Quiz: What’s your perfect online course?

It’s that time of year when many of us are thinking about developing a new skill or discovering a new passion. If you’re not sure whether to try your hand at astronomy, archaeology or something else entirely, take our just-for-fun quiz and find your perfect online course…

Ready to take your perfect course? Looking for another suggestion? Take a peek at our ‘Be Whoever You Want‘ collection – a hand-picked selection of free online courses, to help you develop a new skill in 2016.

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  • Anum

    I am already late but about the hrs do I have to be there or I can study according to my routine as I am a mum .thanks

  • D.S.

    O.K.,lets go ahead.I am very exided to bigning the corse

  • Gemma

    “…plus my hankering for Woodstock” – except I answered moon landing for that one!! Glad this is just for fun and I don’t have to sign up!

  • Blessings


  • Nang Shwe Wut Hmone

    I’m interested in the social developing course. And the course how to organise a person.

  • Désiré

    I’m interest in law and humanitarian courses. I still ready to learn more from these courses
    Désiré from DRCongo/ Kisnhasa

  • Ahmed

    Hello, my best course was ” Earth observation from space ” and I ready to take an advanced course in it .


  • john lapworth

    As below , you got me completely wrong . the last thing i am interested in is fashion, ask the other half.
    I’m still signed up for 4 courses though so you must be doing something right.
    Carry on your excellent work.

    • Geoffrey S Dearn

      You’re not the only one to be typecast into the fashion business. I wonder if you chose the peacock as a pet like I did.

  • Raymond

    Sorry, got me totally wrong

  • linthitkha

    Excellent Quiz

  • Geoffrey S Dearn

    Like many psychological tests this one has its drawbacks and is way off the mark. The only redeeming factor is that as I have no interest or understanding of contemporary fashion a course on building a sustainable fashion business would extend my present lack of knowledge.

  • marie matejkova

    Sorry, I havent foud anything for me – some of your offers are too demanding. I hope, nesxt – later I join.

  • P.Murugadasan

    It sounds great. the choice is really matching my interest. good