Introducing degrees: you can now take a postgraduate degree on FutureLearn

In this post find out about taking a degree on FutureLearn - and discover the taster courses you can try before enrolling.

In this post find out about taking a degree on FutureLearn – and discover the taster courses you can try before enrolling.

degrees on FutureLearn

We’re excited to announce that now you can take a postgraduate degree on FutureLearn! 

The first five degrees you can take are from Deakin University:

Here’s how it works

1. Find a degree

Choose from a range of subjects and levels – from graduate certificates to full masters degrees.

2. Learn flexibly online 

Each degree is modular – complete one or two programs at a time and choose your commitment each term.

3. Pass the assessments

Complete online assignments or take in-person exams to get feedback and demonstrate your understanding.

4. Earn a degree

Complete all programs and pass all assessments, to gain an internationally recognised qualification.

You can find out a little bit more by watching this introductory film to one of the courses:

Get a taste of degrees now

If you’re not sure whether to start on a degree, or want to explore the topic a little more first, you can join a free taster course for the degree.

Try out the Development and Humanitarian Action degree

Join Disaster Management: Introduction to Humanitarian Aid

Try out the Cyber Security degree

Join Cyber Security for Small and Medium Enterprises: Identifying Threats and Preventing Attacks
Join Competitive Advantage: Using Information to Gain a Competitive Edge

Try out the Diabetes Education degree

Join Demystifying Diabetes

Try out the Professional Practice: Information Technology degree

Join Becoming Career Smart: How to Sell Yourself

Want to find out more about taking postgraduate degrees on FutureLearn? Check out our degrees page.

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  • mike


  • Savvas Savva

    Hi, I really am interested in working towards a degree but I would really appreciate some advice. Are you able to help me, please!!!!

  • Diana Chen

    This is really exciting indeed! I am wondering if there will be more postgraduate degree courses and universities available in the near future. Personally, I would be interested to take a postgraduate course in Education. Hope for the best! Thank you!

  • Ian Davis

    Can you add subtitles and a transcript to Professor Oliver’s short video to reach a wider audience?

  • Dr Ramavarapu Venkata Sathya Sai

    I am interested in Occupational Health. I am currently enrolled for the course on Occupational Health in developing countries to be conducted shortly by University of Bergen – Norway. I am looking forward with enthusiasm to successfully pursue this course and also to acquire certificate of course completion. I was looking for this type of course for quite some time to be conducted in distance learning mode along with affordable fee. I work as a Family Doctor and I am optimistic that this course being conducted by a reputed University will certainly enhance my professional standing as well as lead to possible new employment opportunities.
    I would like to congratulate and express my thanks to the participating educational institutions for bringing out this course.
    Regards & Best Wishes !

  • Olumide Olatigbe

    Do you plan to introduce science courses in future at degree level?
    Such as biology chemistry, physics and mathematics.
    Would theyl be recognised by the academic/employer communities?

  • Masuma

    I am worried about taking diploma
    How can we get high-qualification?If we take this ubiquiotus diploma,our society will permit to work with this?

  • Austin Ngomi

    Dear Tara,

    Is there any financial support to those who qualify for this important programme but do not have an income at the moment?

  • k.nadhiya

    Sir I’m staff nurse.I want post graduate certificate in any specialization.can I get free certificate from future lean

  • Dr Muhammad Younis

    Post graduate program LIKE international certification of NEBOSH , MSc/diploma Family medicine , MSc/diploma Psychology , MSc/diploma Aviation Medicine

  • Tony Taylor

    I am at a loss as to why you are ashamed of your origins. Fancy spelling ‘programme’ incorrectly — yet quoting costs in pounds sterling! International English indeed — it’s American. Would an American institution use English spelling to attract British and Commonwealth citizens? Of course not. They would assume that we could cope with the minor differences.

    I’m so annoyed with your fawning attitude that, despite having undertaken a number of your courses, I now avoid Futurelearn, and am just about to unsubscribe. Bye-bye.

    • Jennifer

      Wow, such pomposity and outrage over digital age annoyances. What you’re describing are the keyboard frustrations we all work with when dealing with the wider world. Hardly fawning and I think an attitude adjustment towards the nice side wouldn’t go astray. Future Learning does a great job.

  • Cameron

    Stating that the Australian Graduate Certificates and Graduate Diplomas are ‘degrees’ is not correct. Refer to the Australian Qualifications Framework website:

  • Angelina

    I’m intrigued, but would like to know what the cost would be.

    • Tara - FutureLearn

      Hi Angelina,

      The costs vary depending on which degree you’d like to study. However, on each degree page it shows you the cost per program for that degree. To give you an idea, programs range from AU$2,475 to AU$3,285

      Hope that helps!