Feeling playful? Create some FutureLearn steps with us

FutureLearn’s Creative Director, Lucy Blackwell, invites you to join us in a little creative play – make the steps in our logo out of anything that sparks your imagination.

Examples of FutureLearn steps.

At FutureLearn, we believe it’s our job to enable anybody, anywhere to move onwards and upwards in life through free learning. This is a concept represented by the simple steps in our logo. To share this message, we want to spread the steps across the world and we’re inviting you to join us in a little creative play.

It’s really easy – just make the FutureLearn steps out of anything that sparks your imagination. The only guideline is to follow the shape of our steps. It could be a tiny row of beads or a huge pile of boxes, something from nature or something you eat – the possibilities are endless.

What could you make the FutureLearn steps out of?

Join the game today by tweeting a picture of your steps with the hashtag #FLsteps and we’ll showcase the best ones on our social media platforms.

Need a little inspiration?

Check out our Storify to see where the #FLsteps idea came from. Or follow us @FutureLearn to see some more examples.

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  • jennifercarol

    Please reply

  • jennifercarol

    I have sent many future learn steps that I created and edited….pls have a check on all of them and hope u like some of these.

    • Lucy Blackwell

      I don’t see your steps on twitter, did you add the hashtag #FLsteps to your posts? We would love to see them!

  • Rizky Azizah

    i think i need to join this Games