3 tips for getting the most out of Exploring English

The second run of the British Council’s free online course, “Exploring English: Language and Culture,” starts on 2 February on FutureLearn. Here, lead educator, Chris Cavey, offers some advice on how to get the most out of the course.

Chris Cavey, lead educator on "Exploring English: Language and Culture"

1. Join in

While the course explores British culture, that’s only half of what it offers. Through looking at British culture, we also give you the opportunity to discuss your own culture, and share information and recommendations with other learners around the world.

Your comments are one of the most interesting and stimulating parts of the course, and it depends on you joining the conversation. When we talk about British music, you can share what you think about the Beatles and the Rolling Stones or Adele and the Arctic Monkeys, but you can also recommend choices from your own country for our world playlist.

It’s not always easy to write in English and it might be stressful to let other people read your English, but it’s the best way to get the most out of the course.

2. Trust and help other learners

When so many learners are writing comments, how can you be sure that your comment will be read by an educator? Where can you ask questions? What if you have a language problem you need help with?

Well, the course educators do their best to answer every question, especially in the steps where we look at improving your language, but the educators aren’t the only source of answers.

We found in the first run of the course that a significant number of the learners are English teachers, who are looking to improve their cultural knowledge and share some online conversation. Very quickly we found that learners helped each other and that their advice and answers were usually very good.

We saw that learners could:

  • help each other by answering grammar and vocabulary questions
  • guide each other to other useful learning materials
  • encourage each other with praise and feedback
  • start interesting and informative conversations with each other.

The tools on the FutureLearn platform let you follow interesting people and like interesting comments. Use them!

3. Read your email

At the beginning and end of each week, everyone on the course gets an email from the lead educator (me!). Don’t delete the messages without reading them – they’ll give you details of other opportunities to get in touch with the educators and ask us any questions you have about the course.

We organise Facebook clinics (through the British Council’s LearnEnglish Facebook page) and Google Hangouts on Air, where you can watch and listen to the educators talking about ideas and questions raised on the course.

The details are also available on course pages, but the emails are a useful way to stay in touch with the latest course information.

The first “Exploring English” course showed how learners from around the world can contribute to a lively and entertaining discussion. These three simple tips can help make the second run even better.

“Exploring English: Language and Culture” starts on 2 February – join the course now. Or if you took the first run of the course and have tips of your own, leave a comment below.

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    The next course date is 22nd of June unfortunately at the end of our academic year so there won’t be a great deal of participation.
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    hello, everybody, Iam miffy. I come from China.i’d like to enhance my english through this course. l hope we can communicate with each other and help each other. thx a lot ~

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    I am really glad to attend this course!
    I hope to enjoy it.
    Best regards, from Greece!

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    My name is Juani, from Seville, Spain.
    I do this course because I would like to know better the English culture.
    I am impatient and I hope to colaborate a lot with other people.
    See you.

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    Hi Everyone
    I am Soniya from India. I have been an English teacher but currently I volunteer at Teach India Spoken English Program For Employability. I wish
    to expand my horizon of English knowledge by this
    course. Also, I am very keen to share with each other as well as learn from each other.
    So best wishes to all of us.

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    Hi, I ‘m Zin May Aye from Myanmar. I am a banker . I am interested in this course. So I hope improve my English language . See you again.

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    I am Galina.I am originally from Ukraine,but moved to Canada several years ago.I would like to work on my language skills during this course.Besides it is my first on line course and I am feeling not quite confident.Anyway hope it will be fun.

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    Hi everyone! This is Maria from Catalonia. Am studying English at university but I want to improve my English level and know a little more of the culture and many more with this interesting opportunity. I’ll be posting for sure my experiences and hope we all can keep in touch having time meanwhile.
    Thanks 😀

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    Hi, I’m Katya, regular student from Ukraine and i am waiting this cource because I want to improve my writting skills in English and in overall my language, i think it’s good opportunity 😉

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    I am Amr from Yemen. I am an English language student. I wish to enjoy this course with you. ^_^

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    Hi! I’m Laura from Italy. I’m a retired teacher of English as a foreign language. I used to teacher English to young people aged from 14 to 19. I’ve also worked with young adults involved with European projects teaching Italian as a foreign language after attending methodology post University courses at the University of Siena . Honestly I can garantee it’s really demanding to teach your mother tongue to no native speakers. Now I’m curious to attend this course allowing me to maintain and possibly improve my English and update my knowledge of English speaking countries culture. Last but not least I’d love to share with other people everything concerned with this course and more!

    • carl aguas

      hi laura i would like to meet you and talk with you because you have much experience and you can gime some advice. thanks

  • Francesca

    Hi everyone! I’m Francesca, a twenty-three- year-old girl from Italy. I’ve studied English for many years at school, but unfortunately, I stopped when I started the university. Now, I need to practice this language for professional reasons (I need to get an English Certificate) and I would really love to learn something more about the English culture :). I hope it will be a good experience for everyone and that we’ll also have fun: I think this is the best way to learn!
    Finally, I would like to say thank you to the British Council for giving us this interesting opportunity! 🙂

  • Ajay

    Hello Everyone,
    This is Ajay from India.Am very much excited to do online English learning cource ,hope this source will help me to improve my English language as well as enhance my knowledge of culture History and many more. Looking forward to more engagements with you all. Keep posting your comments experience so we can learn from each other too..
    What’s app: +918679979697
    Email: ajaykapoor42@gmail.com

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    Hello! I’m from Afghanistan and I’m university student I hope I will be able to speak English more fluently after this course.



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    Hi! I’m a teacher but i don’t speek english. This year i’m working in an association and i need to speek English because we will travel in Europe. I know many english word but i don’t understand well and i cannot express in english. Good work to everybody!

  • Herminia Blanco

    Hello everybody,
    I’m starting a new adventure as teacher of ELE, Spanish as a second language, and I really believe that improve your own knowledge about the culture of other countries open your mind to new experiences and it could be one of the best way to enjoy those countries your are studying. Without forgetting that it lets us to improve our language skills.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Hello! I am Olga from Belarus. It is my first experience of on-line learning. I hope it will be very useful for me and my English level.

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    Hello everyone, I am exciting to join this course and expect to improve my English. The episode ‘English is Great’ let me know more about the difference between old English and modern English. I am really interested in this. I think the combination of learning Language and culture is the best way for us to understand culture through language teaching. I believe through learning this course can not only improve my English but also will broaden my horizon.

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    Hello everybody! I’m also student from myanmar(Burme). I wanna to improve my english skill after i attending this couse, i hope everybody can help me.

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    I’m excited about the course, let’s have fun and learn together.
    Thanks Chris for the tips and for be the head of the project,
    From Santiago, Chili,

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    Hi everyone ! I’m studying Mechanical Engineering from India. I missed out on taking English as a subject in A-levels, hence a gap. I’m sure it’ll be bridged. Thanks a ton for these courses 🙂


    I want to improve my grammar and spelling better through this course. Learning new words, British culture…I’m so excited about this course!

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    I hope this course will improve my english level, I need be able to keep a fluid conversation without nerves……I can write and reed…but when I want to speak, nerves don’t leave words come to my mind….

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    Hello’ everybody i wish you to good luck .i am a student from myanmar(Burme). i want to improve my English speaking writing and speak fluently so please help me thanks all my friends

  • Yen Saggers

    By the way, when you say “educator is me ” I still don’t know what you name? Isn’t fair you knew my name. :). So could you please let me know what’s your name?

    • Gilda

      Hello! I think his name is Chris Cavey. He is the lead educator. There is a photo you can see.

      • Yen Saggers

        Thank you Gilda!!

  • Yen Saggers

    You was right by to say that writing in English not so easy and never became easy for me. I passed Level 1 reading and listening but felt in writing followed NVQ level 3 Hairdressing last year in West Suffolk College Bury St Edmunds. I would love to entry this course to continue my English study with all people around the world who love English language to learn and share with. Thank you!

  • hagar

    Hey there ! I’m Hagar from Egypt . I’m working as an ESL teacher and a freelance translator 🙂 i hope that we will enjoy together having the best knowledge of a new culture and get up with our level in a new language ! please keep in touch . Best wishesh for y’all 🙂

  • Rafael Aguado

    I´m teacher in the Spanish University of Burgos, so that, I strongly believe that improving my english level will be good for the future, when more and more frecuently we have students from other countrys visiting our University, every one of then spoken a different language, but english could be the best meeting point to comunicate all together.

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    I’m waiting for this course. As for me enhancing knowledge about Britain helps us to improve our knowledge about English language. So I hope I will speak and read more fluently after this course!

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    I am learning English now a days. I am studying Commerce. I want to improve my English for Lectureship in abroad countries.

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    Hello! I’m from Brazil and I’m really excited with this course. Hope to learn a lot and share experiences with the others students. I am an illustrator thinking about do a Master in Animation in Britain, so I believe this course will help me greatly.

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    Hi everybody, i’m happy to share theese on-line courses with you. I’m Bulgarian and I live in France since 10 years and unfortunately i don’t speak english enough, so theese courses are a personnal challenge and i hope that i’ll improve my english level.


    I would like to speak ,thanks you for your online free course.This is my first time learning to join online course. I expect to improve my English and I would like to study a lot from you. Thanking you..!

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    I´m a school´teacher…in Madrid – Spain. I want to improve my English and I would like to connet people from diferent countries.

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    I am excited about the course which starts on 2nd Feb 2015. I am looking forward to your course content and also to fellow learners who are also will make me comfortable with the course and help me in imparting knowledge in a lucid manner. Thank you all for this course.

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    I am rreally happy to take part in this course because I think it will help me a lot in improving my understanding to the English language. I am a teacher of English as an ESL and I am really interested in getting the latest news about English language and the English culture, therefore I want to take part in this course to exchange experience with the British Council members and the other participants from all over the world.

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    Most of my students going to join from your courses.I introduced with these course.They are interesting your courses.They will start 2 Feb .

  • Eva

    Hello to everyone! I’m studying tourism from Spain and given the fact that a lot of visitors here are British, I want to improve my english as I learn more about the culture of my future customers. I’m looking forward to starting the course!

  • Beth Thompson

    Is it possible to turn on English subtitles on the videos so that one can read and listen at the same time? I would like some English learners to consider this course, but some of them would need the subtitles. If there are no subtitles, it will probably be too advanced for them.

  • Anna

    First for me
    Self conscious

  • Lada

    Hi! My name is Lada. I’m from Russia. It is my first online experience to learn about culture of England.

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    Hi am from Ghana and waiting patiently to explore more in English. I know am going to have fun learning

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    Eagerly waiting for the course to begin. I have always wanted to learn about new cultires and improve my grammar…..hoping to find all these snd more……

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    looks like an excellent opportunity to explore the nuances of the english language and learn to speak the language as any native speaker of English. I will motivate my son, an intermediate student, to join the course

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  • Luis Barco

    Hi! Everybody I am Luis from México.I look forward to starting this online course. I am really excited about it.

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  • Dr. R.K. Srivastava

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    • Hesham

      Viva Egypt 🙂

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    My friends sent to me their e-mails.

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  • Patricia K Cymbal

    This sounds like a very interesting course. Unfortunately I’m involved with two others at the moment.
    I’m well aware of the fact that language changes but some of the changes which have taken place since I attended school astound and puzzle me. For instance how can anything be different TO something? It’s as ridiculous as saying ‘similar from’. Yet even learned? professors on TV are guilty of this error.

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    Hi guys, my name is João and I’m from Brazil. Future learner is my first on line course and I look forward to start it. I already have some knowledge of english but I hope to take more experience with other people from other countries.

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    Have been teaching English for Business. Now want to broaden my experience to link language and culture.

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    This is my first online study from Burma. I hope that this would be so interesting and get many new knowledge from here. Please help me and share your information to me as much as you can.

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  • Khin Htet Htet Kywe

    Hi all my friends!I am Khin Htet Htet Kywe from Myanmar.This course is my first course in online.When, I am wrong test and other English languages ; you told me what is truth?
    I am not good in English.Everyone help me!I try to best!
    Thank you for you read my post.

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    Hello every one. I am Aye Aye from Myanmar. Future learner is my first learning on line. it is very excited and i believe that i will get so many experience from it. it is real nice for me because i am still learning English as beginner level. thank for participation to me.

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    Hellow! From México. I am a ESL teacher trying to improve my vocabulary and culture in the english side of the english language. I hope to read about you in the next week when this course start. Seems it´s going to be interesting!

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    H, I am from Malaysia. I want to improve my language skill and make lesser mistakes .

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  • Supyae Sone


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    my name is Juana, I’m from Spain and I’m living in Galicia. It’s my first time that I’ll follow an online course. I would like to enjoy it and learn a lot.
    Hope to achieve my challenge (improve my English).

  • Elena Savu

    Hello everyone taking part in this course! Going through your comments I have already the feeling that ‘culture’ alongside with the English language have started playing their important parts and showing how they combine. I really look forward to everything that the course, the lecturer and the participants are going to offer. Take good care of yourselves!

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    This is the second time I try to do this course. I liked what I could do the first time. This time I get to the end.

    Good night!

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    My name is Tünde from Hungary. I would like to improve in English language. Unfortunately I’m not young girl but my dream to know this important language.

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    Hello everyone, I am June, a retiree from Malaysia. It’s amazing to join a truly international class. From the comments posted, it’s seems like almost every country is represented. I am unashamedly an Anglophile so I am most keen on this course.

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    Hi everyone! I’m from Spain. It’s my first on line course. I’d like to improve my English and learn y about British cultura. Bye for now

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    Looking forward to start and meet you all!

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    I’m happy to know there are so nice people

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    I’m Brian from Taiwan, and this is gonna be my first course in futurelearn.
    I’ve taken courses from Coursera, so I’m really looking forward to this one.
    Stay hungry and have a nice day!

    • Gary

      Hello,I from QIngdao.

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    I am Guzin from Turkey.I want to improve my english and learn english culture.which I find very intersting.I am looking forward to watching videos. Itis very exciting these online courses. I am retired and live the small town. It is hard finding courses related to my interests where I live.Thank you, guys! :)))

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    hi, everyone I’m Khine Zin Thet from Myanmar.This is my first online course.I’m excited and happy to join this course with many friends from all over the world.
    see you soon.Bye Bye

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    Hello everyone, I’m Tenzin Pema, a Tibetan refugee from India. I’ve registered for eight online courses in futurelearn, and I’ve completed one yesterday, continuing one, and eagerly waiting for the rest of the courses. This course is one of them. I’m hopeful to learn and improve my Engllsh language skills…and many more…Meet you all soon…TASHI DELEK.

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    Hello, everybody! I am from Romania. Honestly, this is the first online course I attend to. Although it is new to me, I am very excited and can’t wait for it to start. Some of you might be wondering why I joined this course. Well, I did so because I saw it as a great opportunity not only to improve my English skills, but to enlarge my knowledge too. I also expect to find out more about British culture. I am really looking forward to it!

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    Hi there everyone! Like all of you I can’t wait starting this stuff! It’s my first time, so I’m full of expectations. Hope to keep in touch with everyone!

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    am from kenya. i joined last time but my internet let me down. i want to try to do this one to the end.

  • Ursula Bomnüter

    Hello everyone, I took part in the first course and I would like to recommend it to all who want to improve their English and to learn a lot about English culture and much more than that. For me this course was like an exciting journey to Great Britain which I enjoyed all the time until now. It was my first online course and it was a great experience to be part of a global community of learners with excellent educators: That is why I took some more courses this year.

  • S. M. Rayhanul Islam

    Hello Everyone!
    Greetings from Bangladesh!!
    I’m very delighted to have joined this course. I hope this course will help our skills in English language.
    Good luck!!!

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    Hi everyone! I’m Iwona and I’m from Poland. It’s my first online english cours. Despite of my english is not very good, I hope this course helps me improve it. I can’t wait start learning on Monday:)

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    Hi everyone, I’m Hein Thu from Myanmar but now I studying in Indonesia. That’s first time of online learning for me. I really excited to join this program and I believe it will help to brush up my English.

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    Yeah, we are already an army))

    See you soon and hello from freezy Moscow!

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    See you soon

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    I am Sheryl, from Cape Town, South Africa.
    I taught Adult Basic Education for many years but have stopped that. I am keen to study online and have signed up for a few courses. I am sure the course will be stimulating and interesting.

  • Paulino Chagunda

    I am available anytime to attend this course of english because I woul like to improve my poor english.



    • Paulino Chagunda

      I forgot to tell my nationality, I am from Mozambique and that moment I am learning english at the Bristish Council in Maputo – Mozambique that’s why I like joining this course.


    Hello everyone and good evening my name is Juan, but u guys could also call me English name ‘ Vicky’. This is my first time here. I hope it will be a good opportunity to improve my English.

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    This is my first on line course. Want to learn something.

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    Hello, everybody! I’m Raluca and I’m fine on Romania. This is my first online course and I’m really excited about it! I joined this course because I think it’s a huge opportunity to improve my english (considering the fact that, when I finish highschool, I want to come to Great Britain to enroll to a good university). I’m looking forward to it! Have a nice day!

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    Hi there! I’m rosella , an Italian former teacher of english;this is my first on line course though I’m not very young!I hope to be able to follow the course because not very good at computer

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    My name is leo and I am fromSpain.
    I see we are many people . It sounds great!
    This is my first time in a futurelearn course and I am sure, it is not going to be the last one.
    I work as a children teacher and I am very interested in learning about Language and Culture .
    Thanks to British council.

    • leo

      Sorry, I posted it twice.
      I didn´t see the previous one.

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