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Find your Activity, Replies and Progress faster, with new in-course navigation

If you’re currently taking a FutureLearn course you may have noticed new in-course navigation, which enables you to easily jump to different features of the course. Here, our Product Manager, Tessa Cooper, explains how it works.

A screenshot of the new in-course navigation on FutureLearn

These great features have always existed, but they were hidden under the left-hand FutureLearn steps icon, so you might not have found and benefited from them. For instance, one learner told us:

“I completed a whole course before realising a lot of the useful features for navigation. Thankfully, when I started a second course, I was able to watch a short video clip about those, which was useful. So maybe make sure people know where to look for this.”

We’ve listened to your feedback and made the navigation more visible. This now means that, in addition to the “To do” list where you can find and access all of a course’s weeks and steps, you can now easily access the following elements of a course with one simple click:


The “Activity” page is a feed of all comments being made on a course. You might find it useful to quickly scan any interesting comments from educators and other learners who are on your course. If you click on a comment that you’re interested in, it takes you to the full conversation in the comments section of that step.


The “Replies” page is where you can see if anyone has responded to any of your comments within a course. This replies feed acts as a springboard back into the conversation, to help you catch up, rather than replicating the entire conversation. You can find out more about how replies work in this post.


Not only can you see at a glance which steps you have or haven’t completed on your “To do” list, you can also see how much of a course you’ve completed, including all of your test scores, on your “Progress” page.

In order to make sure this is up-to-date, don’t forget to hit “Mark as complete” every time you finish a course step. On this page, you’ll also see the option to purchase a Statement of Participation – an eye-catching printed certificate.

My courses

The final important change is that when you’re signed in, the left-hand FutureLearn steps icon will now always take you back to the “Your courses” page, where you can access all of the courses you’ve joined.

Here, you can also join new courses via the “Courses” link at the top or the “Browse more courses” button at the bottom. We’ll be developing this page further in the future, to give you more personalised course recommendations and updates.

We’ll be sharing more around how we researched, designed and built this new navigation with you soon.

If you have any feedback on the changes, please leave us a comment below. And for further advice on how to get the best out of FutureLearn, read more of our “Tips & Tricks.”

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  • Queenie Filipo

    1. WEEK 1- Press 1st pink box, read or listen to question through your assignment, your giving your answer, to the University question or request. You then officially post it online with your friends comments, press POST, then it will automatically post your assignment online. After that you go to the only circle you see, press on the circle and it will give you a big tick in blue circle. After that scroll up your page press on PROGRESS, there is a small circle, then it will automatically sub-total your points from 1% to 50% to 70% to, 100%, depending on how much effort you put into your assignment is important to read, analyse, correct, proof read, then post your assignment with all your answer’s to the question. After, that is POSTED, with everyone else’s commentaries assignments, press on circle get a big tick, scroll up press on PROGRESS, see your percentage score. Then repeat, for every pink box you open & complete your answer, POST. And everytime you go back to do the next assignment you’ll notice the pink boxes turned into blue boxes, that means you’ve completed the assignment tasks, in order of number 1-2-3. This is how you know your on the right path

  • Queenie Filipo

    Dear Future Learn,
    I ,have completed my Corporate Lawyers, course and passed but I don’t know how to pay for it, do I go to the bank do it online or by cheque addressed to Future Learn, or what PLEASE HELP, TO ADVISE ME. Today is 26/11/2016 in New Zealand. Please email, if LAWYERS for NON-LAWYERS,is starting again, so I can join, in with Australia & be more focused & concentrating to do my best, like I did with Corporate Lawyers. I want to redo my LAWYERS for NON-LAWYERS,please. Also I got 100% with Burmington University to do with CORPORATE LAWYERS.

  • Kathleen Thomas

    I have not been able to access the technicalities of this learning system at all. It seems to be a system of computer technologies which one needs to know before accessing the detail of the course. Far too complex and further complicated when one’s access to the internet is unstable. It has been a complete waste of time.

  • Feigni

    How many posts should someone make in other to have good percentage.

  • Kathleen Thomas

    I am totally confused by the techniques used for the course. These techniques have served only to obscure the content for me and made the course largely irrelevant: more an exercise in computer techniques. This is a pity, as I can see that it could be extremely useful and relevant if it were not so obscured by “computerize”.

  • Mohamed Abdelmagid

    i want improve my language

  • pooja nehra

    I want to improve my english language. Please help me.

  • fatma mady

    hi, i want improve my language, i need some help.

  • fatimh al jaffer

    hello there

    i want improve my language

  • Ina Andina

    Hello there,
    My name is Ina Andina, I`m an English language teacher at Valka Janis Cimze Gymnasium. I have been working as the English teacher for 29 years. Saw the ad in my mail, the topic sounded exciting so here I am. I am not sure if I am writing the comment about myself in the proper place, could you please let me know, if I am mistaken! Hope to learn new things and of course share my own experience with my colelagues throughout the world! Looking forward to co-operating!

  • Di Allen

    Hi, How are the assignments scored please? Are they peer reviewed or by tutors/experts? Cheers Di

  • kyaligonza margret

    i did the first question but and logged out, i have now signed in to future learns but i dont see where to click for the next question, pliz assist me, thanx!!

  • Okaali Daniel

    Thanks for FutureLearn, looking forward to fruitful discussions

  • Manuel Reyes De la Paz

    Everytime I step further,navegating “FutureLearn”‘s Program,give thanks to “The One From Above” for leading me to this Marvelous blessings of expanding my personal human development with “Eye Opening Certificate From a Prestigegious,Global recognize Superior Educstional Institution” in order to dignify my life & sufrage my contributions to make this World,a much better place thanking OU for this great opportunity. THANKS FUTURELEARN!!

  • jackie barker

    I am just wondering before the course starts will we get some instruction i have read the blog but was going to watch the video link but its not actually up and running.
    Not really sure how this is going to work any advice from anyone would be great !!
    I am doing the falls course starting Sept 5th.

  • Kaushalya Munda

    Hello, Peers,
    Please accept as one of the peer for the course Sustainable food system

  • A.B.M. Feroz Ahmed

    Hi, I am very new to this type of online course. Would you please send me more instruction about my participation in the course (for instance, discussion, exam, evaluation process, etc)? Also, how can I communicate with Course Leader? It would be great if I have his email address.

    • Hi there, it isn’t possible to communicate with a Lead Educator directly by email. However, it is possible that the course educators will read and respond to comments within the course discussion. Therefore, if you have questions, we would encourage you to post them in the course so that other learners, as well as educators, may help you and you can help them.

      You can read more about how FutureLearn courses work here:

  • Andrew Williams

    New to Spanish, I want to learn the basics for my holidays

  • Lamia Hamdy

    Hi, I want to improve my English so I want some help,please.

  • Yonten Gyatso

    Hi, i am new to online learning so i need more instruction.

  • Nayana Scaria

    Hi! I m Nayana here interested to learn online English . So please help me to go through this online course

  • Thoai Quyen

    Hi! I”m new to online learning and please give me more instruction. Thank you so much!

  • John Zhang

    Hi, This is John here. I’m an English teacher in China. I am curious about English learning so I’m researching on Language-learning. I’m new to online learning. I need more instructions on how to carry int out.

  • Lina Gui

    Thanks. I am new to online learning and taking this course would be my first time. I am excited to learn a lot from the DfL course.

  • reham mousa yousif

    Thank u..but i’m not undersand all the steps

  • lyndith

    Thank you for this IELTS online preparation. I was browsing yesterday where to have this kind of course. Hope to learn more as well as share whatever knowledge and skills i have about IELTS to everybody. Keep on learning!

    • John Zhang

      Hi. Please infrom me how to learn IETLS preparation course. I’m really interested in it.

    • Coulibaly Andre

      I am in leaving in a french speaking country . How can I participate to IELTS online courses?

  • Elsamawal

    I find the design really helpful but it’s kind of difficult to carryon from where you have left so each time you have to see all of what have achieved first and continue clicking till you reach the place where you left off, if you can fix it then the rest is just perfect.

  • Ghada

    Hello this is my first time doing online course I hope it will be easy

  • Fadli

    Hi friends..
    I have registered from end of last month, but this is the first time for me to do my online course here..

  • Margo

    Hi all
    this is my first time at doing a online course

  • musab

    Hi everyone , until now i`m don`t accommodated that, but i hop in future an understand the right meaning , just patient that. tanks

    • Ghada

      Hello this is my first time doing online course, l hope it will be easy

  • Murad

    Hi everyone hi ladies and gentlemen this is first one online English I have desire to learn English I love language English. What can I say for that

  • Juan

    Hi Everybody, as same as some of you this is my first online English course, I’m very enthusiastic. I hope this course can give me all that I need to present the IELTS and get a very good score. Meanwhile I want to meet people who help me too.



  • Emad

    hello everybody, this is my first online course , i am very happy !.
    i hope that this course improve my skills to achieve my goals.

    Thank you,

  • Anupama

    This is my first experience to learn online course, its very helpful and important course to fulfill my goal. I really thanks to him, who is introduce this course.

  • Karolina

    I am happy too that I joined this course. I hope will be easy to find what shall I do next.

  • Rania Elhadi

    How do you do
    This is the first online course i have enjoyed to it..& i hope to be good in writting,listening,reading&speaking skills of this language

  • Mohammed Fazaa

    I would like tell you that this is the first online course of me, really i’m hope to be profissonal person in english in my life, i am good sellf learner and i’m believe in all instroctors and teachers to give me benifets and all good

  • Aklima Parvin

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  • lovella melflor

    Hello, I am also a neophyte to this site. I have lots of things and queries in mind of which I hope can be given answers and clarifications particularly in the field of English language. Hoping to learn more through your help through this site. Thank you.

  • AbdulGhafour

    This is the first experience, so I hope I have a lot of information about IELTS exam, I think it’ll be a good experience.

  • Mustafa EL RUSI

    this is first course online i hope be good experience i hope learn and got new skill & friends

  • Carmen

    It would be nice to meet people with the same interests as me. So excited with the beginning of the course.

  • Peter

    I’m having trouble finding where i actually register for a course….When I type “” it takes me to “courses in progress.”
    Where is the registeration page?

    • Hi Peter, it sounds like you’re already logged in to FutureLearn – that /register page is just for signing up to FutureLearn for the first time.

      You can view a list of upcoming courses at and then, as you’re already logged in, enrol by clicking on the ‘join now’ button at the top of the page for the course you’d like to join.

  • Rasha

    I’m so happy to be part of futur learn , and i’m so excited to this courses , i hope i improve my english cuase i’m not good in

  • Juliet Engole

    thank you there is so much to learn am very excited and liik forward to meeting friends learning the same course

  • Daviane Araujo

    Hello, I am so excited for this course. I am a portuguese teacher, but I teach english in private schools, here in Brazil, so, I enjoying it. It’s a very good experience. This site is very clean and I like it. I was thankfull for this.

  • carol Norwood or Mrs N as I'm known

    Looking forward to starting, but as per usual. I’m on the back foot as I though it started next week.

  • Varsha Shah

    Enjoyed week 1 so far. Looking forward to next week.

  • Anila Shahzad Paracha

    Hi!Have been hearing about Assessment for learning and seen the marvelous works of Mr Dylan through his videos.I would like to implement the strategies learnt through this course in my school.thanks

  • Arjun T P

    Hello! I am sooo excited about this course and look forward to learning from it and gain some new insights about it.

  • Meni Lina Grates Agha

    Hello! I am sooo excited about this course and look forward to learning from it and of course completing it!

  • Iga Awory Alex

    Hi, I am grateful to be part of future learn though its my first time, am getting new friends in the course and I am too enjoying the discussions

  • Tebello George

    Hi, I very pleased to be one of students of future learn, I hope I will get fruitful results at the end of the course

  • Ritu chand

    Future learn online course is very useful for the learners but l am not good in the english so I hope I also can improve my english from this course .

  • akanksha

    Leave a comment… online course is such a amazing platform for learners & writers too its really a great opportunity so just grab it people 🙂

  • akanksha

    Leave a comment… online course is such a amazing platform for learners & writers too its really a great opportunity so just grab its people let’s do it with expertise 🙂

  • utkarsh sharma

    hii iam joinning this course and It’s wonderful course

  • Lily

    Sorry but can’t find my comments or any reply on Shakespeare. Tks.

  • Eugenia Teruel

    Hi, I’ve enjoyed a lot following “Introduction to Ducht” course.
    I’ve completed all the steps in my “to do” list and also all the tests, but I still don’t know why when I’m checking my progress, it’s just 77% and not 100%
    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t know.
    I hope you could help me, please.

  • Isa Iya Abdulkadir

    The above explanations are very valuable to the course participants, very informative as well.

  • Winifred Adeboye

    Guidance on how to benefit on this courses

  • yannick

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  • Ahmad Tanbir

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  • Kaify

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  • Apurba kumar das

    Thanks Thanks Thanks

  • kyaw

    I had never been studied in English Language, Grammar and Others. As for me, I was happy for seeing this online course in English.

  • zahraa

    I Zahraa from Iraq and sorry for the delay and hope that my level best in English

  • Priya dhiman

    Leave a comment…Helo everyone i want to make my english vry fluently so hope we’ll become closely friends with the passage of time and help, care for everyone. So good day!

  • imran khan

    Leave a comment…hello!I am Imrann from Dhaka of Bangladesh.I teach English at a high school.I want to improve my ability to teach English well!

  • Meirbek

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  • Offiaukwu Juliet

    Hi everyone, its very exciting doing this course with you. Hope we all make a wonderful time out of it and learn more.

  • Jose Maria

    Hi everybody.
    I would like working together with other people.
    I have been doing another online course in other platform. This is the first time in BBC.
    I hope you are in touch with me.

  • yassi hamed adam

    hi guys, nice to chat with you through yhis page to discuss and know about IELTS Exam
    i’m so happy of that

  • Ivana Đukić

    Hi, this is my first online course. I would like to improve my english, because I think that I should know better for the job I am doing.

  • Patience Korea

    My internet network just went bad on the first day, i hope i wont be hind schedule and miss out updates of the course.

  • chanaka pradeep

    this is my frist online course. i would like to improve my english skills

  • Maria

    Hi, this is my first time in this couse I’m not sure well how it works and I would like improve my English because I think I do not know to much!

  • Mona adam

    This is my first online course lam excited.Iwish doing well for all

  • Pwint


    This is my first course. Please help me to improve my English.

  • lady

    Hi, everyone! It’s my first online course, and I still confused to learn with it. I will try my best to complete this course.. If anyone want to share to me, I’ll welcome 🙂 I wish after do everything in this course, my english for IELS will be better

  • Nadia

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  • Fathelrhman

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  • Abdul aziz

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  • Fathelrhman

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  • Hawk

    hello, this is my first online course here, too
    Glad to meet you guys ^^

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    you and our educator

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  • John Stewart

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  • Maryam

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  • Tamba Sivico Bockarie

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    I have a dream to be the perfect English speaker and writer.
    Thanks too much for your faithful efforts

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    This really amazing way to learn in home without hard work thank you so much for this course…
    Hope in future there will more courses and for beginners too….

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  • aung saw tun

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    • Dilhani

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  • Ahmed

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  • Amir

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    The website is not easy to understand. It look like that some unprofessional person have designed it. The web site should be user friendly, The information should be clear and consistent. It should be user friendly . It should indicate the directions of information clearly.

    Every information should be available in the form easy to downloadable videos. If there is no videos, then it is difficult to learn.

  • anas abdalla

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  • yamin

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    This is my first time to enroll IELTS with free online course! I hope that I will benefit me a lot & won’t regret in doing this in my whole life. Thanls a lot for giving us all the opportunity to improve our English language either by reading, listening, writing & speaking for free. Thanks a lot futurelearn management.

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    Much success and luck to all.

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  • Amal

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    Having good score is the best thing after this corse

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    • Walaa

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  • Zar Zar Aung

    Hi Future Learner
    I feel thankful to you, It’s good idea online study but as for me, it’s first time experience so I have a lot of difficult. Is there anyway to get short cut tab on my phone desktop? Thanks all

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    am so happy to be with you

  • Than Myo Tun

    long time to search the available ways to know about IELTS and improve my Englsih language skill because now I am working in an area which has no access to attend IELTS training and my English language skill is very poor. So, very happy to get a chance to learn about IELTS and I believe that this program would give great effectiveness for a part of my life. Now,

  • Osama

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  • Dave

    Hi future learn
    Is there anyway I can put a short cut tab on my desktop, so I don’t have to go back and open an email from you every time I want to get on my course and do some work?

  • maria di summa

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  • Lina Reyes

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    I also like the fact that you can get a certificate at the end. It’s good for your CV and continuing professional development (CPD).

    Thank you for making this on-line course available – globally!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO MAKING NEW FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD.

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    I am a new student, I am late, I know I was supposed to join the course on monday the 12th January,2014. I do not know how far you have gone. I hope I will catch up and be able to follow without problems.

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Eunice,
      Yes, you only have a few days to catch up on. So join the course now and get started!


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      If you click on the steps icon now, it will always take you back to “My courses.”

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