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Creating a good environment for completing online learning

In this post find tips and tricks for creating a productive working environment, so you can stick with your online learning.

Category: Learning

How to keep up your learning over the holidays

In this post find out how to fit your learning in around holiday celebrations with some tips and tricks for learning in December and January.

Category: Learning

Famous fictional examples of classical management styles

What makes a manager? In this post we look at a few fictional examples of classical management styles.

Category: Business

Top tips for learning at work

Learning at work is important for all sorts of reasons. In this post we look at a few, and share our tips for getting learning done in the workplace.

Category: Learning

The biggest healthcare questions of the 21st century

In this post we consider some of the biggest questions faced by healthcare today, including epidemics, obesity and health technology.

Category: Healthcare

How to take great notes

In this post get some top tips for taking notes whether you’re learning online or offline.

Category: Learning

‘I’ll do it tomorrow’: How to start and keep going on an online course

Struggling to start and finish an online course? In this post we share some of our tips and tricks for completing online learning.

New on FutureLearn: topics, pick up where you left off, Study UK and more

At FutureLearn, we’re always working on improving your learning experience. In this blog post we’ll run through some of our latest work.

The best quotes about leadership

There are plenty of quotes about leadership, we’ve gathered some of the best from a range of interesting people.

Category: Learning