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Running a learning hour

Learning hours are one of the ways that the FutureLearn team continue to learn new things. Chris Zetter, a Developer in the FutureLearn Technical Team, talks about his experience of taking part in and running learning hours. A year of learning For the last year we’ve had an hour on every second Friday afternoon blocked off…

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The FutureLearn test suite

Chris Zetter, a Developer at FutureLearn, talks about our automated test suite for the Ruby on Rails application, which powers the FutureLearn website. Testing a Rails application Having code that’s well tested with fast and understandable tests gives us the confidence and agility to continuously deliver updates to our learners and partners. It’s important to us…

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How we write readable feature tests with RSpec

Chris Zetter, a developer in the FutureLearn product team, talks about how the team writes feature tests after moving from Cucumber to RSpec in the pursuit of maintainable and readable tests. Testing is an integral part of building and maintaining a large platform. When we build new parts of the FutureLearn platform we write automated…

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