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Introducing upgrading on FutureLearn courses

In this post our Chief Product Officer, Matt Walton talks about something new to FutureLearn: upgrading.

Introducing programs: the new way to earn recognised awards on FutureLearn

Matt Walton, our Head of Product, explains how, from today, you’ll be able to take programs of courses to earn academic credit, professional accreditation and other awards on FutureLearn. Today, we’re launching FutureLearn programs – short series of open online courses that enable you to learn flexibly and earn recognised awards from leading institutions around the world….

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So what exactly does a Head of Product do?

In this post Matt Walton explains his role as Head of Product at FutureLearn and explores how it’s always evolving.

Welcoming 3 million people to FutureLearn

As the 3 millionth person joins FutureLearn, our Head of Product, Matt Walton, reflects on another landmark number, and provides some insights into who our learners are and what lies ahead for FutureLearn.

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Creating a virtual tech learning hub to develop web skills

This week, Matt Walton, our Head of Product, spoke at an event in Helsinki, which asked: “Are MOOCs providing the European workforce with necessary web skills?” Here, he reflects on this question and FutureLearn’s vision of creating a “virtual tech learning hub.” I gave a keynote talk in Helsinki, where I explained how FutureLearn’s social learning…

Celebrating progress: our first year of courses and what lies ahead

As part of our first birthday celebrations, Matt Walton, our Head of Product, looks back at our first 12 months of courses and discusses what lies ahead for FutureLearn. A year ago today, we ran our first ever course on FutureLearn. When we opened our doors to the world, we put the word “beta” by…

The Web We Want at FutureLearn

Matt Walton, our Head of Product, reflects on Sir Tim Berners-Lee’s the Web We Want campaign and how it relates to what we do at FutureLearn. I recently spoke at the Web We Want Festival at London’s Southbank Centre. It celebrates a campaign started by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who is using the 25th birthday of…

Sprint reviews: what they’re for, why they’re useful and why they should involve everyone

Head of Product (and sprint review ring master) Matt Walton, explains what a sprint review is, why they’re really useful and how FutureLearn’s are a little bit different. FutureLearn’s product vision is to inspire social learning by telling stories, provoking conversation and celebrating progress. Interestingly, the vision for our product has also influenced the culture…

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The first week’s stats

Head of product Matt Walton takes a look at some of the numbers we’ve been seeing from week one of The Secret Power of Brands. Last week FutureLearn began running its first course: ‘The Secret Power of Brands’ by the University of East Anglia. It was the first time that we’d seen a massive number…