Want a jargon-free definition of the Internet of Things? Join our live video #FLiot Q&A

The free online course “The Internet of Things” (IoT) from King’s College London allows you to become an IoT expert, by understanding what the Internet of Things means to you, your company and your country. To celebrate the start of the course, join our live video Q&A with leading IoT experts.


Get answers to the big questions about IoT

In the Q&A, you’ll have the chance to ask questions like:

  • Why is the Internet of Things is important?
  • How will IoT change our lives individually, economically and socially?
  • And what is the biggest business opportunity for the Internet of Things?

The Q&A will finish off with the biggest question: What is the Internet of Things?

Our panelists will each have to give their own, jargon-free definition of IoT and try to get the lowest score against our IoT “buzzword bingo” scorecard:

Internet of Things buzzword bingo

Join us for the live video Q&A

The live video Q&A will take place here on Monday 23 November 2015 from 17:00 – 17:45 GMT.

To take part:

  • Submit your questions as a comment below or using the hashtag #FLiot on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Bookmark this page, and come back to watch the Q&A as a live event right here on Monday at 17:00 GMT (see the time in your location).
  • If you can’t be here to take part live, don’t worry: the video will be available to watch afterwards, and you can submit your questions in advance.

Meet our panelists


Mischa DohlerMischa Dohler is a Professor in Wireless Communications at King’s College London, and a regular contributor and commentator on all things IoT.
Gaye SoykokG​aye S​oykök is a Systems Architect at NTT DATA UK, with over 10 years of cross-functional experience in systems, solution and software architecture.
Renate SamsonRenate Samson is Chief Executive of Big Brother Watch. She was previously Chief of Staff to David Davis MP, where she worked on civil liberties and data sharing campaigns.
Dr Mike ShortDr Mike Short is the Vice President of Telefonica Europe and has over 25 years of experience in mobile communications. Mike’s work mainly focuses on European Public policy in relation to innovation.

If you’re inspired by #FLiot, you can join “The Internet of Things” course now – it’s totally free and will equip you with the business insights needed to enable you to start your own IoT venture.

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  • Rana alotaibi

    very nice thank you free much

  • Tushar Poddar

    please connect me to few SMEs who are using IoT in oil and gas industries specially in surface production facilities

  • Kyi Zaw Htoo

    Hello, I am from telecom regulator from Myanmar.
    I would like to learn all the things concerning with this technology as our country will make a policy on this technology in very near future.
    As I am from developing country, Please be patient for some basic question that other people had known.

  • Sunny

    As an entrepreneur I am craving to learn how this evolving technology can be used as the bedrock of my future entrepreneurial venture.

  • saurabh

    Please tell me how can I learn it

  • saurabh

    May anyone suggest me, how can I learn it…. Or join it.. Please

  • Blessing Z Mpofu

    How can you (best) provide a holistic view of such a multifaceted domain, such as the IoT? Especially, when it comes to educating the younger generation? Is IOT limited to bringing connectivity of everything with Internet, or it is something far beyond that.

  • anita

    im really interest in this course of science want to learn more anita

  • Mal Phillips

    I thought the three guests were well chosen. They contributed to a fascinating dinner party conversation (in my world). I thought the ‘presenter’ was a ‘natural’ (after the first ten minutes or so she got the guests to talk among themselves and held back from interrupting them). She was good.

    And I took away some insights – things I hadn’t considered before. G​aye S​oykök talked about what was, in effect, the Zeitgeist. Nowadays people want to share things more.

    I know there were technical issues (it started very late).

    But it was worth it.

  • Ernie Petrocine

    OK. Thanks for your live Q and A. THINGS of course I get it now! Things connected to the INTERNET (people). So now a things’ existance, place, information, availability may be added to the internet. What app or web site would a person go to to search for a replacement pair of jeans and know it is in stock and where it is. I. E. Men’s Levi 550 jean size 36 x 34 medium stone-wash or serial number 00505-4892 And how would a merchant have live data for every jean in their building? You could do a Google search but probably the results would be without in stock data and location data. How would the merchant search his own building/s to find if it is available and where?

  • Ryan Grammenos

    How can you (best) provide a holistic view of such a multifaceted domain, such as the IoT? Especially, when it comes to educating the younger generation? And furthermore, how can you achieve this in a short period of time (be it a module, a complete degree or throughout one’s lifetime)?

  • Juan

    I would find interesting to know how data and personal privacy can be handled and respected in a IoT environment, specially when related with home appliances.

  • Mick McNeill

    In observing so much social “disconnect” in today’s youth – inability to hold articulate conversations & to interact socially in common groups for more than a few minutes when the “smartphone” (good name for the apparatus not though the user) comes calling, I’m wondering whether empowering (another buzzword!) machines in the same manner will achieve anything positive socially?

  • Rajesh

    Interested in key challenges of resilient cities and especially applying iot to Un global goals

  • Graham

    Hi, I live on an island in the Thames estuary so far from London that broadband is just a fairy tale. I have got used to living in villages in the UK where because we operate a capitalist system innovations like broadband are not available to me. I will enjoy learning what is possible for the rest of the world. 🙂

  • Ashish

    Waited and waited and waited, but the live stream icon kept on saying “starting soon”. Is this what we should expect from the Internet of Things? Discouraging start to your program!

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Ashish,
      Sorry for the delay in getting started. We were experiencing a few technical difficulties, but are up and running now.
      The FutureLearn team

  • manmohan rawat

    i don,t see any stream for Q&A any details pls

    • Manmohan

      Hi Manmohan,
      We were experiencing a few technical difficulties at first, but you can now watch the stream above.
      The FutureLearn team

  • Mal Phillips

    Could you give us a few examples of machine to machine IoT systems that are openly available on the Internet – and are NOT limited to some sort of Intranet, or virtual private network.

  • Lovelesh Pandya

    As a Cloud Product QA Test Engineer, from expert professionals team, i am interested to know about :-
    1. Is IOT limited to bringing connectivity of everything with Internet, or it is something far beyond that.
    2. I would like to explore IOT more in the domain of renewable source of energy (including solar, Wind and other renewable sources) and Educational System.

  • Omar

    Hi professionals, I am Omar Omar and i want to attend Africa University in Zimbabwe. I am attending this program because:
    1. I want to study IT and I have NO idea what I am ab to.
    2. my country has lack of IT professionals.
    3. finally, I would like to know about LoT more.

  • Ernie Petrocine

    Hi I’am a 65-year-old who continues to embrace technology and the digital world. I have two retail clothing stores and a mail-order operation. We ship world wide. I see “Iot” and wonder is it a software language or platform, a social network, or just a new acronym for the “digital world”. That’s my question and interest in your course. I want to learn but also am interested in new opportunities.

  • Ahmed Kamal


    I am a Localization Project manager, I want to know with the increasing demand of online web content , localization will be also increasing and the demand will be dramatically increased , how this will affect and be affected by the IoT.


  • Chetan

    Hi, i am an Embedded software professional and i am attending this program to learn
    1. How and What are the different methods, technologies & protocols a firmware engineer needs to know to interact with the Application engineer(eg: a Java developer) to develop an IoT application.
    2. Apart from Arduino & Raspberry Pi platforms, i would like to know more about connecting other MCU target platforms to the Cloud
    3. Finally, i would like to know about Big Data, Analytics…

  • Kipley Campbell

    Researchers recently demonstrated the ability to hack into a vehicle’s operating system: steering, brakes, and transmission. As consumers, how can we be assured that manufacturers of these Internet-connected “things” will adequately protect us from hackers, criminals and other bad guys?


    • Provi

      Honestly, I am not surprised by this. I figured it would only take a matter of time. I think realistically, not very many people would take advantage of such a security loop. On a large scale, I am not worried. However, if a bad group of people wanted to do some real damage, they could concentrate their resources on say, some enemy vehicles and disarm them altogether. That would be pretty serious. If that becomes such a problem though, I think it’s easily solved. Go back to non-computerized vehicles. Not every car needs a computer to operate. Pretty basic security right there. I’m not concerned about it, but the time will probably come when someone pulls it off as I’ve mentioned.

      • Rahul Bharadwaj

        Every OS based Computational device can be developed using Trusted Computing for Superior Quality Inexpensive Security. This will prevent many Security attacks like you have mentioned above. But privacy of individuals using these devices might get compromise. For details about Trusted Computing follow below link