Find your Activity, Replies and Progress faster, with new in-course navigation

If you’re currently taking a FutureLearn course you may have noticed new in-course navigation, which enables you to easily jump to different features of the course. Here, our Product Manager, Tessa Cooper, explains how it works.

A screenshot of the new in-course navigation on FutureLearn

These great features have always existed, but they were hidden under the left-hand FutureLearn steps icon, so you might not have found and benefited from them. For instance, one learner told us:

“I completed a whole course before realising a lot of the useful features for navigation. Thankfully, when I started a second course, I was able to watch a short video clip about those, which was useful. So maybe make sure people know where to look for this.”

We’ve listened to your feedback and made the navigation more visible. This now means that, in addition to the “To do” list where you can find and access all of a course’s weeks and steps, you can now easily access the following elements of a course with one simple click:


The “Activity” page is a feed of all comments being made on a course. You might find it useful to quickly scan any interesting comments from educators and other learners who are on your course. If you click on a comment that you’re interested in, it takes you to the full conversation in the comments section of that step.


The “Replies” page is where you can see if anyone has responded to any of your comments within a course. This replies feed acts as a springboard back into the conversation, to help you catch up, rather than replicating the entire conversation. You can find out more about how replies work in this post.


Not only can you see at a glance which steps you have or haven’t completed on your “To do” list, you can also see how much of a course you’ve completed, including all of your test scores, on your “Progress” page.

In order to make sure this is up-to-date, don’t forget to hit “Mark as complete” every time you finish a course step. On this page, you’ll also see the option to purchase a Statement of Participation – an eye-catching printed certificate.

My courses

The final important change is that when you’re signed in, the left-hand FutureLearn steps icon will now always take you back to the “Your courses” page, where you can access all of the courses you’ve joined.

Here, you can also join new courses via the “Courses” link at the top or the “Browse more courses” button at the bottom. We’ll be developing this page further in the future, to give you more personalised course recommendations and updates.

We’ll be sharing more around how we researched, designed and built this new navigation with you soon.

If you have any feedback on the changes, please leave us a comment below. And for further advice on how to get the best out of FutureLearn, read more of our “Tips & Tricks.”

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  • Queenie Filipo

    1. WEEK 1- Press 1st pink box, read or listen to question through your assignment, your giving your answer, to the University question or request. You then officially post it online with your friends comments, press POST, then it will automatically post your assignment online. After that you go to the only circle you see, press on the circle and it will give you a big tick in blue circle. After that scroll up your page press on PROGRESS, there is a small circle, then it will automatically sub-total your points from 1% to 50% to 70% to, 100%, depending on how much effort you put into your assignment is important to read, analyse, correct, proof read, then post your assignment with all your answer’s to the question. After, that is POSTED, with everyone else’s commentaries assignments, press on circle get a big tick, scroll up press on PROGRESS, see your percentage score. Then repeat, for every pink box you open & complete your answer, POST. And everytime you go back to do the next assignment you’ll notice the pink boxes turned into blue boxes, that means you’ve completed the assignment tasks, in order of number 1-2-3. This is how you know your on the right path

  • Queenie Filipo

    Dear Future Learn,
    I ,have completed my Corporate Lawyers, course and passed but I don’t know how to pay for it, do I go to the bank do it online or by cheque addressed to Future Learn, or what PLEASE HELP, TO ADVISE ME. Today is 26/11/2016 in New Zealand. Please email, if LAWYERS for NON-LAWYERS,is starting again, so I can join, in with Australia & be more focused & concentrating to do my best, like I did with Corporate Lawyers. I want to redo my LAWYERS for NON-LAWYERS,please. Also I got 100% with Burmington University to do with CORPORATE LAWYERS.

  • Kathleen Thomas

    I have not been able to access the technicalities of this learning system at all. It seems to be a system of computer technologies which one needs to know before accessing the detail of the course. Far too complex and further complicated when one’s access to the internet is unstable. It has been a complete waste of time.

  • Feigni

    How many posts should someone make in other to have good percentage.

  • Kathleen Thomas

    I am totally confused by the techniques used for the course. These techniques have served only to obscure the content for me and made the course largely irrelevant: more an exercise in computer techniques. This is a pity, as I can see that it could be extremely useful and relevant if it were not so obscured by “computerize”.

  • Mohamed Abdelmagid

    i want improve my language