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Discover a new passion in May with these courses

In this post find some brand new courses, and a few old favourites, to help you develop a new passion, skill or hobby in May.

In this post find some brand new courses, and a few old favourites, to help you develop a new passion, skill or hobby in May.

Write a screenplay

Unleash your inner Sorkin, Cody or Tarantino with this popular introductory course to screenwriting. Learn the basic concepts of scriptwriting and be confident in the language of screenwriting – don’t forget to thank us in your acceptance speeches.

Join An Introduction to Screenwriting

Learn Korean

If learning a language is on your to-do list then this brand new course is for you. Over 6 weeks it will introduce you to Korean language and culture and by the end you will be able to have a simple conversation in Korean.

Join Introduction to Korean

Make music

Create beautiful rhythms and beats with just one instrument: your computer. This course from Goldsmiths will show you how to build drum machines and synthesizers that run in your web browser using Javascript.

Join Learn to Code Electronic Music Tools with Javascript

Be mindful

Make May the month you destress by learning to be mindful. A firm favourite amongst learners this introductory mindfulness course will equip you with the tools to reduce your stress levels and improve your study and work performance.

Join Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance


Who says playing is just for children? Not the team from the University of Sheffield that’s for sure. Discover the history of play and learn how playing could enrich your daily life whatever age you are. 

Join Exploring Play: the Importance of Play in Everyday Life

Not found a course for you? Browse all our courses starting in May.

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  • Deborah Magbegor

    Leave a comment… I need a course in developing and lunching my website.

  • Sydney Klevesath Cabrera

    It would be wonderful to join a course about medieval calligraphy. I think many would be motivated to learn it.

  • Ryllis Mannix

    I would love to do a course in digitizations.

  • Ma. Fernanda Rodríguez

    It would be grat if you foster a course about project management, it could be a program with pdu’s (supported by the Project management Institute)

  • Sofia

    I liked very much the course “” Superpowers of the ancient world” that unfortunately didn’t finished on time. I’d like to learn this course again or some another course about ancient civilizations. As whole, I think that “future Learn” is a wonderful opportunity for improvement for every one who strives to improve his English and simultaneously to gain new knowledge.

  • urbi

    want to pursue phd in English literature.

  • Sarah-Jane

    The link to the play course doesn’t go to the play course, it goes to the mindfulness course.

  • Guido

    Tried FutureLearn couple times and must sadly admit it doesn’t stand the comparison with other MOOC providers. Courses are short and very superficial…. quizzes and exams nowhere challenging. I might not be the ideal marketing target, and I am not paying for certificates anyway, but still wonder who is going to pay for these courses and why.


    Leave a comment…Satisfactorily,am an intending PhD Post-Graduate Scholar who aims to integrate an academic,pure research-oriented Online degree to study basically Law @ York University,Osgoode Hall Law School,Ontario/Toronto,Canada.Philosophically,studying practically is good inorder to showcase oneself, bringing the best performance for the World to visualize through scientific and technological innovation,bridging the gap of mediocrity to rare high level of excellence everyone dare to imbibe culturally and environmentally,proven among international communities literally,taking the globe across the horizon,beating speculation of learners in 21st Century……..