Courses to help build a more inclusive world

In this post we share potential ways to tackle inequality in today’s world, and courses to help get you started.

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Our top courses starting this week

We’ve got lots of courses starting this week. In this post we pick five great ones to get started on.

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FutureLearn Updates: Bookmarking comments and improved navigation

At FutureLearn we are always looking for ways to give you a better learning experience. In this blog post we’ll run through some of the latest developments we’ve been working on.

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The importance of involving young people in society

In this post, Emma Taylor-Collins, part of the University of Birmingham team behind our new course Building Character through Youth Social Action, explains why involving young people in politics and society is so vital.

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Helping new parents settle back into work after parental leave

In this post Tessa Cooper, Senior Product Manager at FutureLearn, shares her experiences of returning to work after Maternity Leave and how FutureLearn helped her to settle back in.

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Courses to help you understand the modern world

In this post we share the best for courses for making sense of the modern world.

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Making a FutureLearn course (a recipe)

In the first of three posts about making FutureLearn courses, Matt Jenner, our Learning Developer, shares what goes into making a FutureLearn course.

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Become a data scientist

It’s been called “the sexiest job of the 21st century”, but how do you become a data scientist? Find out what skills you need and how to get them via FutureLearn courses.

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Top tips for learning at work

In this post we share our best advice for learning while you’re at work.

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