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Maintaining and organising a pattern library

In this post Alla, one of our designers, discusses organising elements in our pattern library and the challenges of maintaining modular design.

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Visual connections in modular design systems

Interaction Designer, Alla Kholmatova, discusses how we consider typography sizing, spacing and function as part of our approach to modular design.

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“Your courses” or “My courses”? Making personal pronouns consistent in the FutureLearn user interface

If you’ve signed in to FutureLearn recently, you’ll notice that what were your “My courses” are now “Your courses”. Our Interaction Designer Alla Kholmatova explains the thinking behind this user interface (UI) change. There have been a number of discussions in the UX and design community about using personal pronouns in UI copy. For example,…

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Making sense of atomic design: molecules and organisms

Our Interaction Designer, Alla Kholmatova, reflects on some of the aspects of using atomic design at FutureLearn. A year ago we wrote about building our first pattern library at FutureLearn and why we decided to use atomic design methodology. Overall, atomic design has worked out well for our team. It has helped us to build a shared…

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Future of Web Design 2015: our highlights

Last month, a few of our Designers and Developers attended the Future of Web Design (FOWD) conference in London, where our Creative Director, Lucy Blackwell, and one of our Developers, Melinda Seckington, were among the speakers. Here, our Interaction Designer, Alla Kholmatova, and Front-end Developer, Jusna Begum, discuss some of the themes and highlights that were especially memorable to…

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Modular design: a collaborative approach to building digital products

Recently, there’s been a shift from designing pages to designing systems, in order to deliver consistent, scaleable design cross-platform. Here, our Interaction Designer, Alla Kholmatova, discusses how we’ve used modular design to create a new “pre-course” area on FutureLearn. We’ve been experimenting with modular design to improve our design process at FutureLearn. Similar to element collages, designing in modules…

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How we designed FutureLearn’s new course categories

In October, our product manager, Tessa Cooper, introduced our new course categories. Here, our ‎Interaction Designer, Alla Kholmatova, discusses how we came up with these categories and designed new pages for them. I’d like to share some of the design research process we use here at FutureLearn, to tackle various challenges, such as categorising our ever growing course portfolio. Organising…

Building our first pattern library

We recently redesigned and rewrote our pattern library to help us build the FutureLearn site. Here, our Interaction Designer, Alla Kholmatova, and one of our Front-end Developers, Nicky Thompson, share the story of this project and the lessons we learnt while working on it. It started over a year ago, when we built our first styleguide….

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Guerilla user testing at FutureLearn

Alla Kholmatova, an interaction designer in the FutureLearn product team, explains how the team uses guerilla user testing to help make FutureLearn better. If you happen to visit the British Library often, chances are that you’ve been asked if you’d like to be involved in one of our user testing sessions. User testing is an…

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