Introducing more detailed, more rigorous Certificates of Achievement

We’ve just introduced a new type of certificate to help you better prove what you’ve achieved on FutureLearn courses. Here, our Senior Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains the new Certificate of Achievement.

We’ve just introduced a new type of certificate to help you better prove what you’ve achieved on FutureLearn courses. Here, our Senior Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains the new Certificate of Achievement.

Proving what you’ve achieved on FutureLearn courses is now even easier. Many courses that start on or after 9 May 2016 will offer a new Certificate of Achievement alongside the existing Statement of ParticipationThis is a more detailed record of what you’ve achieved on a course, with more rigorous eligibility criteria.

The new Certificate of Achievement in digital and printed formats

The new Certificate of Achievement in digital and printed formats.

In the last few months, we carried out extensive research with learners, and you told us lots of ways in which we could better help you prove what you’ve learned. We’ve incorporated your feedback into the new Certificate.

More detailed

You told us that you’d like more detail to articulate what the course entailed. As well as all of the detail previously displayed on Statements of Participation, Certificates of Achievement come with an accompanying transcript of learning.

This transcript details the learning outcomes and syllabus for your course, plus your average test score, making it ideal evidence of your continuing professional development (CPD), or your interest in and understanding of a subject. The Certificate will also contain the detail of any accrediting or recognising institutions associated with the course.

More rigorous

You also said that you’d like the option of more rigorous eligibility criteria, compared with the existing Statement of Participation. We listened. To buy a Certificate, you must complete over 90% of the course and achieve an overall average test score over 70%.

Digital and printed

Like the Statement of Participation, you can access your Certificate and transcript instantly online after you buy it. They exist at a permanent URL, which you can easily share on your LinkedIn profile, online CV, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere. You will also receive printed copies in the post later.

Varying prices

We’re also introducing varying prices on Statements and Certificates, in order to offer you a better range of choice. Statements of Participation will be available from £19.00 (GBP) + shipping, and Certificates of Achievement from £39.00 (GBP) + shipping.

The money from the sale of both Statements and Certificates helps us to develop and maintain FutureLearn, and enables our partners to offset some of the costs of developing and running free courses.

If you have any questions about Certificates of Achievement, check out our FAQs or ask them in the comments below.

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  • Kulsoom Ansari

    Please ! let me know the mode of upgrading.

  • Kenneth McKeating

    I think the price of some of these course upgrades is getting rather expensive. Looking back at peoples comments on how they worry they’ll struggle to afford it – I am now looking at needing to upgrade four courses at £62 each and then paying £250 each for two assessments in order to achieve a CMI Level 5 certificate. That is £748 in total – I have been left totally confused by the courses themselves & have had to email separately to confirm what courses I am supposed to do, to get this certificate. Had I known how expensive it is going to end up I wouldn’t have started & certainly don’t know that I’ll be able to finish!

  • Aiyesha Swarnn

    Hi, how do I know if I’m eligible for a certificate. I have completed my course but it does not say if I got a certificate. I have completed all tests and all work.

  • Nancy Jane Victorino

    I have obtained a digital certificate on UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION AND LOW MOOD IN YOUNG PEOPLE from the University of Reading. What do I have to do to verify my identity to earn the award of credit/conferment of a qualification from the University of Reading?

    • John M White

      I think the price for the certificates is far too excessive. It does not cost anywhere near £72.00 for a suite of digital copies and Parchment Certificate. For myself, I need no more than the digital suite, when you reduce this to a reasonable amount, i’ll consider the purchase. When you have completed 5 courses and would like certificates for them all, I would be looking at some £370… That really is excessive… A suite of digitals should be no more than £10.00 for a single download..

  • Jaafar Lawan kura

    I have attended this course in the year 2017 season. How can I obtain certificate urgent. Thanks.

  • Hussein Haroun Elnour Mohamed

    I earned a digital certificate of management and leadership: leading a team. and how do I verify my identity to obtain conferment of qualification

  • Emily

    Is this certificate legitimate? Is it worth any credits or is it just a piece of paper showing that I just participated?

  • Camille D

    How do I verify my identity? I tried to check on settings and FAQs – still can’t find it

  • nandini

    from where can I get my identity verified? couldn’t find anything like that on the site.


    How do i verify my identity ? i can’t find it anywhere !!


    How can I get my printed certificate? Will it be delivered to us directly?


    Hello, how can I verify my profile? Because my digital certificate says that I have not verified yet.

  • innocent chilufya

    How much am i suppose to pay for the certificate of achievement for ultrasound imaging, i have already passed the course i am just looking for the money, thank you

    • Helen


      In order to receive a certificate for a course you would need to upgrade it. When you upgrade you pay to get:

      – Unlimited access to the course for as long as it exists on FutureLearn
      – Access to tests if there are any
      – A certificate when you complete the course, providing you meet the eligibility criteria.

      If you need any further help please contact the support team using the support button or

      Best wishes,


  • Lesley Davis

    I hope I can do law course but I’m worry about the fact that I might not be able to afford the certificate so what can I do Lesley Davis

  • Doreen Smith

    I started a course entitled Who made my clothes? But I had to stop it. I have been charged a small sum on my credit card under the FutureLearncom name. It is strange because the course was free and how was my credit card details known?

  • HT

    No doubt a good source or revenue for FL, but I am very concerned the potential for identity theft and the very real risk of fraud where certificates are linked to financial details. Future learn does not seem to be taking this seriously enough.

    I will not be upgrading.

  • Miranda Harrington

    I would have imagined your credit/debit card would prove identity since both names co-inside with each other, you would be aware should the payment be in another name!

    • Luis

      Coincide is the word you were looking to express.
      Nevertheless, it would be correct to use the word verify.
      A coincidence is almost always surprising or unlikely. ;-)…

  • Anup Oommen

    I would like to know how to verify my identity with FutureLearn so that my certificates say that I am a verified learner. I have looked all over the FutureLearn site and have upgraded my course as well, but I cannot find any such option to undertake the verification process.

    • Premika

      I’ve got the same issue, I’d like to verify my ID. but I can’t find an option on the site. How should I do??
      If you already figure it out, please let me know.
      Thank you!

      • Karin Mueller

        The same here. Under FAQs there is an explanation on how the process works, but no link to a site where the actual process can be carried out. There are learners with verified ID, but I’ve no idea how they did it. Why isn’t there a safe link on the course site?

  • Muna Mohamoud Nour

    Hi, I applied certificate achievement befor tow mounts and half. I didn’t get yet so I would know did you posted or not ….thanks