As 2 million people join FutureLearn, we meet some of them

Over 2 million people have now joined FutureLearn. To celebrate, we’ve been speaking to some of them and telling their amazing stories on our new “Meet the FutureLearners” blog.

A collage of ten pictures of FutureLearners

What have we found from interviewing 20 FutureLearners and counting?

Well, whether they’re 15 or 81, living in Australia, Argentina, Ghana, Malaysia or the UK, FutureLearners are united by two things:

  • they have a passion for gaining and sharing knowledge;
  • and they want to improve their own lives and those of the people around them.

You can read their inspiring stories now or tell us your own.

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Comments (4)


  • Ana

    I am delighted to have found ” Future Learn” site months ago.
    It helps me a lot to improve my English with very interesting courses!!!!! Thank you very much.

  • Luricelle

    It is always my dream to be able to share to the world about my life in general and believing in the paradigm shift of learning is fun in a way.Have a good day everyone.

  • yuhong

    that is amazing,to meet somebody who you never know before.i think it’s too excited.

  • Jonathan Vernon

    I am delighted to have taken an interest in this movement from one of the first courses and having completed 15 or more I am still engaged and excited by its potential.