Introducing more detailed, more rigorous Certificates of Achievement

We’ve just introduced a new type of certificate to help you better prove what you’ve achieved on FutureLearn courses. Here, our Senior Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains the new Certificate of Achievement.

Proving what you’ve achieved on FutureLearn courses is now even easier. Many courses that start on or after 9 May 2016 will offer a new Certificate of Achievement alongside the existing Statement of ParticipationThis is a more detailed record of what you’ve achieved on a course, with more rigorous eligibility criteria.

The new Certificate of Achievement in digital and printed formats

The new Certificate of Achievement in digital and printed formats.

In the last few months, we carried out extensive research with learners, and you told us lots of ways in which we could better help you prove what you’ve learned. We’ve incorporated your feedback into the new Certificate.

More detailed

You told us that you’d like more detail to articulate what the course entailed. As well as all of the detail previously displayed on Statements of Participation, Certificates of Achievement come with an accompanying transcript of learning.

This transcript details the learning outcomes and syllabus for your course, plus your average test score, making it ideal evidence of your continuing professional development (CPD), or your interest in and understanding of a subject. The Certificate will also contain the detail of any accrediting or recognising institutions associated with the course.

More rigorous

You also said that you’d like the option of more rigorous eligibility criteria, compared with the existing Statement of Participation. We listened. To buy a Certificate, you must complete over 90% of the course and achieve an overall average test score over 70%.

Digital and printed

Like the Statement of Participation, you can access your Certificate and transcript instantly online after you buy it. They exist at a permanent URL, which you can easily share on your LinkedIn profile, online CV, Facebook, Twitter or elsewhere. You will also receive printed copies in the post later.

Varying prices

We’re also introducing varying prices on Statements and Certificates, in order to offer you a better range of choice. Statements of Participation will be available from £19.00 (GBP) + shipping, and Certificates of Achievement from £39.00 (GBP) + shipping.

The money from the sale of both Statements and Certificates helps us to develop and maintain FutureLearn, and enables our partners to offset some of the costs of developing and running free courses.

If you have any questions about Certificates of Achievement, check out our FAQs or ask them in the comments below.

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  • Mary Shareene Graham

    How can I pay in the £ as the upgrade is in dollers. I have a British credit card. Thank-you.

  • Elizabeth-Mary B. Filipo Fonoti

    I completed a course in Corporate Lawyers: Ethics, Regulation & Purpose with Birmingham University in England. I paid for the Transcript, & the certificate of Achievement longtime after I finished the course, because I was poor. By the time, I got enough money to buy my GRADE certificate for the Corporate Lawyers, Ethics, Regulation & Purpose, which was the last certificate I had to get to finalize this course. The Corporate Lawyers, in Ethics, Regulation & Purpose, had been taken off altogether. And I never got my final grade certificate which was 100%. My two certificates received are incomplete without my final grades for Corporate Lawyers, in Ethics, Regulation & Purpose. I have asked Future Learn, continuously for my Final Grades for this subject & they never reply back to me, about my grades that I got is 100%, why cant I get my grades certificate, I worked hard to get these grades why am I being denied my grades certificate. I did not get 70% to 90% I got 100%, as my final grade.

  • nancy

    why in the certificate written the identity isn’t verified and its not granted its have taken from British universities

    • Francois D.

      Nancy,we need to pay for the certificate and only then can our identity be stated as “verified” on the certificate.

    • Francois D.

      Nancy, we need to pay for the certificate (or digital upgrade), and only then will it be stated as verified on the certificate.

  • Osman Yussuf

    can i pay in Kenya shilling or via MPESA

  • Marouane

    Is the Certificate of Achievement testifying to the completion of the program Teaching for Success recognised? I mean is the Certificate professionally accredited? Is it something that a new teacher can show as proof of his knowledge of teaching principles like the TKT for example? Or does it only count as a Contuinuing Professional Devlpmnt program?
    Thank you very much for answering my questions fully cause my next step in life depends on it! 🙂

  • jo

    the price to enrol comes up in dollars and I have a UK credit card

  • vincenza

    Good afternoon. I would like to know if I can pay the course and the certificate using our Itaian “Carta docenti”. Thank you very much.