FutureLearn Updates: Incorporating shipping charges in the overall price of products

From today, we're incorporating shipping charges in the overall price of products, to make your purchasing experience simpler and clearer. Find out more in this post.

Previously, if you upgraded, paid for a course, or bought a certificate, you paid an extra shipping charge based on your address. This additional charge was shown at checkout.

We’ve now included the shipping charge in the overall price of the product, so you’re clear about the exact cost from the start.

We’ve added £3 to all of our prices to incorporate the costs of shipping. For international learners, we’ll add the £3 to the price of the product in pounds, before converting and rounding to an international currency in the same way as we currently do.

Wherever you are, you will see a small increase in the advertised price of an upgrade, paid-for course or certificate, and you will no longer see an additional shipping charge at checkout. We hope this will make your purchasing experience clearer and simpler.

If you have any questions, you can find answers in our Help Centre. To see the other improvements we’re making to FutureLearn, check out our roadmap.

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  • Abdool

    Dear sir,
    I have completed my course on 14 of November 2017 and expected to have the delivery of my certificate of achievement by post last week. I am still waiting to receive my certificate.

    Can you please do needful ASAP please.

    Thanks in advance.