Putting off your UCAS personal statement? FutureLearn can help you beat that writer’s block

If you want to start an undergraduate degree in the UK next September, you need to apply via UCAS before 15 January 2016. One of the most daunting parts of the application is writing your UCAS personal statement. Here, Neil Harvey, our Head of Marketing, explains how FutureLearn can help.

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Are you struggling to start your UCAS personal statement?

With UCAS applications due in a few months, we know that the pressure is now on to write a killer personal statement, which will get you a spot at the university of your choice.

But where do you even begin?

When 3,500 applicants holding AAA predictions are rejected nationally every year, it’s clear that you need to put in the hours to make your personal statement stand out.

With so much riding on it, chances are, you’re putting off writing it right now.

FutureLearn can help you beat writer’s block

If you’re suffering from writer’s block, then perhaps it’s time to take a step back and focus on something that will give you a wealth of material to include in your UCAS personal statement – a FutureLearn course.

We have a huge variety of short, free online courses starting soon in our “Going to university” collection, which could you help you explore subjects as diverse as filmmaking and fashion, medicine and mathematics, or coding and crime.

Each course takes around three hours a week – about a quarter of the time the average person spends on Facebook – and is accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile, making it easy to fit into your life.

Demonstrate real knowledge in your personal statement

Taking a course will help you make a decision about which degree or university is right for you, and enable you to demonstrate real knowledge, passion and independent learning on your UCAS personal statement, without resorting to the usual clichés.

Win £1,000 if you join a course this month

What’s more, we’re teaming up with The Student Room to offer a £1,000 (GBP) cash prize to one lucky Year 12 or 13 student in the UK who joins a FutureLearn course before 1 December 2015. We hope that’s enough of an incentive to sit down and focus on that UCAS application.

Don’t put it off any longer – take a look at our “Going to university” collection and join a course before 1 December 2015, for your chance to win £1,000. Terms & Conditions apply.

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