Introducing digital, shareable Statements of Participation

We’ve just made a range of improvements to our Statements of Participation, including a new design, updated wording and digital versions. Here, our Product Manager, Simon Pearson, explains all.

The new digital, shareable Statement of Participation

Since April 2014, we’ve offered printed Statements of Participation as a way to prove that you took part in a FutureLearn course. We know that thousands of learners are adding them to their CVs or resumés, online professional profiles and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) portfolios.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a host of improvements to Statements, to make them even more useful:

1. Digital Statements are now available to view and share

Firstly, Statements of Participation now include a digital version. Rather than being a downloadable PDF, which is easy to forge or misplace, these digital versions take the form of a webpage on the FutureLearn site, each with its own unique URL.

This means you can easily share your Statements with friends or employers via social media or email; add them to your LinkedIn profile with one click; or include them in your online CV with ease. And you can do all of this immediately after buying it:


You’ll still receive a printed Statement in the post around two to five weeks later, depending on your location. This will include the unique URL for the digital version.

2. Statements have a new design and updated wording

Secondly, we’ve redesigned digital and printed Statements from the ground up, to better represent your achievements, based on feedback from learners. The information is displayed more clearly and we’ve improved the wording, to better reflect the effort you put in on your course.

You can learn more about the in-depth design process we went through – and our thinking behind the design change – in a blog post by our Visual Designer, Kieran McCann.

3. You can now collect digital Statements on your FutureLearn profile

Thirdly, a digital version of every Statement you buy will now be included on your FutureLearn profile, so you can collect all of your achievements across many courses in one place. You can also share each Statement directly from your profile.


If you haven’t bought any Statements yet, you’ll also see a new section on your profile, showing you which ones you’re eligible for.

4. If you’ve already bought a printed Statement, we’ve given you a digital version

If you’re among the thousands of learners who’ve bought a Statement in the past, we’ve just added a digital counterpart to your profile, at no additional cost.

It’s our way of saying thank you for being with us from the start!

5. The price of Statements is increasing

We’ve increased the price of these new Statements to £34 (GBP) + shipping, to reflect the additional value and convenience that the digital counterpart adds. The money from these Statements helps us to develop and maintain FutureLearn, and enables our partners to offset some of the costs of developing and running free courses.

To find out more, check out our dedicated Statements of Participation page or visit our FAQs.

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Comments (42)


  • Andreas

    +1 for requesting a downloadable PDF – it would make sharing (e.g. attaching to applications) the certificates much easier. Since you send printed versions of the certificates anyway, I didn’t see why it would be much effort to printable digital copy.

  • Annoyed Techy!

    Its not a digital certificate- its a webpage!!
    I feel ive been mislead here! I want a pdf certificate that I can upload as an attachment to applications, not a web page!

  • Abdulla

    Could you please make a PDF version of Digital certificate I can’t Download it, or take a screenshot?

  • Amin

    Please I want a PDF version of my certificate after buying it, the digital version as a web page is not presentable. Can you advise how I can download it or you have deactivated this option. Thanks

  • Haytham

    I want to know . This is my first experience . If I paid for statement of participation ! How can I get the certificate ! By g mail or it will be pdf or what ! Please , reply sOon

  • Robin Broadbridge

    Ordered and received a “Certificate of Participation” for the Portus Project.
    For the price I was disgusted at the very poor quality of the certificate on poor quality unlaid paper. I could and will produce a far better quality certificate on my own cheap laser printed.
    Not impressed at all especially as so much was implied that you would need to put in quality work to reach a pass.

  • Abdi Geleta Gebissa

    I have got important knowledge and experiences from your presentation. I have down load the PDF and vedio it helps me in my present and future career and nice document it is short time course and you transfer a wide area knowledge in easy and understandable methods. So I will pay and collect my Certificate. But I have to read and finish the 5th and 6th cours whole courses; due to I am busy with a field work

  • Edward Cavanagh

    Hi Simon,

    Good to hear that you’ve redesigned digital and printed Statements from the ground up, based on feedback from learners, to better represent your achievements.

    During the course great emphasis was placed on the screen in showing the score achieved whilst progressing through the course and then finally showing the grand total score at the finish of the course. i.e. % out of 100.

    Is it not possible to also show in the Statements of Participation the above % score along with the universities expected/anticipated i.e. X weeks, Y hours per week?
    I.e. and so improving the wording further, to better reflect the effort put in by the participant during their course.

    I believe this would make the Statements of Participation more valuable to the participant in general, by also giving a more meaningful record of their efforts.

    Thank you for your efforts so far.
    If you were able to add this small addition, it would really then reflect the increased cost of £34 (GBP) + shipping.


    certificate is good am looking for ward to get one so that i can put in may office

  • Sylvester Igwemezie

    The digital and improved version of statement of participation looks beautiful.I wish I could get mine without further delay,but my only setback is I don’t have acceptable payment instrument to enable such payments.I suggest that you find a way of making such payment more simplified for FutureLearners from third world countries,which the majority find it difficult to access Visa/Master credit card for online payment.

  • Ashani

    Wow this is great news. Will hope to collect them soon as possible.
    Thank you.

  • Shaikha zahir AlHinai

    I want my statement of participation as I
    paid money and I send my email for you.

    • Zahir Emamdee

      Hi Dkaikha,

      Did you not receive it yet?
      Wanted to pay for one but your comment got me upset.

      • Jaime

        I have bought several certificates. They usually come in 2 to 3 weeks for me but my most recent one took over 5 weeks to arrive. Don’t lose hope yet unless it’s been longer than that. They have always eventually come.


    what should i do to print certificate.i haved attendance for course.pls give me advice!

  • Tho Le

    I’m thinking of getting one but it is a bit high for my income. May I only get the digital one? It is be cheaper, isn’t it?

  • Marilyn Hernández

    Cordial saludo, por favor no he comprendido cómo es el proceso para comprar el certificado del curso. Gracias.

  • Mohammed osman

    It’s veery good

  • David Burman

    I completed the Introduction to Cyber Security a month or so ago, and paid my £34 to purchase the Statement of Participation. However, when I checked my profile I do not appear to have a digital version of the Statement in my account. Is it possible to issue me with one?



    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi David,
      We’ve checked and we’ve definitely given you a digital version. If you sign in and visit your profile, then scroll down to the ‘Achievements’ section, you’ll see it listed there.
      The FutureLearn team

  • Anju Anand

    Have I completed the course? How can I get a statement of participation?

  • Jacqueline Mary Williams

    Thank you for printing a list of the Statements of Participation concerning courses where I have participated – I found the courses stimulating and interesting and look forward to participating again in the future.

  • jeanette ridley

    this is just wonderful to get a digital certificate as well ,im just finishing one of the courses next week on wellbeing ,so I will look forward to buying my certificate again .thankyou future learn .

  • Margie

    Coursera give the Statement of Participation digital or printed for free. A certificate is bought, but not the Statement of Participation. Maybe in the future, you’ll match Coursera.

  • abdulsalam abdulrahman

    I participated in understanding learning and teaching English langauge Nov.2014 course but didn’t get my statement becauae of the wrong shipping address.Is it possible to get through the new system that you have made.

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Abdulsalam,
      Yes, you can see the digital version of this Statement by visiting your profile.
      The FutureLearn team

  • Abdullah khan

    i using it from last 4 monhs when i completed the cources then u send me certificate or what and is it free or costy

  • naga

    this is my cocci-on how can i send you the money this is Ethiopia

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Naga,
      You can pay for a Statement using Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards only.
      The FutureLearn team

  • naga

    i m so glad happy to join with you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ally

    Will you be offering a ‘digital only’ option at a lower cost in future? This would be far more attractive to me than having to have a printed copy as well.

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Ally,
      No, we don’t currently have any plans to offer a cheaper, digital-only option.
      The FutureLearn team

  • Tracie MacMillan

    My printed certificate for my first completed futurelearn course was disappointing as it did not use the correct case on some letters in my name, and it said that I had “completed the majority of the course” when I have in fact completed it all! The new digital version of this particular certificate is much better, as it now reflects that I have completed it all, but I think I should be sent a replacement printed version for this, at no additional cost. I was happy to pay for the original certificate as it was a small price to pay for the quality of the course, but I do not want to pay twice for it.

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Tracie,
      We’re sorry to hear that there were errors on your Statement. Please could you email and we’ll try to rectify this for you?
      The FutureLearn team

  • Agnes Owiti

    This is wonderful news keep the good news coming. The only problem i have that has made me unable to purchase my cert of participation is how i can send money to you. We do not have a system that can automatically transfer money from kenya to you. Is there any way out for us who have undregone this training and want ti show our certs to others in order to encourage them to take the course?
    Thank you.

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Agnes,
      You can pay for a Statement using Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards only.
      The FutureLearn team

  • Javan Dennehy

    The worst course ever online is FutureLearn as there are many Online Course’s that are

    achieveable with sent results and even free Certificates with results,in english and math’s

    and Courses like on Alison Learning Certificates free results certificates.

    • Javan Dennehy

      No achievement dote compare with you,dote compare other onlines!

  • Hlyan Htet Oo

    It’ll be better if you can download your digital certificates (in PDF format, for example, like on edX and other MOOCs sites). And also add a digital signature of the educator on them, please.

    • The FutureLearn team

      Hi Hlyan,

      We decided not to go with PDF versions of Statements, as they are easier to forge and it diminishes their value. We think hosting statements online with a unique URL is a solution to that problem.

      Educator’s signatures appear on printed Statements. On digital Statements, we’re exploring ways to link the educator’s name to their FutureLearn profile to validate their authenticity.


      The FutureLearn team

  • Hira A.

    Sir, When statement of participation will be free, especially for the developing countries who are eager to learn from you but cannot afford all courses they have gone through. Regards

  • marykate

    That’s wonderful news!
    Thank you for expanding our options.
    Keep up the good work!
    Yours in teaching,