5 more tips and tools for social learning

Following on from his first blog post, 6 tips and tools for social learning, our social lead David Thair shares more advice on getting the most out of social learning.  

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Become a nutritionist

In the next in our series about taking on new roles we look at how to become a nutritionist.

Category: Healthcare

Come and say hello on Medium

Exciting news – we’re going to be sharing more about life at FutureLearn, and how we build FutureLearn over on our Medium page. 

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Top courses for learning and exploring English

In this post find our best courses starting soon for discovering and learning the English language.

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How to choose the right online course for you

In this post get some tips and tricks for choosing the right online course for you.

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Meet our learners: Connor

Learners are what make FutureLearn great, so we’re sharing some of their stories. Today, meet Connor, an apprentice engineer and learner from the UK.

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Become a project manager

In the third of a new series about taking on new roles we look at how to become a project manager.

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What makes a great teacher? Part 2

Teaching is a difficult job which requires a range of skills and extensive knowledge. In the second post about what makes a great teacher, we look at some of the characteristics which make teachers successful in classrooms today.

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Courses to help build a more inclusive world

In this post we share potential ways to tackle inequality in today’s world, and courses to help get you started.

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