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5 useful tips and tools for social learning

Learn how to use the commenting and liking feature on our courses.

FutureLearn’s Head of Community, David Thair, shares his top five tips for getting the most out of our social learning features.

At FutureLearn, learning through conversation is important to us.

That’s why you can leave comments and have a conversation on almost every step of our courses.

Just scroll to the bottom of a step, or press the comments link.

If you’re new to FutureLearn or to social learning, making sense of lots of comments might seem like a lot to manage.

Here are a few tips to help you feel at home.

1. Complete your FutureLearn profile

Your FutureLearn profile is what other learners can see about you when you interact with them on a course.

If you haven’t already, you should add some information to your FutureLearn profile–just like our example learner above. 

Your profile can only be seen by logged in learners. It isn’t public and it won’t be found by search engines unless you untick the box on the Edit profile page.

You could include the country you live in, your hobbies and interests, or why you’re taking courses on FutureLearn.

You should also add a profile picture. If you don’t, a coloured logo is created from your initials, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a lot more fun to talk to a friendly face. 

Read more about getting started with your FutureLearn profile.

2. Join the conversation

Write a comment when you have something to say. Maybe the step has prompted you to share your own experience or reflect on an idea. Or, perhaps you can help answer another learner’s question.

If you don’t feel confident writing, you can encourage others and share your views by ‘liking’ a comment instead.

You are not expected to write a comment on every step or even read every comment (that could take a while!).

Instead, just read as many comments as you wish, and use the next three tips to make organising them easier. 

Read more about getting started with comments and replies.

3. Follow educators and learners you find interesting

If you notice a learner who writes comments you enjoy, you can follow them to find their comments more easily.

There’s a follow button on each profile and next to every comment.

It’s a good idea to do this for the educators on your course too. That way, you can quickly see what they’ve been saying to learners on the step you’re viewing. We’ll explain how in the next section.

And don’t worry, when someone follows you, they do not get notifications about your personal activity. 

Read more about following, followers, and finding people

4. Organise and filter comments

Here’s the clever part…

At the top of every comment section there are two buttons you can press to filter and sort the comments on the step:

As there are sometimes a lot of comments, it can help to filter how you read them. 

The show button lets you choose which comments you see on the step. The default is all comments

Choosing show: following will show you only comments by people you are following.

Read a comment that you’d like to come back to later?

Just press the bookmark button on the comment, and use the bookmarked filter to see any comments you have bookmarked on that step. 

You can also choose to only see your own comments by choosing the your comments filter. 

The sort by button lets you choose the order you want to see the comments in. 

The default is the newest comments first. You can also choose to sort by most liked to see the comments and conversations that other learners found useful or interesting on that step.

5. Get involved

This is the most important tip!

A comment that says "Hi everyone, can't wait to get started :-)"

If you’ve never made a comment or replied to someone else’s, you should definitely give it a try. 

I have a hunch that after you’ve received your first reply, you’ll find plenty more things to say.

Even if you don’t feel you have something to contribute all the time, giving other people’s comments a few ‘likes’ will help everyone to find the most useful interactions.

If you’d like to put these tips into action, go back to your courses and start commenting, liking and replying in the discussions there. 

Ready to start learning? Browse all of our courses.

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  • Dawn

    Lovely to be here. I am excited to get started.

  • awezu

    Pleaes my friends help me to be speak english effectivly


    Hi I’m Mathew Ayuba is my name, i’m from Nigeria i will be very glad to learn more about SECURITY,TERRORISM AND COUNTER TERRORISM as well as to increase the level of my English when reading and writing. i left secondary school since 2007 till now that I’ve decided to take a new move about my life

  • Sarah Hall

    Signed up for the railway workers course, steam and railways are in my family so will be very interesting. I have not studied since I left agricultural college back in 1998. So I may be a bit rusty.

  • Maria

    Hello everybody, I am Maria from Mexico but I am living in London, I´m waiting to start this course and improve my English.

  • Mary

    Hi I’m Mary from Ireland. I’ve worked as a solicitor in practice for last 10 years or so and now venturing into policy and research. I’m interested in critical thinking course to open up my mind and learn more.

  • Harshad

    Hello everyone,
    Eagerly waiting to start the course I am 59 and haven’t studied for ages!! I will give it a shot after all age is just a number..

  • Tithi

    Hi There,
    I’m Salma Akter Tithi. I live in Bangladesh. I want improve my English. I was looking for this kind of opportunity for a long. Thank you.

  • Adeline Skandie

    Hello, I am Adeline from Ghana. I joined to improve my research skills.

  • Olena

    Hello, everyone! I’m Olena and I’m 42. I’m from Ukraine. I need this course in order to feel confident at my lessons. I want to improve my English. And… I`d like to have some friends from different countries.

  • Barbara

    Hi I’m Barbara from Ireland, I am really looking forward to starting this course

  • Nawoda

    Hi, I’m nawoda from Srl Lanka and I love following about environment studies. And also I glad to join with this courses

  • Farheen

    I’m Farheen from Pakistan and I love to learn English speaking, writing and reading,and glad to join this course

  • Ilidio

    Hi, I am Ilídio from Brazil. Love studying English and I like to enroll from time to time to a course in order to keep updated.


      Hi, how are you doing and how is brazil today?

  • Charlene

    Hi everyone i am Charlene 32 from Scotland UK and can’t wait to get started 🙂

  • Natalie Smith

    Hello everyone, I am Natalie age 39 from the UK. I cant wait to get started.

  • Manuela

    Hello, I am Manuela and I live in Bucharest. I am ready for our courses!

  • Christopher Medellin

    I’m Christopher and I’d like to learn more about logic and critical thinking to transform and ameliorate my reliance on emotional responses to life. Having a logical mindset will help me do so.

  • Pooja chaurasiya

    Hi, I am pooja.I really like this online course and I would like to know more about this online course. Thank you for reading my comments

  • Rana Mustafa

    Hi, I am Rana from the UK. I am doing PhD in corpus linguistics and would like to know more about this field from these online courses.

  • Joseph Gyawu

    I am Joseph Gyawu and I completed my first degree in Bsc Accounting this year.. I think these steps are worth sharing and thanks so much for enlightening us on how to be effective on this social media while studying.

  • Marie Claude JEAN BARTHELEMY

    I m Marie Claude from Haiti as doctor in medecine i joined this course because i am working in the humanitariian area i need some knowledge to do the the best my way.
    thx you every one

  • Nelson Achong

    Hi everyone, i am nelson achong from Uganda, a student doing veterinary medicine, i joined this course because i got interest in antimicrobial resistance control and prevention, and also to make new friends..

  • RUGUMYA Seth

    am very enthusiastic to be a part of this course, and i believe it to sharp my professionalism
    in matters relating to child protection.

  • Osas Iyamu Usideme

    Hi, I am Osas. A health advocate working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees in the Southeast region of Ireland. Curiosity is my guilty pleasure.

  • othman

    Hi every one I am from Yemen I am employer with the INTERSOS NGOS SW/CP , I am happy to be her with you

  • Ives

    Hi. I’m Ives. Health professional who deals with a lot of young graduates. I’ve been mentoring for 25 years, I now feel the age difference with my mentees. I’m looking forward to developing myself to meet new challenges.

  • Stefan

    Hello, i’m Stefan from Serbia and i would like to improve my english language knowledge a little bit.

  • Samuel

    Hi, I’m Samuel from Nigeria, a fresh graduate it’s a honor to be a part of this.

    • mathew ayuba

      samuel happy meeting you here, i thought i’m the only nigerian here untill i saw you

  • Oumou

    Hello everybody, i am oumou kalsoum i live in senegal. I’m 33 years old and i have interested to learn english for speaking and writting successfully.

  • Alexandra

    Hi everyone. I am Alex from the city of Stary Oskol, Russia. I am 30, married, have been teaching English (and from time to time German) for 8 years. I am in the course to improve myself as a teacher.

  • Nura Abubakar

    Hello everyone
    Am Nura am 24 Years old it is both a honor and privilege to meet with you guys, nice meeting you.

  • Musa Alister Lamin

    Hi all, I am Alister from Sierra Leone and I am 24 years old. I hope I will enjoy my stay here.

  • Tiffany N.

    Hello everyone! I am Tiffany from California. I am 30 years old, I love to learn.

  • Kipsang

    Leave a comment…Hi everyone, my name is Hillary kipsang from Kenya aged 21 am delighted to meet you all I wish you the best in your studies

  • Kunal

    Hello everyone!
    I am from india .I am 40 years old. I have done want to improve my communication skill and reduce hesitation about spoken english that’swhy I joined this platform….I love to learn English more and more I can…pleasure to meet all of you .

  • Paula

    Hello everyone!
    I want to share whit you something about me. I am from Mèxico, I am 61 years old, I am retired and I am married. I love to do exercise so I practice yoga and swimming. I love to learn English I would like to improve my skills about it whit this course. Nice to meet you.

  • Simmone

    Hello everyone,

    So excited to meet you all and good luck with your studies!

  • Akuch

    Hi everyone I am akuch from South Sudan I would like to learn English

  • Asha

    Hi everyone I would like to introduce my self, I am Asha from Somalia but living in Nederland,
    My hoppy is swimming. I am Housewife why I am taking this class is to improve my knowledge and gain a better life in the future.

  • Kathleen

    Hi everyone! I am a beginning writer, I am presently writing a fictional story, I am pagan, a witch and I am taking courses to enhance my knowledge & to start work in a new field of interest that is suthentic to who I am & my lifestyle.

  • Kathleem

    Hi! My name is Kathleen, I am currently working in healthcare field but I so want to do something else that is authentic to who I am, the healthcare field is NOT me! I’ll avoid the long story, so jumping to the present, I am a beining writer, right now I am writing a fictional story. I am also a pagan and a witch, amongst other things, & I enjoy the process of incorporating new learning experiences into my life!

  • Asha

    Hi everyone I am Asha from Somalia. I would like to learn English and take this class with you.

    • Kathleem

      Hi Asha! Nice to meet you, good luck in your studies!

      • Asha

        Hi Kathleen
        Nice to meet you too. and thank you.

  • Elena

    I’m Elena and I live in Greece,
    nice to meet you all.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Elena! Greece sounds beautiful! Enjoy your studies!

    • James Sherman

      Kalispera Elena,
      I have spent a significant amount of time in Greece, working and sailing. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards,

  • Ali

    Hello everyone,

    I’m Ali Elema Turcha from Kenya, happy to join you all.



    hi everyone i’m a student i reinvent for different things to learn

    • Kathleen

      Hi! Saurabh! I too am reinventing, best of luck!

  • Linda

    Hello everyone! I’m a retired person who is hoping to keep my braincells working! Glad to join you.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Linda! I’m all for brain fitness too!

  • Desireé

    Hi all, I feel a bit clueless about coding and would like to overcome my ignorance.

  • Alfredo

    hello guys!!!
    i’m Alfredo from Mozambique, i need to learning and speaking english. help me!!


      i’m also afraid of speaking english but u try and see the mirror and talk and i can do it say

  • Mariana Cerati

    Hello everyone. Glad 2 be here

    • Kathleen

      Hi Mariana! Glad your here too! Learn on!!

  • Ahmed Abdo

    Hi everyone, Ican’t wait to get started

  • Gloria Mbaga

    Hi everyone! I’m Gloria. I want to take this course because I trust this could be very helpful in teaching phonics to my students.

  • Toluwani

    Hello everyone, I’m Tolu and I live in Nigeria. i think this course would serve as an eye opener to making us more aware of the various environment we might find ourselves in.

  • Muhamed

    Hello everyone, iam muhamed from egypt

    • Ali

      Hello to you too Muhamed, happy to meet you.

  • Paschal

    I am paschal from Nigeria I am happy to be in your mist and I want to add and share more ideas with you all

  • Eniola

    I am Eniola from Nigeria , medical student, I hope to learn a lot to improve my skills and increase my knowledge

    • Martins damilola

      Hello eniola,
      I am damilola, also from Nigeria. I am a physiotherapist, also came here to learn. So much to learn outside of medicals

  • Victoria Sposina

    Hello everyone.
    My name is Victoria. I am from Brazil and also very happy that I can follow you in that Dutch course.

  • Arlyn

    Hi everyone. I’m Arlyn from Philippines and I’m so happy to be part of this course.

  • Jennifer

    Hello everyone,
    I am Jenny and I would like to get more information about mental health issues.

  • Hanan

    Hello everyone,
    I’m from Kenya. I’m here to improve my English speaking skills through doing this course.
    So I hope we will do better learning

  • Suja

    Hi every one,
    I’m from India and have marine research background. I want improve my English.

  • Lawal Yakubu

    Hi, I am Lawal a geology student from Nigeria, am here to study more about our natural environment.

  • Vânia Rosa Costa

    Hello, everyone!
    I am very happy to be part of this course.

  • Fernanda Mantesso

    Hello everyone. I’m Fernanda from Brazil. Nice to meet you all!

    • Vânia Rosa Costa

      Hi, Fernanda!
      I’m brazilian too. I live in Rio de Janeiro. Nice to meet you.

  • Huda

    Hello everyone,
    I am from Egypt, I am a research or at least trying to be. 🤗

    • Nawoda

      Hi Huda, nice to meet you.. I love your country

  • Shafya

    Hi, I am Shafya from Libya, I’m here to learn and improve my English.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Shafya! Nice to meet you, best of luck!


    Hi everyone
    Nice to meet you

  • Carolina

    Woo, a lot of people… nice to meet u all, I’m Carolina, I’m from Colombia and well I’m here to learn…to enjoy learning another language and also improving my English, u know…so…

    • Shafya

      Hi Carolina, nice to meet you.

      • José Ángel

        Greetings from Spain Carolina

  • Rita

    …can’t wait to be part of this family

  • Lynda

    Enrolled in genealogy class beginning 28 October. Mid-60’s student from the USA, living near Washington, DC. Looking forward to participating!

    • Kathleen

      Hi Lynda! I lived in DC looong time ago, loved it! Gluck!

  • Zineb

    Hi, Iam a teacher of English. I joined this group in order to get more information and strategies of better teaching full of benefits and fun at the same time.

    • Luu Harvert

      I am about to be an E teacher, too. Hope that I can well interact with all of you and learn more
      From Vietnam🤗

  • jack

    Hi,i am a student,this is a real good platform for us to learn english,Thanks a lot to teachers!

  • Huma

    Hi I m a teacher I join this group to improve my English as well teaching skills inorder to get confidence while stand before my learners.

  • Reem

    Hi I am reem from Iraq I am here to learn new skills to improve my English speaking And to learn new meanings for making a useful conversation

  • Bianca

    Hi all, am from South Africa. Am here to improve my English.

    • Luu Harvert

      Hi guy! I am impressed by your nationality. I had a friend who was from South Africa like you and I always thought English was her mother language up to now🤔

  • Erum

    I want to enhance my english speaking power but it will possible if i talk in english with someone hiw it is possible in this online course

  • Kiran Sahrish

    Hi fellows !!! I am kiran from Pakistan and by professional am a Nurse and am not so good in english . To improve my english skills i joined this st
    stage .. 😊

  • Nadia

    Hello everyone! I’m from Ukraine and i would like to brush up and improve my English language skills, so that’s why I’m here

  • Eva

    Hi everyone! I´m from Czech republic and I´m here because I´m interested in this topic and I would like to improve my English…

  • Aneta

    Hi there! I’m from Poland. I would like to learn more about the UK -that’s why I am here. I also would like to boost my English.

  • darren mouton

    Helo from SA what up

    • Kathleen

      Hi Darren! It’s great to meet you too:)

  • Omongul

    Hi I’m from Uzbekistan iwant to know much more things about Great Britain and its education

  • Bill Wilding

    I am interested in the practical aspects of solar and batteries
    Am in Australia where there is great scope because of our exposure to sunlight

    • Kathleen

      Hi Bill! Just got small panels; best of luck!

  • sethlina

    Leave a comment…hi, I’m also from Ghana

  • Angela

    Hello from South Africa classmates.

    • Yvette

      Hi there, I am also from SA!

  • Hemanth

    Hi Buddies! This is Hemanth. I’m a citizen of India. I’m an 18 year old Arts student and I find this to be a wonderful opportunity, to be sharing a platform with all those fantastic people, from around the globe.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Hemanth! Nice meeting you!

  • Nourhan

    Hey there, I’m Nour from Egypt, I would like to improve my English , thanks

  • upendra

    how anlising this course friends pleas hlp me friends

    • Kathleen

      Hi Upedra! You will make lots friends!!

  • Bernice

    I am a 71 year old retiree, living in Virginia (USA). I have always loved reading and aspired to write. This course seems like an opportunity to learn and become involved in a community of people who also love to read and write.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Bernice! I’m beginning writer, glad to meet!

  • Noran

    My name is Noran . I am from Egypt. I am not fluent in English and also not good at writing . I hope by joining this course I can improve my English.

  • Farhanah

    Hi everyone. My name is Farhanah and I’m from Malaysia. My English is not so good so i come here to improve my English 🤗

    • Kathleen

      Hi Farhanah! Nice to meet you!

  • Eileen P. Engh, MSN, RN-BC, NE-BC, CPN

    My name is Eileen and I am a Ph.D. student with an interest in learning more about the scope of genetic counseling and how the public learns about genomics and genetic information.

    • Kathleen

      Hi Eileen! Nice to meet you, best of luck!

  • Μaria

    Hi! My name is Maria and I am from Greece.I need some guidance to keep up to date and develop my skills.This is the reason why I am here.

    • Saeed Ashfaaq Ahmed

      Mrs. Maria can you say what course have you taken

  • altina

    Hello, my name is Altina, i come from Kosovo, I want to learn English better. English language all over the world so we have to learn them better. We try to speak english off better and you can help we .

    • Kathleen

      Hi Altina! Children’s books/tapes awesome & easy!!

  • nokwanda

    hi everyone my name is nokwanda known as sandy,i’m from pmb in south reason taking this course is to better my self in talking English.i hope I,m in a right place and I,m so please to meet u all.

    • Yvette

      HI there, it seems SA is well represented here. I am also from SA – JNB

  • Jawed Ahmad Noori

    Hello everyone My name is jawed Ahmad. I’m from kabul Afghanistan. I want to learn English

  • hassan

    i like to learn things easily and free

  • Khoo hooi bin

    Hi. I just like to refresh n up Grade my teaching again. Learn new things.

  • doaa mashlah

    hello,i always look for any course or knowledge which can develop my career.

  • Teddy

    I love personal development because it will it lunch me into uncommon achievement. Future learn is a good platform to realize our potentials.

    • Elias Mwela

      yes Teddy, its a hit, I did like to do all English courses here to develop my self.

  • Jacqueline

    Hello, I’m looking forward to getting going on this course. I think it will be a big help to my teaching work.

  • Shahinaz

    Hello everyone. My name is Shahinaz, I am so glad and eager to try Future Learn courses for the second time and share knowledge with others. I am looking forward to increase my knowledge in teaching English as a second/ foreign language. I hope that taking such useful courses in teaching would improve my Language skills as well. Thank you.

  • Nengi longjohn

    hi everyone,My name is Nengi happy to be here sharing knowledge with everyone here.i hope we will be able to gain as much at the end of it all.Thank you guys

  • Svetlana Chupyr

    Hi everyone! My name is Svetlana, I`m from Ukraine. I want to improve my English skills and I`m glad to be here and enjoy to your team.

  • oasiseducon

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips that teachers can use in the classroom for Goodreads.

  • Emile Mbeke

    Hi everyone,
    my name is Emile . I’m from Cameroon. I have been living in Hamburg/Germany since 7 years. I am here to improve my English, for I want to do an internship in England. Glad to be here and I hope we’ll have fun.

  • Christo Engelbrecht

    I am looking forward to this course since my researching, reading and writing interests are enviro-history, micro-history and world-ecology in relation to capitalism. These are done by looking at estuaries, rainfall history and the relation between birds and eco-systems. There are aspects of Critical Theory such as domination and interdisciplinary studies that over-arch what I write about.

  • caroline symon

    hi i am from New Zealand and am just keeping my learning going

  • Deepali Ukhalkar

    Hi everyone,i am Deepali Ukhalkar from India..I am happy to be part of this group

  • Ayesha

    I’m Ayesha. I’m glad to here
    And I’m here to improve my English.
    I’m excited. 😊

  • Chit Su Win

    I’m CHITSUWIN,I’m from Myanmar.I wish to improve my english skill and get more knowledge.

  • Dragana Dabetic

    Hy to all.
    I am happy to be a part of this community. I am here to improve my English skills and to get a high mark on IELTS. I want to immigrate in a foreign country which means that I am going to take the general test. I think the part which I need to improve the most is writing but also need to exercise the other three parts.

  • James A Yai

    Hi everyone, my James and I’m here trying to improve my English language skills. By taking course of essay writing at the reading University

  • John Joseph

    Hi one and all, I wish improve and develop English skills much better rather than now. I hope and believe everyone would help me out to get progress in me.

  • Sitta Said

    Hi ther?
    I’m sitta from Tanzania, I would like to improve my English skills here,I hope we get along and have fun.

  • Juan Carlos

    Hi everyone I’m doing this course as a way to recover my memory as I had a stroke that let me with some speech and visual impediment. I’m 69 years old a look forward to start the course and have a lot of fun.

  • amar alassad

    hi everyone .. I’m here to improve my skills, hope we all enjoy it

  • Tekuame

    Hello! Am Tekuame From Ethiopia, I Join the online IELTS course to see my English scale level knowledge

  • Liesa Simpson

    I joined the course to improve my professional knowledge of Autism with a view to progressing onto a P Cert or Diploma

  • Sayem

    Hi, This is Sayem from Bangladesh. I have completed my graduation. I enrol this course to improve my English skill.

  • Saleem Khan

    I’m from Sindh Pakistan. I’m here to improve my English.

  • Khaled Ali

    I’m really glad to be with you

  • Sudhakar Tat

    Useful article.

  • Rosalie Humphrey

    I am new to this, but planning to work for older people and need to know more about healthcare. I do love learning, but this is my first time learning online…

  • Muksita Jahan

    I’m from Bangladesh.I’m here to improve my proficiency in English.Let’s hope for the best.

  • praveen

    Feeling good to be the part of this workshop

  • Giovana Colqui

    Thanks a lot, the true I didn’t know how was the sistem of the course. I’ve tried to finish others courses but I can’t. Whit these tips I hope so do it.

  • Sazaat Ahammed

    Hello everyone, I am a learner learning reading different fascinating comments posted here.

  • abozar

    hello I am abozar. from Kabul Afghanistan
    I have interest to learn something . and thanks for giving us apportunity

  • R Isaac Otala Jr

    Am frm Zambia nd am here bcoz i want to learn mor about computer networking…

  • joanne

    Hi from England and here to learn!

  • Celia

    I´m from Spain, and I’m here because I want to improve my English. Thanks for the opportunity this gives me.

  • Biftu Geda

    Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity and this is my first time online learning; am here to learn service improvement in health care and hopefully will enjoy it.

    • Ibrahim Ezra Shehu

      Yes Bifti, the centre point of the entire course is on healthcare especially for children with developmental disabilities and adults with disabilities. We all will learn more about it and how to improve the life of children and adults with developmental disabilities through healthcare and importantly social inclusion for a better society. Welcome!

  • Dr Ayyaz

    Hello everyone, I am here to learn about human behaviour. Different perspective which I never focused. Special interest is in spiritual healing for mental health problems.

  • Shahzad Khan

    Hello Learners!
    I am Shahzad, HR professional and learning is my passion so either its books or online session I am on move to learn & update myself. Also, an active facilitator on HRM, Career Counsellor and have interest in Psychological testing for measuring and improving behavior.

  • abdinasir

    hello everyone, my name is Abdinasir Ahmed Garowe i am from somalia i am happy to be a part of this course because my English is very weak I wanna improve and became a good in English. and also very exciting became a member of this group.

  • Purva

    Hii friends. I’m purva and i’m from india. I joined this course to improve my English and skills and I’m looking forward to it

  • Xiujuan

    Hello everyone,
    Hello everyone,
    I’ m Xiujuan from a university located in the North of China. The city I am living in is famous for the great number of higher education institutions, manufacture of high-speed trains and gorgeous snow and ice in winter.
    I join the course because I am curious about the content of the course, the way of studying an online course, and I am interested in knowing new friends and sharing learning experience with people.

  • Md.Rasel Miah

    Hello everyone,
    I’m Md Rasel Miah.I’m from Bangladesh.
    I want to be a good speaker for Engliah and also
    I would like a poper English speaking. so I join here.


    Hello every one,
    My name is Md. Rasel Miah and
    you can call me Rasel. I am from Bangladesh.

  • Anika

    Hi everyone,
    I am anika from Bangladesh. Recentlly I have completed my graduation in B.Sc of Mechanical Engineering. I want to be a professional mechanical engineer designer.So I want to develop my skill more professional. So I have joined here.

  • julie

    Hi, I’m looking forward to starting this autism course, it is my first time using future learn hope I will be able to follow some others that may also be doing this course I’m a slow learner but am willing to give this ago.

  • Reyes

    Hello all, I am from Spain. I joined Futurelearn to get some knowledge around HTA and the impact of health advances in the budget of the healthcare systems

  • paola

    Hello I am from Italy, I want to improve English for my job

  • Popi

    Hello I am from Cyprus. I want to improve English for my job and in order to communicate with english speakers.


    hello, everyone. I am Li Zhuqiang, from china. I now want to learn more about English language and prepare for IELTS.

  • Saif

    I am Saif , I m from Indian. l have done mass media so it is very to me learn English

    • Sarfaraz

      Wr do u stay in india

  • Liduina Maria Alves Macambira

    I am from Brazil and I am moving to Canada in 2019. It is very important for me to learn the English Language. Furthermore I intent to pass IELTS exam and maybe to get back to study.
    I love to study and adquire knowledge.

  • Liduina Maria Alves Macambira

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  • Fatima

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