Teaching goals for 2017

In this post find great courses to help you achieve your teaching goals this year.

In this post find great courses to help you achieve your teaching goals this year.

Whether you’re looking to develop your teaching skills or help your students learn exciting new topics in 2017, we’ve got courses to help. Best of all every course is broken down into manageable chunks so you can fit your learning around your timetable.

My goal is to get students coding

Coding has been dubbed the ‘most important job skill of the future’ but there’s still a worrying lack of young people learning how to code. Make 2017 the year you help change that, with a course that offers practical advice.

Try Teaching Programming in Primary Schools

My goal is to use blended learning

Thanks to new technology there’s now an overwhelming amount of ways to teach. Blended learning has been hailed as a solution, but what does it actually mean and how can you implement it?

Find out with Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started

My goal is to get started with Raspberry Pi

Help your students discover computers and coding through building something in the ‘real world’ with the team from Raspberry Pi.

Get building with Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python

My goal is to help open education to all

Number 4 on the the UN’s list of global universal sustainable development goals (SDGs) is ““Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning”. Despite this, in 2013, 59 million primary-school age children were out of school. Now is the time to learn what barriers to education children face, and how to break them down.

Discover more with The Right to Education

My goal is to use data to help students

Data has got plenty of attention over the last few years, but can it be put to good use in the classroom? Experts from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) say yes.

Find out how with Using Data to Improve Student Outcomes

My goal is to improve STEM assessments

Assessments for Learning (AfL) are widely used in education, but they’re not always applied effectively, especially in STEM. Make 2017 the year you learn the ins and outs of using AfL in STEM teaching – from the theory to using them in the lab.

Improve your STEM teaching with Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching

What’s your teaching goal?

What do you want to achieve with your teaching this year? Let us know in the comments. And remember, we’ve probably got a course to help.

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  • francisco keh

    ideal and great hub for new teachers

  • Caval

    My goal is to learn how to make use of technology in the classroom in an interesting, effective and confident way.

  • Thomas Dieudonne Ngoue

    I’m a new trainee in ELT but I’m becoming familiar with professional development. I started Online Professional development with Cambridge English Teacher since 2014 and membership finishes this year. Courses on Future Learn like ‘ exploring the world of Teaching English ‘ and ‘ Understanding Language ‘ have given me insights to sit for an MA TESOL combined with CELTA as King’s College organises. I tackled the IELTS exam last November but I overall bandscore was just 6. I would like to resit it to augment my band for 7. My purpose behind all this work is to ask for a scholarship to attend university to work with tutors and experienced trainers.

  • Szilvia

    Hi I would like to have a very supportive team instead of turn away from others.Have bad experience with people today about it .

  • Natalie

    My 2017 teaching goal is to use the most interesting and effective Internet resources to help students master English.

  • Hayley

    I would like to teach English language abroad

  • Thida Htay

    I would like to be able to speak native speakers fluently.


    My goals to promote quality Education for All, inclusive Education and building Teachers’ Capacity to enhance Students Learning where Learning involves real life application.

  • Reham

    My goals to be qualified teacher and to enhance all the new student centred srategies

  • salah

    Three years ago my goal to study Master This requires an increase in the level of the English language, as well as financial support thanks

  • Pyae Shan Tun Wai

    I’m really want to study language especially Spanish, English & Italian. I do believe courses from the open university are effective for me.
    I want to do my studying ever.

  • Arnolda

    With the coming of the new term,it’s my objective to guide my students to think critically.
    I’d also like to get blending learning accessible to them.Anyway,I myself still have a long way to go on my way of getting skills of effectively motivating junior high school students in non-English-speaking area.

  • Arnolda

    I’d also like to get blending learning accessible to them.Anyway,I myself still have a long way to go on my way of getting skills of effectively motivating junior high school students in non-English-speaking area.

  • Arnolda

    With the coming of the new term,it’s my objective to guide my students to think critically. I’d also like

  • Rani Pattnaik

    We are dwelling in the most difficult era – the era of technology!! I say difficult because almost everyone is glued to their little devices, hardly spending quality time with their loved ones. It is therefore very hard to inculcate the habit of reading in students. They are too distracted and hardly have any interest in reading, be it a physical book or online! I would love to motivate and impart knowledge being an educator. I am also in charge of the teaching and learning resources of my school programme. Hope I will be able to achieve the challenge of developing reading habits not only in students but the school as a whole!

  • Sophia

    I would like to develop expertise in teaching mixed level classes. To date, from curriculum I have experienced, the focus has always been on weaker students; however, it is the brightest students who are held back, become bored and often disengage. I would like to be able to manage the teaching environment so that all students benefit . Of course with this focus would be phenomenally helpful .

  • Samuel Mante

    My teaching goal for 2017 is that; my students will be motivated intrinsically to stand tall among their peers with the help of external motivators and also to be able to think critically to solve issues. with this i hope to see them affecting lives positively.

  • Parzhin

    My teaching goal is to help un educated family to help thier kids focus on learning and feel fun in the classroom, also Iwant to find easy way to learn 42 student in one room .

  • msrt

    My teaching goal of 2017 is that ; My students will able to achieve their short term and long term goals of their own. They become able to explore their own abilities and try to use them in daily life. Students will explore their attitude towards learning, their active involvement and also able to reflect their learning. Hopefully they will become self motivated children for learning.

  • Sylvia

    I am a retired certified Literacy Tutor, now trying to teach literacy online for young adults and would like to take courses in a curriculum that is more suited to their age.

  • Helena Heiskanen

    I’m going to stay in my small village here in Italy where I’ve been living already 30 years.
    I’m pleased with the course which I’m just doing ( Exploring the world of English language teaching) and I’m going to begin another when I finish this one.I’m working also in tourism so I keep on going more slowly because I teach English only in quiet wintertime and when the
    secondary schools and high schools are open.Normally I give extra lessons in English after school.So everything is going fine like this and I’m curious to know new teaching methods little by little.

  • Dr Ashok vyas

    My goal is to make my lovely tribal children speak in English.
    As I’m a freelance educator and established an institute named ENGLISH CLINIC under the NETIZEN PEDAGOGY working with tribal children where Gandhiji started Bardoli Satyagrah. I developed the easiest methods and techniques as well as activities to remove fear of english and creat confidence among learners to make themselves comfortable in speaking English

  • Tshering Dema

    My only goal is to improve English as second language to teach secondary students. ….

  • danielle

    my goal is to teach English as a Second Language, and then eventually other courses, primarily in Haiti and some Latin American countries, and Sub-Saharan Africa. Unfortunately, at least for the first two, the pay isn’t that good, so i’ll be going to East Asia and possibly Arab speaking countries first to gain experience and save money, and then i will likely take volunteer trips to Haiti etc on my own dime to teach during breaks.

  • Iman Jandali

    As a Syrian teacher of English who have been suffering since the beginning of the war in my lovely country for reasons no one knows . But the results are really disastrous for me , other teachers and the whole students. We were forced to leave our country, job, schools and everything with no hope to return in the near future. For me I worked as a volunteer in Jusoor organization in 2014 to accomplish my duty to my lovely brothers and sisters who have the right to learn as we have learned. I did my best at that time to give them a hand and light the roads Infront of them.Through this experience I have learned that impossible is nothing when all students with their different ages and levels, with those who have learning difficulties or special needs ,with those who are suffering a lot reach to the aim of the lesson. They put everything thing on their back to learn something which enable them continue their life . As a human being who still have a little bit emotion in her heart , I will do my best to let education reach to everyone in his place by using new technology. If you have the desire to work with me to light the roads for those children, let us communicate with each other .

    • Abdussalam

      I will be glad to help from Libya

  • Reham

    I want to obtain Master degree in Inclusive Education.

  • Ashly

    How to inculcate reading habit in children of different age groups?. How to motivate children to use their School Library effectively?.Developing life long learning skills.

  • Ambreen islam

    My teaching goal is to make teaching extremely engaging and fun, it should be a two way process where teachers are students too in their classes n ‘ve a very friendly n down to earth approach with their students, young old adults. To learn that there are no typical answers and to develop out of the box thinking. I even want to Learn out to box strategy and how to come up with innovative smashing answers. Hopefully u can help me with all this
    ciao happy teaching!
    Regards ambreen

  • Rachael Thomas Mwangi

    My teaching goal is to improve the quality of my STEM questioning skills to encourage higher level thinking skills in my students.

  • Gina

    Help open education to goal, is the number one
    In courage children to study,so they will know how they feed them selves ..