FutureLearn announces SEEK as new 50/50 shareholders alongside The Open University

We’re delighted to announce a new shareholder today. SEEK, Australia’s top employment marketplace, is joining The Open University as 50/50 shareholders in FutureLearn.

We’re delighted to announce a new shareholder today. SEEK, Australia’s top employment marketplace, is joining The Open University as 50/50 shareholders in FutureLearn. Our existing relationship with The Open University and its vision for the higher education sector has, and will continue to have, a huge impact on and benefit to FutureLearn.

This is big news for us but before we get into the details, we want to say thank you – you, our learners are incredibly important to us and we simply wouldn’t be the company we are today without you, so thank you. And now for those details…

SEEK is Australia’s top employment marketplace. The SEEK Group operates in almost 20 countries, with access to almost 200m jobseekers and almost one million hirers from organisations and recruitment agencies. You can watch a quick video about the group.

For FutureLearn, SEEK adds experience and expertise in the employment sector, a good fit for the education sector as more people look for a return on the time and money they invest in learning.

But there’s no change to our purpose of transforming access to education on a global scale. SEEK are investing in FutureLearn and its business strategy so you’ll keep seeing the FutureLearn you know, it’s not going anywhere.

It really is still business as usual for us. We will still be offering access to courses for free but the investment means we can do more, more quickly.

For example, we’ll continue to invest to ensure our platform remains extremely user-friendly and enjoyable to use on mobile, desktop and tablet. We’ll also remain focused on the courses we bring you so look out for more courses in terms of new subject areas, more degrees, and bite-sized stackable courses for learners keen to develop a particular skill for the workplace.

We’re delighted to be receiving this investment, obviously, but we’re really excited to be receiving it from a company like SEEK who understands and believes in our business and what we can achieve together. They are also a really good match to both us and our founding shareholder, The Open University, in their stated purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations. You can watch how they bring their purpose to life.

They’re a great new investor for us and we can’t wait to start working with them. We hope you’re as excited as we all are for the future.

Simon Nelson

Update: 3pm, May 2 2019. Thank you for all your questions. Comments are now closed, but you can read Simon’s response to your main questions in our CEO update.

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  • Thanks for your comments everyone!

    You can read Simon’s response to the main themes that came out of your questions in this new blog post: https://about.futurelearn.com/blog/ceo-update-answering-the-questions-about-futurelearns-new-investors


    Bonjour merci pour l’effort que vous faites.
    Ma préoccupation est que je suis dans un pays francophones je ne vois nulle part un programme spécifique aux francophones que nous sommes.

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    Thank you for evey thing

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    Glad to hear the merger or union has happened. Its a great opportunity to gain more in our engagement.

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    Future Learn+SEEK go together then will make the world goes round!!

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    I’m interesting

    Please update

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    I need a bachelor degree in journalism.

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    First of all please be briefly what types of bisness.

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    Good to hear that. I hope to learn or benefit a lot from this employment opportunities.

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    I have used future learn many times enjoying the courses very much e.g. Archaeology/dig to lab .This investment gives great confidence in our learning culture in this country. Well done.

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    Hello.I am a new in this chatting.I learn english

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    Great news! I’m a huge fan of Future Learn, which so nicely was able to show me the benefits of distance learning. So, thank you!

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    I always say, I always.say, In every labour there is PROFIT. That is what it is in Futurelearn. Every hand that gives receives. Therefore SEEK receive full measure in your undertakings.

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    Yes it’s an excellent choice!

  • Cosimina Botrugno

    Yes i also appreciate very much the union between Open University Future Learn and SEEK, that’s why i’m sharing in a full way the philosophy of SEEK for the success’s business and the Vision shared also by the OPEN UNIVERSITY and FUTURE LEARN to make accessible the culture for all, for the workplace and other objectives, among them long life learning in a path that will lead to an autonomous and happy being!
    My pride to belong to Your organization is now growing more and more and i wish that business will be going also in the future at the highest level possible at a planetary level!

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    Keep going 👍👍. Great success

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    its nice we hope that we will be blessed by education,awareness and information by future learn

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    I have completed one course with FutureLearn (Exploring Animation, interesting informative and great fun) and I am now learning on another. I think that the on-line learning is a great way to learn from a course and worldwide peer group.

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    Tanks a lot. It has been the best news for the last year. Presumably it will allow my family to change our location in the long run.

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    Hoping you will teach us how to have, read, study and use our own bio information to achieve all we can and keep Mother Earth healthy as well. Hire teachers scientists algorithm developers everyone who can do informatics so children learn the language and apply it for good.

  • Dr Tony Walter-Girout

    Seek is an awesome platform ! Great merger
    As I live in Australia obviously our past study’s will be of great value as I have been mapping a path Way for the Australia culture.

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    Congratulations! I will always support you!

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    Very good information about the merger of seek to become sahreholder in the future learn. I have been using seek to find work in Australia or other countries for a long time, but until now it has not been successful. can this program help me get work outside the country. Thanks & Warm Regards

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    Nice, employ me please

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    Thanks for sending all these information
    *Successful after successful always*

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    Wow, Fascinating new,
    Congratulations Future Learn Team. Actually, It is just due to your struggle because online teaching is not easy. You do so much work to improve distance education by delivering millions of skills.
    Kind Regards,
    Farkhanda Ijaz

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    Thank you for sharing this information with us,
    Good news for Future Learn means good news for us your students;
    I hope this will help to reduce the cost of the “Unlimited”
    Thanks again

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    Congratulations !! Thank you !!

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    This is good news for the increase of power in Futurelearn. We’ll come Seek

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    My congratulations!!! Thank you for your work!!! You give a great possibility for ordinary man to learn online in the best universities of the world and to get new knowledge and skills from highly educated professionals. I hope you will continue … Regards, Igor

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    I am happy to be part and parcel of Futurelearn
    Where things are going well, there is favor, progress and increase.
    Wel come Seek to Futurelearn.

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    Hello futurelearn group …lam happy for you and congratulation and l want to say you are push me or us to the best future lwill promes you lwill stay with you that you are given ..
    With my best wishes

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    The FutureLearn is very productive open university to receive new knowledge.

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    Hi Team
    Congrats for receiving the investment form SEEK.Wish you success in all your endeavors and thanks a lot for sharing the information
    Warm Regards

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    Congrats! From Malaysia, it is so awesome. Please need further information. Keep up the good work.

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    Hi Team of FutureLearn I’m glad to hear that SEEK Australia has sponsored your work but can you please furnish me with vital information pertaining to your course when to enroll and how to go about it.
    Warmest Regards

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    this is the great efforts by the British council and the group that consulting to work together and congratulations to all the activity group in this filed >

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    Wow congratulations!!!


    Congratulations on the announcement, but the problem is – although the courses are free, the request for the certificates will it be cheaper for South Africa or maybe free? With the rand being so weak against overseas money units and the work issue against whites in South Africa, the government’s Black Economic Empowerment policies have drawn criticism from some economists, because although it has resulted in some individuals becoming wealthy, it has not addressed the broader masses. Nevertheless, black empowerment is a key government initiative. Restrictive labor regulations and a lack of skills and educational development have contributed to large-scale unemployment whites – we can’t afford to apply for the certificates – so we have no evidence that we did a course online, and passed the course in question.

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    that’s amazing

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    Best Wishes !!

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    Congratulations! Best wishes for the company to reach greater heights!

  • Willie Stewart

    Great news that Seek is joining The Open University as 50/50 shareholders in FutureLearn.
    As a higher education careers counsellor in Wales I worked with Open University students for many years. It was a magical experience seeing students achieving their dreams. One OU student went on to establish an international charitable organisation working in Third World countries.
    Now in the 15 th year of my retirement I have completed many Future Learn courses with a whole variety of Universities — Mindfulness with Monash, Ageing with Trinity College Dublin (my alma mater) courses in Psychology and Healthy Living.
    I know the OU will add great value and enrich the work of Future Learn. Best Wishes.

  • Denis Briggs

    Another moneymaking venture, not what the OPU was ensteablished for.

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    Keep the fire burning.

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    Congratulations on this great achievement.

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    Congratulations. Great New! I am looking forward to doing more with you. Thank you.

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    Do you have sign language linguistics?

    Will you add closed caption or subtitles on video for the deaf and hard of hearing people?

    Did you know that YouTube has a special feature for closed caption by typing.

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    Thank Futurelearn for possibility accessing to courses for free. I hope to find more interesting and new subject areas in the future.

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    Congratulations!!Future Learn&SEEK+Learners we will go together and make the world goes round.

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    Congratulation, I wish to grow with your team.
    I am from Cambodia , when i was young i had my dream already to have a chance to study at Australia, that’s why i am interested with your course ,event my finance not yet strong ,but will one day i can study for improved my English,thanks,regard.

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    Congratulations, the future of learning is more brighter and with a strategic partner will definitely increase the value of learning to work in a more productive and intelligent way.
    Looking forward to future courses which will create more demand in coding skills and technology management.
    Thank you.

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    Congratulations on your success. That’s really great.

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    Excellent news! And nost of all thank for the constant motivation you give us to continue improving our knoledge! Thank you!

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    Congratulations. Sound so great. I’m looking for more courses in terms of the new degree. Thanks anyway.

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    Glad to hear that,
    Great News! Education and development through strategic alliances will deliver great manpower.
    I hope for the development of your partnership and there are facilities in how to obtain certificates through the course .I am very interesting learning new things and studying new things that are my hobbies.
    I hope I will fulfill what I am expecting from the course.

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    Great job

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    Congratulations –I hope for the development of your partnership and that there are facilities in how to obtain certificate from you.I am so happy to you

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    Great News! Education and development through strategic alliances will deliver great manpower.

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    Congratulations. I wish you success together.
    I hope for the development of your partnership and that there are facilities in how to obtain certificates from you. I am very interested in all your courses but I have financial problems and I can not afford them. I hope to take into account the financial aspects. I hope to develop contact with associates.

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    Congratulations. I am looking forward to doing more with you. Thank you.

  • Helen

    In reports in the finance media about SEEK’s investment in Futurelearn, students are referred to as being part of the “human capital market”. This is not an environment I want to be in with my studies. Corporate speak, corporate values.

    Given that SEEK’s business model is largely based on the collection and use of personal information, will there be any change in Futurelearn’s privacy practices? Will SEEK have access to the personal information Futurelearn has collected from us in the past? Will we be required to have profiles with the SEEK corporation in the future?

  • Audrey Foster

    This is great news. It means that you will be able to expand your courses and include new ones. Education is wonderful. You can never stop learning. Future Learn must be very excited. You have done so well. This will increase your already excellent work, where you have attracted top rate, extremely helpful tutors. My very best wishes and congratulations to the number one Learning area for adults.

  • Ngozi Enogieru


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    Will student’s details now be used for “marketing” ? It looks like an awful lot of money for altruistic reasons and the “fit” is far from obvious.

  • Deborah Adeyemo

    This is good news to learners. I wish both organisations the very best.

  • Cecilia Cheung

    It is great to hear that FutureLearn is having SEEK such a good partner to bring an extra dimension in the field of education, especially for helping people to gain skills in the world of work. I hope FutureLearn not only will add more relevant courses to meet the skills gap, but also help people to get a taste of the work involved by providing work experience or internship.

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    Congratulations, thanks so much for sharing whit us this news.

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    Congratulations on this great development and thank you very much for your platform.


    Am delighted to be one of of your learners. I have already enjoyed as a student so far. And will continue to be until I get finished what am learning here. Thanks for the support and encouragement so far. I wish you all the best as I learn and as you help me reach my goals. Many thanks to the team. Thank you.
    Kind regards.

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    Congratulations, thanks for sharing.

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    Thank for ceo to understand my comment Also
    If you can put on through futurelearn an English pressessional course for somebody who had level 4 in IELTS may be with less 4 in some component by exemple speaking 3 writing 4.5 reading 5 listening 3 to do after pressessional online course to do a master oe phd online may be some time we visit UK to increse speakink skills by example for one month or some weeks?
    Kind regards

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    Good news! I have enjoyed several courses but hope this investment will mean more communication and input from tutors and more visuals eg videos filmed interviews. Look forward to seeing the benefits. Congratulations!

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    Congratulations to all!

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    Congratulation!! We are very gladful to hear this new

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    Congratulations!! This sounds like a very exciting time for FutureLearn. Thank you SEEK for investing in our education!! I’m looking forward to seeing the new and expanded course materials.

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    Congratulations to all of you!
    And, thank you for making us well-informed through updating us of what FutureLearn have been up to… thank you!

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    es muy lindo saber que estamos avanzando

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    As one of the avid learners on FutureLearn (which I have now sadly ceased to be due to a very bad experience at the hands of its poor administrative standard), I highly welcome this fantastic news and would like to wish FutureLearn a brighter future in its niche market and educational endeavour.

    All the best from a former learner.

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    So thrilled to hear this news! I continue to be impressed with the incredible work that FL is doing and your fantastic team. I commend your consistent support of education and educators in all realms globally.

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    Why did you suggest that I went over to your blog, when the information was exactly the same as the email?

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    Thank you for sharing the news.

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    It’s so thoughtful of you to share this great news with us! Congratulations!

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    Congratulations Mr simon this is a good idea to mix them and also thank you for helping us because we really need it

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    Woow this sounds fascinating indeed !
    Future Learn has been treating us as learners so very well , thus we are hoping the inclusion of SEEK Will make this learning platform even more informative .

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    Many Congratulations, Simon and to all.
    Great news, work, achievements and by all.
    Thank you, to all and for this opportunity.


    Good news. Congratulations!!!

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    The future of learning just got brighter…
    All the best ..this is very wonderful news for us..

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    Congratulations! Mr.Simon. Very interesting news for us.Your success was greatly appreciated.

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    Great! We are very happy to hear this kind of news. Congratulation!

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    I love the format as it exists. Though, I recognize the value of new energy, I hope you will not change what works for me except to expand it.

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    Great news. Now, everyone would have the opportunity for a job in Australia. I’ve always loved that beautiful and peaceful country. My dream is to work there some day. Cheers

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    That is good news for us and for the company, I am so excited too and I can not wait to start enjoying the benefits of been a part of this blessings. Thank you FutureLearn and Congratulation!

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    Fantastic news well done to everyone involved Congratulations.

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    Good news there keep it up

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    I’m starting a History Degree in Oct and it is giving me a insight to what I have to do.

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    Hearty Congratukations.
    Well deserved.

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    Brilliant news for us and even better news for you . It’s just great that SEEK have found pertential In you like we did .

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    Congratulations! And THANK YOU for expanding learning and making it accessible to everyone, wherever they are in the world.

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    Congratulations Future Learn team! My question: will there be a move to align FL’s offerings with SEEK’s interests? I.e, will any courses be removed based on this partnership – and what sorts of courses?

    Looking forward to your round-up.

  • Forrest Malone

    Congratulations!!! FutureLearn is a real treasure and has evidently just became even more so. I look forward to participating in more of your wonderful learning opportunities and enjoying these exciting new developments with you.

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    Congratulations! That’s good news for the community of learners, myself included!

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    Sometimes . I learn without eating & drinking.

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    Congratulations. This is awesome and motivating

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    It’s a pleasure to hear this amazing news. I am from Venezuela and I am a refugee in Argentina for 2 years. I would like to work with you in any sector. Our dream is to live in Australia, USA or UK.
    If you helped us, we would have the sunshine again in my life. Yours, Carlos

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    Change and growth are essential for sustainability – something I learnt in a FL course. I have enjoyed your gifts of learning many times and thank you and wish you all the best with this new expansion.

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    Congratulations! You’re the best!

  • Carlos Castro

    It’s a pleasure to hear this amazing news as I always think. I am from Venezuela and I am a refugee in Argentina years, I would like to work with you in any sector, My dream is to live in Australia, USA or UK with my family, If you helped me, we would have the sunshine again in our life. Yours, Carlos

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    I’m recently early-retired Californian but still a curious person, hoping FL’s courses may provide a new future for me…yes?

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    I’m not a job seeker. I am convinced that in the next three decades at least people aged 40 upwards will increasingly need to look to education and learning related to skills and knowledge in our world’s economy. Remember this please, all at seek. GO FOR IT WITH FUTURE LEARN & THE O.U. Thus spaketh the not so wise but quite ancient Owl of Wales.

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    Terrific! I really hope FutureLearn a promising future. Actually, I recommend your course to my students several years ago for its high quality and free access. Thank you for the preparation course for IELTS, which helped me understand the language test through the official instruction. Congrats again! I‘m glad to receive the news and hope to work with you all.

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    Where there is expansion people progress and

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    Hearty congratulations to the Total Team of Future Learn and SEEK Team, as well as All the Learners, it’s a Greatest Achievement by All the stake holders.

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    Although investment is great news for you as a business, I was hoping that this news would bring changes. The reality is that I haven’t taken part in a single course since your upgrades were brought in (which seemed to be more of a downgrade for anyone who was used to the free learning options). I was optimistic when unlimited membership were brought in, but £209 is quite pricey. I used to really value the idea that I could learn at my own pace, but that’s not really possible anymore.
    It’s such a shame that this has happened because I really loved (and frequently recommended) the old FutureLearn. It would be nice if the investment allowed you to be more flexible with the free level of your courses.

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    Congratulations dear. Wishing u the best in this union

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    This investment seeks to give us a richer experience, faster. Many thanks

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    I will continue working and advancing in my learnings with you

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    to work and live in Australia. Thank a lots.Wish you all the best.

  • Thanks for your kind words and your questions. We will do a round up response to your comments later this week.

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    Thank you for your kind words and your questions. We will do a round up response to your comments later this week.

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    Thank you FutureLearn Tean for sharing with us this change of shareholders. We hope that we will continue to work with SEEK company as usual. And we expect more opportunities to come!

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  • Trevor Jenkins

    With the recent emailings from FL that only focus on and promote business/commercial MOOCs will this business/commercial partner see all the interesting courses — creative writing, literary, historical, dance, cultural, cross-cultural — being dropped.

    • Kiran Patel

      Firstly congratulations!
      I have similar concerns as Trevor that commercial pressures may drive out arts and cultural studies.

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  • David Guest

    Helen Yoxall and anyone else who is interested, Futurelearn is a private limited company, so it has shareholders but is not listed on the stock exchange.


    As one of the global Future learners, I would to thank the Open University and all the other partner Universities for their efforts in making education easier. Further I also would like to congratulate Simon nelson in person and the SEEK group for this update and progress.

    Yours Sincerely



    I have thoroughly enjoyed all the courses at Future Learn, this is an opportunity to say
    THANK YOU and wish you all the very best

  • Filipos Savides

    Funds are all the time welcomed BUT ALL the time there is a benefit for the provider.
    In this case we hope that it will be for a good cause and NOT be ADVERTISING FEES.
    Like other people mentioned previously, is Futurelearn a stock exchange company? or another person wondering if can block SEEK email advertising. Those are very obvious questions. But WE wait and see the results.

  • Renee Grootenboer

    What a forward step. Surely SEEK will help align people’s vocational development goals with their learning opportunities. Let me know when you have certified courses for applied theory in art therapy. I already have a Master’s in Disability Studies and Developmental Education and am art and developmental psychology literate. I am seeking appropriate study options for future entry into this area. Just putting ideas in your board room heads (I hope 🙂 Congratulations. Renee G.

  • prasanta misra

    I am a retired agricultural engineer/management consultant.I want to get reserch assistance for developing hydroponic/aeroponic system for Indian urban households.Can you tell me how you can help me?

  • Helen Yoxall

    I don’t understand. I thought the Open University, created by Royal Charter, was a registered charity. What is the meaning of this Australian corporation becoming a “shareholder” in Futurelearn? What kind of entity is Futurelearn? A company listed on the stock exchange?

  • Kareem Sowar

    How are you great people there
    Can I complete my studying of Civil Engineering in your great University and company inspite of my white hair and 54 years old . Although I have no money to pay !!
    Please tell me!
    Waiting to hear from you soon

  • umajaisimha

    Congratulations!! Investment and meaningful purpose go hand in hand. All the best!!

  • Nigel Kerr

    Will it be possible to block marketing emails from SEEK?

  • Saima Ali

    Very nice Mr Simon, congratulations.

  • Khaldun Salameh Al-Rawashdeh

    Wish you all the best.
    Yes, you can lead the change.

  • Liliana Falcone


  • Jennifer Sellman

    Welcome – growing skills, opening minds and widening interests.

  • Prabha Ranaweera

    Congratulations future learn !

  • Saule Milius

    Congratulations!!! Great news! That is an amazing opportunity to learn more from those who have scaled the success ladder and are sharing their wisdom with us. Thank you!

  • Maureenne Cleirigh

    Exciting information. Sadly something has gone wrong. The last courses I have joined (last one Dyslexia etc) I have been unable to get back onto the course, being directed to jin course if I wish to see this. hope there is a remedy, even tho I am an eighty year old ‘interest only’ learner. thank you and wishing you the best of partnerships. xx

  • Camille Sole

    Great – a good way to spread the word of education.

  • Anastasia Kouki

    Congratulations, the stairway to prosperity is hard but luminous. Wish you always the best!!!

    • Mohamed Ait kaci

      The best or nothing, nice futur.