamza

    i have joined a short course with future learn a few months before . it was very fruitful . but i couldn’t completed . because of my exame. now i would like to join another prestigious short course under this programe . i hope that the organizaer once again will provide me this opertunity . i would be very thankfull to you for this kindness. thanks in advance .

  • Tony McCafferty

    I realise that an arrangement and opportunity such as this has to be financed somehow. But as an pensioner who has no need of certificates and no career to further I was very grateful for the absolutely free offers without time limit made in the early years of Future Learn and felt that it was beneficial to my mental wellbeing. I’ll just satisfy myself by saying I miss those days and the opportunities they offered , but nevertheless I thank you for those early pleasant and interesting days.

    • Steve Taylor

      I’ll second your sentiments Tony. It’s not quite the same now they’ve started to monetize the product……

      • Maggie McC

        Yes, I agree, that was a good time to get into on-line learning. For so many, life is highly goal-oriented and the original format may well have supported those whose paths are different, more meandering. On the other hand, it would be interesting to know if the current payment regime has impacted on completion rates. I started and have not finished several, and where the subject is important to me, I’ve paid to have ongoing access.

  • Betty Cheesman

    I was newly retired when I discovered Futurelearn a year or so ago. It was just the challenge I needed, being able to study in my own home and time and at my own pace. Being able to take part in the discussions felt like we were all in a class together. I have learnt so much through the courses I have taken and look forward to doing more courses. A heartfelt thank you to all the Futurelearn staff and associated Universities.

    • Janet Fajkis

      Same here Betty. I left school in 1972 at the age of 16 with no qualifications. I love my Futurelearn courses and I’m definitely making up for lost ‘learning’ time.

  • William Jobson

    THE CHALLENGE OF GLOBAL WATER SECURITY CARDIFF UNIVERSITY. This recent course has an international group talking and commenting throughout. It is really surprising hearing of the situation across continents. The course as always is a good source of information and the discussion as interesting as the course. Thank you to every one involved.

  • hashim nigy

    Future Learn make me different..that is all my short story .. million Love

  • Leticia Serratos

    Hi, futurelearn team. This comment is for saying thanks, thanks., thanks. It has been an increíble journey where yu have given me the opportunity to believe on myself, now, I more confidente about my knowledge, and I am not shy on write in English. Congratulations!!

  • Marianne lawrence

    At a time in my when there were so many issues and topics that I was ignorant about and wanted an independent view on, Future Learn came into my life, as a result I am so much more confident in reading and learning about issues that I was either to embarrassed to ask people about, or honestly thought, that they would be too intellectual and heavy going!.
    This has been far from the case and I now approach new topics with relish and without fear. Thanks future learn team, you certainly broadened, yet challenged, my horizons.

  • Patrick Daka

    I had enrolled with future learn and had completed some courses though I didn’t pay for my certificates , however the courses that I paid for to get my certificate, I have used them on my employment CV but it seems they are not being recognised, how true is this let me hear from some other students. I would love to pick up some courses but iam in doubt .

  • Félix

    I love your platform. It is really useful and understandable for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and being part of my learning improvement. I hope you continues giving the same focus and organization to your courses.

  • Jane Hanscomb

    I’ve only studied 4 courses so far – I just wish there were more hours in the day!

  • Martha E

    Thank you Future Learn, you have opened new spaces for education. I love your art and history courses. The professors are great, the lessons are well planned and the supporting material is excellent.