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8 of the best Spanish Idioms

Octopi, garages and grandmothers with wheels – prepare for our Spanish program with some of the best Spanish idioms we’ve come across.

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5 tips to help you avoid awkward networking

Ahead of the course Business Fundamentals: Effective Networking, we have a look at some top tips to help you ensure your networking runs as smoothly as possible.

Category: Business

Behind the Scenes at the Royal Palaces: Meet Lord Onslow

Ahead of the course A History of Royal Food and Feasting, from the University of Reading and Historic Royal Palaces, the team from Reading interviewed the historical interpreter who plays the part of Lord Onslow.

Category: Learning

How to the craft the perfect work email

Ever wondered how to make your work email as effective as possible? In this blog post we’ll explore three skills that can help you to get better results.

New to FutureLearn: download Certificates, pay with PayPal, free Career Advice and more

At FutureLearn, we’re always working on improving your learning experience. In this blog post we’ll run through some of our latest work.

A short guide to ethical shopping

In this post get advice on how to shop more ethically, and discover a course that will teach you the ins and outs of ethical shopping.

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Why transferable skills are the key to a better future

For Learning at Work Week FutureLearn’s People & Culture Director talks emotional intelligence, soft skills and how training will transform the world of work for all of us.

Get ahead with Soft Skills

As part of Learning at work week, we’re talking all things soft skills: what are they, why are they important and how FutureLearn can help you develop them.

Category: Learning, Business

How to convince your boss you should take a FutureLearn course during work

Doing a FutureLearn course can be a great way to help your career, so in this post, Alex shares top tips on how to convince your boss that you should do a FutureLearn course at work.