The FutureLearn roadmap: help shape our future

In this post Simon Pearson, Head of Consumer Products, shares our product roadmap (our rough plan of what we’re working on next at FutureLearn).

In this post Simon Pearson, Head of Consumer Products, shares our product roadmap (our rough plan of what we’re working on next at FutureLearn).

We are always speaking to you, our learners, to find out what you enjoy about FutureLearn, and how we can improve the experience for you. We do this through, for example, one-on-one research, surveys, and our community team.

From the day we opened our first courses in October 2013, you’ve been sharing your ideas for new features and improvements – and we are always listening. Our teams choose what to do next based on how well these ideas fit with our mission. You can find out more about how this works in this post by my colleague Laura.  

But starting today, we’re giving you more detail about our upcoming plans by sharing our product roadmap with you and sharing regular updates on how we’re doing in regards to it. Our roadmap describes the sorts of things that we’ve done recently, that we’re actively working on or that we plan to do in the future.

There are two things worth remembering about this roadmap:

  • It’s an indication of what changes and improvements we might make. It is not fixed in stone; rather it changes all the time as we learn about what’s working and what we and our learners need.
  • It doesn’t contain everything we’re working on – we do a lot of work behind the scenes, e.g. to help our educators make courses more easily – but it does indicate the sorts of changes you might see soon.

How can you help with the FutureLearn roadmap?

The reason we’re making this roadmap public is because we want your input! So, we would love it if you could take a few moments to have a look, vote up the things you’d like to see sooner, and perhaps contribute to the discussion. This will help us to consider whether we might reprioritise what’s there, to make your learning experience at FutureLearn even better.

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  • Louis Salguero

    I am thinking follow up courses by RMIT regarding ‘Service Design’ and ‘Transition Design’ would be great.

    I did enjoy Service Design by RMIT, it was an awesome experience.


  • Richard E. Renshaw

    A colleague and I are thinking to create a new course ‘Introduction Project Assurance Measures’ or some variant, this would be of a short two week duration. I hope there may be interest and we have submitted a proposal to FutureLearn with the aim to become a Partner and provide content. We thought to run the course 3 times in a year and hopefully we create a better course every time based upon community feedback. Wish us luck if you merit – thank you.

    • Richard E. Renshaw

      The inspiration for generation of design of the above proposal came from participation of a short two week court ‘Systems Thinking and Complexity’ by FutureLearn. The course unfolded daily and I found each day was gripping to see what had happened by my fellow students on the ever evolving discussion threads.

      What in my opinion is of benefit of these type of courses is by providing up front the index of expected posts during the days of the first week lets you set your own pace akin to a marathon runner whom does not not sprints but maintains a rhythm and consistency. This grit and determination gets you to the end of the course respecting the timeline and I found a fun methodology for learning led by knowledgable and experienced educators from FutureLearn.

      I hope this is of help.

      Sunny Riyadh

      • Richard E. Renshaw

        As a suggestion for build of robustness consider to design a poll in respect of the Top 5 Risks for current strategy of FutureLearn and then design a poll for members participation. Members would identify Risks and also vote on the Risks i.e. loss of reputation could be one due to the transition for fees at the end of the course for activation of an option to undertake the quiz and obtain a certificate.

        Similarly the converse to design a poll to identify the top 5 Opportunities of current strategy i.e. could there be an interest to approach a consortium whom already provide online courses such as Business Administration as one option.

        It’s just an idea, hope it appeals.

        Kind regards

        Saudi Arabia

  • Charles F. Fromme, Jr,

    Always looking for more astronomy, cosmology, and astrophysics courses. Thank you.