What are you doing 25-28 January? Come and join us at Bett

Bett - the world's leading education technology event - is taking place in London from 25-28 January this year. We're exhibiting and speaking, and we'd love to meet you there.

Bett – the world’s leading education technology event – is taking place in London from 25-28 January this year. We’re exhibiting and speaking, and have even been shortlisted for two Bett Awards. If you’re in London, come and join us there.


Over 35,000 visitors from 113 countries are expected to visit ExCeL London for Bett this year. It’s a great opportunity to:

  • find out how technology can improve education
  • hear talks from high-profile speakers, such as educationalist Sir Ken Robinson, musician Imogen Heap, and chef Heston Blumenthal
  • meet teachers and other people interested in education technology
  • and explore ideas and practices in transforming education. 

Come and join us at Bett

You can drop by our stand, B411, throughout the show or attend our two Learn Live sessions:

How MOOCs can get your students into university
12:00-12:30, Thursday 26 January – FE & Skills Theatre
We’ll be joined by teachers and students from St Joseph’s Catholic High School and Oaks Park High School.

Going beyond the curriculum: how MOOCs are transforming classroom education
11:45-12:15, Friday 27 January – Secondary Theatre
We’ll be joined by the University of Leeds for their expert insight.

Shortlisted for two Bett Awards

We’ve also been shortlisted in two Bett Awards categories:

  1. Free Digital Content/Open Educational Resources for FutureLearn for Schools
  2. Higher Education / Further Education Digital Services for FutureLearn programs.

Fingers crossed.

If you’d like to come along to Bett, register to get your free ticket now.

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  • makhbuba

    sorry I am from Uzbekistan I’d like to be there but sorry maybe in a future when my dreams come true i’ll be there

  • Hnin

    It is wonderful education exhibition, to get the benefit for who all friends and me.
    I’d like to attend to there but I live in Myanmar.
    Whatsoever thank you for your education info.

  • Anthony Osman Tarawalie

    It is wonderful to hear about the education technology exhibition, i wish i have been invited as international guest speaker, really i have started seen the benefit of your program. Bravo Keep it up and it will be a successful program.

  • Sheila Wilson

    Future Learn Courses and staff have been my saviour over the last year. Following a stroke when I did not have much hope for the future I signed up and the courses ranging from Philosophy, Archaeology, Forensic Science, etc have been AMAZING. The banter with fellow students, the Lecturers have been 1st Class. I hope you get the award as you truly deserve it.

  • Paul

    Just a quick question are you showing your 2 learn live sessions online? Thanks for all your hard work and dedication that thousands of ordinary people like myself rely on you for! And may I say how grateful we are as many of us would not be able to afford the educating that you provide us for free. A big THANKYOU X

  • jorge

    I´d like to be there, but I live in Mexico. Regards and good luck!

  • Jess

    What a pity! I very wish could come there,but I am in china.

  • Hussien Aziz

    Unfortunately i live in Egypt, but can I join to it online please .. (

  • Nouran mohamed

    Unfortunately i live in Egypt …

  • Dayvkomo

    it would be nice to attend, unfortunately i live in Nigeria. Hope you bring such programs to Africa! Good job @futurelearn..

  • Sue Jervis

    Would be great to attend, but I live in Australia. Enjoy doing Futurelearn Courses and look forward to learning more this year. Good luck for the awards!

  • Barbara Whitehouse

    Unable. To attend but I think futurelearn is a fantastic opportunity for people like me to continue learning at our own pace and stimulating the brain
    Hope you win awards

    • Sheila Wilson

      I agree with you Barbara I am also unable to attend and am also so grateful to all of the Future learn staff for helping my aged and stroke damaged brain to keep going! I think Future Learn deserve to win I only wish their followers could have voted for them.

  • Robyn cooper

    Sounds like a great place to visit but I live in Australia.

  • Scott McGuire

    I am ‘ luvin ‘ the OU Spanish and Italian courses. I constantly search for French, any plans
    afoot ? If I had the casting vote Future Learn would wipe the board.

  • John mcconnachie

    Sorry not in London, maybe in the future. Thank you anyway

  • Mako

    Last year I learned “Environmental Challenge” and wish to complete this course. FutureLearn programs are like one of the Christmas presents for me. Provides me enjoying and sharing time with many learners. It’s like a well prepared learning package with up-to-date educational program, as well as an intellectual classrooms or sometimes a community with witty discussions. Lily offers us learning materials equivalent to that of undergraduate level. I’d love to continue to learning FutureLearn.
    Keep cross fingers for FutureLearn at Bett Awards.

  • Erica Goulea

    I have taken quite a few of your literature courses and found them motivating, informative and well-organised. I have been searching for some time for a linguistics course or something related to the history of the English language. Although I have various books on this subject I feel that one of your courses would offer a new approach to it. Has there ever been such a course?

  • Maureen Sears

    Lily, I find so many of your programmes interesting and have taken the creative writing module. I am looking to improve my Russian, but I have not seen any courses which teach either basic or intermediate Russian, is this course a future possibility?

    • Sean (FutureLearn)


      We don’t currently have a Russian course scheduled, but we’re adding courses all the time, so do keep an eye out! It’s definitely a great idea for a course, and one that a lot of learners would be interested in!