New on FutureLearn: Unlimited, set your timezone, and FutureLearn for Business

It’s been a busy few months at FutureLearn. We’re always working on improving FutureLearn and in this blog post we’ll run through some of our latest work.

Learn more with Unlimited

We know how busy life can be, but we also know you can achieve anything with the right flexibility. That’s why we’ve created Unlimited – a new way of learning. Unlimited gives you access to hundreds of short courses and the freedom to complete them at your own pace over a year, for a one-off annual fee of £189. Check out this blog post to find out more about the benefits of Unlimited.

Explore learning at work with FutureLearn for Business

Effective learning at work and for work is really important. That’s why we offer FutureLearn for Business. Employers can work with us to create bespoke courses, offer employee training, and lots more. Want your employer to pay for your learning? Find out more.  

Set your timezone for a more personalised experience

You can now set your timezone on your settings page. Just choose your timezone from the drop-down list on this pageHaving the correct timezone set on your account will allow you to see course start times and assessment deadlines in your local time so you don’t miss any key milestones.

Changing your time zone on FutureLearn

Find out more information about key dates for a degree

Now you can find more of the key information you need to apply for an online degree on FutureLearn. On degree pages, you’ll now see multiple degree application deadlines and start dates. Check it out on Deakin University’s Cyber Security online degree.

Screenshot of the start dates of a degree on FutureLearn

Share your FutureLearn portfolio

FutureLearn portfolios allow you to create a digital presentation of the skills, competencies, achievements, and action plans that you have developed – all with opportunities for reflection. They are centred around you and offer a more personalised form of learning. They can also be a great way to show your potential and support you when transitioning between institutions, stages of education, professional development, and evidence for accreditation.

If you have created a portfolio as part of a FutureLearn program or degree, you can now share your portfolio with anyone using a new sharing link. You can turn this feature on or off at any point, allowing you to demonstrate your skills to others and get feedback on your work.

You can find the portfolio sharing link at the bottom of the portfolio page. Portfolios will be linked to through steps during your learning journey, and are visible on the program page.

This is what it looks like if you have portfolio sharing turned off:

This is what it looks like if you have portfolio sharing turned on:

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    Future learn has changed my life and it has given me the new lease of life in the sunset of my life. when I lost the hope for future, it has kept my knowledge sharpened and given me my lost youth after doing few courses i felt i am still capable of doing something and contribute. great courses .

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