Quiz: How much do you really know about the Magna Carta?

It’s 800 years since King John of England signed a peace treaty that went on to become a famous and important symbol of liberty and human rights around the world. It’s also the topic you will explore to help develop your English language skills on the British Council’s free online course Exploring English: Magna Carta. But how much do you really know about it? Try this just-for-fun quiz to find out!

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    It seems to me that laws in the magna carta were designed only in the interest of the rich and powerful, any good for the common man is accidental

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    Here is my content about Magna carta
    Hundreds of years before America colonist revolted against the crown rebel nobles in England drafted the Magna Carta to curtail the power of their own tyrannical monarch, King john while the Magna Carta signed in 1215,primarily secured liberties fir England s elite classes ,its lauguage protecting due process and barring absolute monarch has guided the fundamental principles of common law in constitutions around the world for the last 800 years .The magna carta brought an end to the absolute power of England sovereigns as thay ,too,were required to be held accountable by the law .
    King John had a tumultuous relationship with pope innocent 111 ,a controversial figure in the early 13th century who claimed supreme authorithy over Europera sovereigns.
    After opposing Stephen Langton’s appointment as archbishop of canterbury in 1207,King john became the first English monarch to be excommunicated .so he struck back by taxing the church and seizing portions of its lands ,there was even more un popular among the England barons whom he taxed heavily to pay for his military defeat,in 1214 ,king john launched an unsuccessful invasion of france and taxed the English nobilty again to pay for his war ,sparking a revolt of the barons in 1215.
    To resolve the civil unrest and end the King’s abuse of power langton and a group of rebel barons drafted the Atticles if the Barons ,which become the MAGNA CARTA.
    In fear that the rebellion would ascalate to full scale civil war and ensanger at his throne,king John affixed his seal on the documenr at Runnymede on June 15,1215making Europ’s first written comstitution .After only a few week showever pope Innocent 111,whobythen had reconciled with king John ,voided the magna carta at the king’s unging .
    this reignited the violence between the monarch and the barons but after king John’s sudden dath in 1216 the magna carta was reinstated under a 9-year -old king Henry 111.it wqs revised
    in 1216,1217, and 1225 ironically ,the magna carta would inspire Amarican colonists a few hundred year latter to declare independences from the British themselves .
    Around one -third of the provisions in the united state ‘bill of rights draw from the magna carta ,paeticurally from its 39th clause. “No freeman shall be taken ,imprisoned ,disseised, outlawed ,banished or in any away destroyed nor will we proceed against or prosecuted him except by the lawful judgement of his peers and by law of the land

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    This quiz shows us curious facts of the Magna Carta

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