Introducing new open, shareable steps in FutureLearn courses

We’ve recently made some of the steps within FutureLearn courses open, so that you don’t need to sign in to the site to see or share them. Here, our Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains how it works.

As you’re moving through your courses, you might from time to time notice a little set of share icons appear at the bottom of the page like so:

A screenshot of the share buttons on new open steps.

You can use these to share interesting material from your courses with your friends, peers and loved ones, to:

  • show them something relevant to their interests;
  • show off what you’ve learned;
  • distract them from cat pictures;
  • or all of the above.

Anyone can see what you share

The best part is that the person you’ve shared the material with doesn’t have to have a FutureLearn account or sign in to see it. It’s just like sharing a video from YouTube or an article from Wikipedia – anyone can see what you share.

Here are a few examples of these new open, shareable steps, which have proved popular so far:

Why are we doing this?

We’ve begun opening up large swathes of our courses to be shared far and wide, as our Head of Product, Matt Walton, said we would in his blog post celebrating our first birthday:

“We think that allowing as many people to find, enjoy and share parts of our courses is the best way to spread the word, enabling people to get a taste of what’s on offer and encouraging them to sign up to our courses. This will also allow us to make available thousands of pages of educational resources for people to use and link to. And we’ll be working on ways to enable learners to share their achievements with others.”

We believe passionately in sharing knowledge and learning with others, so we’ll be opening up more and more steps for you to see and share.

For more on our approach to social learning, check out some tips on how to get the most out of FutureLearn from our Social Lead, David Thair.

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  • Gargi prabhakar

    Hello future learn I have trouble to open my future learn site & account can you plz help me. My courses are already pending .I don’t know What to do

  • Indra Wijaya

    hello guys , for me its ver useful for learn and share for the other people around the world thanks for it so happy

  • lalramlian

    Hi! I am now so happy because of this future learn online course. One of my problems is that I do not know how to deal with this online course as it is my first online course. I do need your help.

    • Rosemary.

      It’s very straightforward lalramlian. I’ve done a course before. You just read one part at a time. You don’t have to do the lot in one day. There will be plenty of help going both from the tutors and other learners.

  • Maria José varela Vidal

    It is a wonderful idea to allow learners to share such brilliant material you give us during the courses.. I keep talking and recomending friends to join them and now I will be able to share samples of them Thank you so much for it and Congratulations for your first birthday, we will celebrate many more for sure!!

  • Naser Abbas

    Dear FutureLearn, your concept is very good and very helpful.

  • Susan Shonhiwa

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity you gave us I would like to go again on lone course but this time the English course. May you please consider me for this one. I would also to pay for my certificate for the just ended course The Vision 2020. It was good.
    Thank you

  • margaritamaria arias

    i am registered. what steps do I have to take next monday to enter macondo?

  • Amma Poku

    I really like the concept of FutureLearn, opening up and making learning free and accessible to a wide range of people. The share icons make it even better. Congratulations for adding these!

  • Phyu Phyu Thin


  • Safa Salim

    Hi guys ,Iam new here so tell me please how the courses done here .Also I want to know is it finished or not?

  • Ayman Mag

    Thanks .

  • Mariangela

    I’m a big fan of Futurelearn, and even more now! Great idea, thanks!

  • Hiba

    That is awesome !

  • Aye Thandar Win

    Millions Thanks!

  • Makarim Mutasim

    Hi dear Mr Simon
    Its great and useful to create such website for sharing different topics and materials looking forward for an interacting community over the world. Thanks a lot.

  • abdewahab


  • Carl Roodnick

    Hi Simon

    Will I be able to share content from previous FutureLearn Courses that I have attended?

    Kind regards

    • Hi Carl – not from all of your previous courses, but you’ll be able to share selected articles and videos from any courses that started after April 2015.

  • Matt Rogers

    Hello Simon, great to hear you’re making your courses more shareable and open. I have been a user of Future Learn since its origin and would be really interested in talking with you further about how the courses could be potentially linked with Open Badges. If you would like to talk about this further, please feel free to drop me an email as noted in this comment.


    Matt Rogers
    Education Programme Manager

  • C.J McEleavy

    This is great news and so helpful for both us, the client and you, the service.

    Smart move. 😉

  • nezha wannos

    i realy enjoy the course and sharing thoughts about them with others