New on FutureLearn: program page navigation and a new course list filter

We’re always looking to improve your learning experience on the FutureLearn platform. This post outlines some of the changes we’ve made over the past few months.

Explore your program pages more easily

We’ve updated the navigation of our program pages by moving the navigation tabs higher up the page, above the course carousel. This makes the tabs easier to find and explore.

We’ve also changed the About tab name to Learning, so you can more easily identify where to access your courses and learning materials.

Track course progress within your program

To make it easier to see which courses need to be completed in your program, and to keep on top of your progress, we’re updating the way courses in a program are displayed on the Your learning page.

Instead of a carousel page, it will soon be displayed as a list. See the before and after below.

Screenshot of Your Learning program page

Screenshot of courses in this program page

Choose the right course type for you

On the course listings page, we’ve introduced a new filter to make it easier to see which courses are included in Unlimited, premium, or come with a free digital upgrade.

Filtering options on FutureLearn gif



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    glad to be here again, can’t wait to start the course on trachoma (NTDs). i hope to also complete other courses i get stock on the way

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    Hello everyone, I am Mahamadou, I am in Mali specifically in Timbuktu and work in UNHCR. I joined this course to improve my knowledge about the protection of unaccompanied and separated children on the move. I hope I can also benefit from the experience of other learners. Thank you !